15+ Business Opportunities in the Village, Conventional to Contemporary

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6 September 2022
15+ Business Opportunities in the Village, Conventional to Contemporary

Living in a village doesn't necessarily make you limited in innovating and generating coffers of sustenance. There are many business opportunities in the village that you can try, ranging from the conventional to the most modern or contemporary.

So, what kind of business can we try? BFI friends, let's see more in the following description.


15 Business Opportunities in the Village

Here are business opportunities in the village that you can try to increase your income or as your main source of monthly income. Some of them don't even need to spend a lot of capital, you know!

Peluang Usaha di Desa

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1. Credit and Electricity Token Business

The first business opportunity in the village worth trying is to become a seller of pulses and electricity tokens. As we know, nowadays many electricity payments have switched to a pre-paid system, including those who live in villages. Of course, you can use this as a business opportunity, especially if the location of PLN in your area is quite far.

To become a reseller or electricity token seller, you just need to find a trusted distributor. This one business can also be said to be a minimal risk because electricity tokens are needed a lot so you don't have to worry about your sales not selling.

In addition to electricity tokens, you can also sell credit or data packages at the same time. These two commodities are needed by all levels of society and the capital needed to start them is not much.

2. Plant Seed or Agricultural Medicine Business

The village is very synonymous with natural products or agribusiness. You can use this to open an agricultural business such as selling seeds, medicinal plants, and other equipment that can support agricultural activities.

Although the business opportunity in this small village takes up quite a lot of capital and requires a place or shop that is not small, if you can manage it well, it will be very profitable for you.

3. Mini Gas Station Business

Fuel is one of the crucial things needed in the village. Unfortunately, finding a gas station is not easy in the village, especially since it is quite far away and takes a long time to travel.

With the limitations of gas stations, you can take advantage of this opportunity to open a mini gas station or pertashop business in the village. This idea can certainly benefit many parties as well as become an abundant cash field.

Not only that, if you have automotive skills, it can also increase the profits you get from this mini gas station business.

4. Laying Chicken Business

Chicken and eggs are the two things that people are most interested in. Not only because the price is relatively affordable, but both are also equally rich in vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, the laying hens business can be a promising business opportunity in the village for you to try! Plus the rural atmosphere that tends to be beautiful and not too noisy makes the chickens more stress-free.

You can sell the existing egg harvest to the nearest stalls or partner with large stores or restaurants.

5. Betta Fish Cultivation

Betta fish are known as ornamental fish with relatively easy cultivation. Behind the beautiful color, it turns out that this one fish has many benefits, including reducing stress, beautifying the house, eliminating mosquito larvae, to controlling blood pressure.

6. Catfish Farming

Want to open a business but limited capital? Catfish farming could be the choice! The business opportunities in the following villages have been chosen because they do not require a lot of capital but the benefits can be many times over!

In addition to the delicious taste of catfish, this type of fish also has a high nutritional content such as calories, protein, fat, vitamin B12, potassium, and other nutritional content.

It doesn't stop there, the care needed for catfish is fairly easy, harvests quickly, the price of seeds is cheap, and can be marketed to many places. For example, street food vendors, collectors, fish traders in the market, and catfish-based food producers.

7. Become a 3KG LPG Agent

3kg LPG gas is one of the most popular commodities, especially in villages. If you have enough capital you can register to become an official 3kg LPG agent and can distribute it to the public.

For agent registration information, you can go directly to the nearest Pertamina. Be sure to avoid brokers or those who claim to be authorized distributors by offering low prices.

8. Traditional Market Snack Business

Cheap and delicious, that's the word that most often comes up when talking about traditional market snacks. Business opportunities in this eighth village have never been empty of enthusiasts. Moreover, traditional market snacks are often used as mandatory dishes or treats for various events such as recitations, women's social gathering events, or other activities in the village.

Some of the most popular types of traditional market snacks are Banana Chocolate / Banana Aroma, Layer Cake, Arem-arem, Jenang, Mendut, Putu Cake, Milk Pie, Onde-onde, Assorted Fried Food (Bala-bala, Mendoan, Spicy Filled Tofu, and others), Lumpia, Nagasari.

9. Crispy Tofu Business

Crispy tofu is a promising home-based business. The price of raw materials is easy to find and cheap, so anyone can try the business opportunities in the following villages.

And because this one food is included in the type of fried food, of course, it won't be difficult to sell it as long as you are committed to maintaining good quality and taste.

10. Aci's Meatball Business

Spicy food never seems to be a fan. One of the most sought-after spicy-flavored foods today is meatball aci. The business opportunities in the following villages are quite promising considering that the capital required does not have to be a lot. Can be sold starting from 7 thousand, according to the raw materials used. Another plus, this food can be preserved long enough to stock for the next few weeks.

11. Seblak Business

The next spicy food that is no less popular is seblak. This Sundanese food can be a business opportunity in the village that brings a lot of profit. The ingredients needed can be easily found anywhere such as crackers, seasonings, kencur/cikur, and some appetizing toppings such as sausages or meatballs.

12. Become a Reseller

Business opportunities in this village should not be missed. The reason is, that there are many types of businesses that you can try to become a reseller. For example, resellers of clothes, skincare, or beauty products as well as care, food, and much more.

13. Become a Dropshipper

As with resellers, in drop shipper, you act as both a buyer and a seller. The difference is, if you become a drop shipper, you don't have to bother providing a stock of goods for sale. You only need to order the customer's request and send it to the address.

For business opportunities in this village, you do not need to spend any capital at all. It is enough with a cellphone and quota, as well as the courage to offer people a reliable supplier with a product price that is quite slanted so that not only satisfy customers, but you can also benefit from every transaction.

This business opportunity is quite promising. The reason is, that not everyone in the village is quite familiar with technology or buying and selling online. In addition, if you have the ability to be observant of opportunities and are able to sell at competitive prices, it is not impossible that this one business can be a source of a lot of sustenance.

14. Grocery Store

Opening a grocery store business is one of the most promising business opportunities in the village. Because the goods sold will be very diverse and in harmony with daily needs. Such as groceries, gas, a gallon of water, and many more.

One of the tips that you can apply if you want to start this business is to choose a strategic store location, complete stock, and competitive prices. Regarding competitive prices, you can look for distributors or suppliers with slightly lower prices than others.

In addition, so that your customers stay loyal to buying at your grocery store, you can prioritize friendly service and provide annual bonuses such as THR in the form of certain product gifts or other bonuses.

15. Join an Affiliate


Affiliation is one of the most promising business opportunities in the village. Moreover, internet access is now quite easy and spread everywhere.

The way these business works is quite easy. You only need to register yourself and your social media account as an affiliate registration requirement. Registration can be done on several websites such as the following.


  • Tokopedia


  • Shopee


  • Lazada


  • Tiktok


  • BliBli


If your application has been confirmed, then you can fill in your personal data and account number for the disbursement of commissions every month.

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BFI friends, that's information about 15+ business opportunities in the village, from conventional to contemporary. Hopefully, it can be your next business idea. Never be afraid to start a business because good intentions and a strong will always find a way to achieve success.

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