8 Tips to Successfully Start a Traditional Snack Markets Business

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30 June 2022
8 Tips to Successfully Start a Traditional Snack Markets Business

What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'traditional snack markets'? You must immediately think of cheap and delicious snacks, right?

Sobat BFI, did you know that street food can be a promising business opportunity? Moreover, the capital required does not have to be a lot. The fans come from all walks of life.

If you are interested in starting a business with low capital, the following article is perfect for you! Come on, get to know what market snacks are and tips for starting a successful business in the following article.

What are Traditional Snack Markets?

Traditional Snacks Markets are a type of food that has been around for a long time in Indonesia. This snack has a wide market segment. Ranging from individuals to businesses, to groups for certain events. From various groups with vulnerable ages ranging from children, and teenagers, to adults and the elderly, all can enjoy a variety of market snacks. Moreover, the price is affordable, making this one food taste never lost from the market.

The business opportunity is also very promising. Snacks from the market are often used as a mandatory dish or treat for various events. Examples are meetings, social gatherings, studies, seminars, and much more. This further emphasizes the fact that the need for market snacks cannot be underestimated.

Variety of Market Snacks

The snacks market has a variety of types and various variants. Starting from traditional cakes, and contemporary market snacks, to snacks with various shapes and flavors. Here are some popular traditional snack markets that you can try, complete with recipes and how to make them.


Surabi's Ingredients

  • 250 gr wheat flour

  • 1 egg

  • 1 cup coconut milk

  • 1 tbsp instant yeast

  • 1/2 tsp baking powder

  • A pinch of salt

  • 500 gr coconut milk

  • 150 gr brown sugar

  • 2 pandan leaves

How to Make Surabi

  • Mix all ingredients, mix and let stand for 30 minutes.

  • Heat the mold then add the dough, wait until it is cooked, and until bubbles appear on the top and brown on the bottom.

  • Make the gravy by mixing all the ingredients for the sauce then stir in the coconut milk so it doesn't break, remove after boiling.

  • Serve the durable with the sauce.

Kue Pancong

Kue Pancong is a fairly popular traditional snack markets. If you are interested in trying to sell it, the recipe below can be your guide.

Kue Pancong's Ingredients

  • 125 gr wheat flour

  • 2 eggs

  • 100 gr sugar

  • 150 ml coconut milk

  • 50 gr margarine

  • 1 tsp baking powder

  • 1/2 tsp baking soda

  • 1 tsp salt

  • 1/2 tsp yeast

  • Meses, cheese, and sweetened condensed milk for topping

How to Make Kue Pancong

  • First, heat the coconut milk and melt the margarine

  • Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy.

  • Combine flour, baking soda, baking powder, yeast and vanilla. Then add melted margarine and coconut milk sequentially.

  • Beat with a mixer on low speed, then let stand 30 minutes.

  • Heat a baking sheet, grease with butter and add the dough. After it looks cooked, take it out.

  • Serve with toppings of your choice

Donat Kentang

Donat Kentang's Ingredient

  • 500 grams of wheat flour

  • 50 grams of powdered milk

  • 11 grams of yeast

  • 4 egg yolks

  • 200 grams of potatoes

  • 100 grams of sugar

  • 75 grams margarine

  • Water

  • A pinch of salt

  • Powdered sugar and chocolate messes

How to Make Donat Kentang

  • Mix flour, sugar, milk, potatoes, and yeast. Stir with a mixer and add water little by little.

  • Add eggs, margarine, and salt.

  • Put the dough into a bowl that has been greased and floured, cover with a damp cloth, and let stand 30 minutes.

  • When the dough looks like it has risen, shape it into a round shape. Leave it for 15 minutes.

  • Fry the donuts on medium heat until they look brown.

  • Serve donuts with powdered sugar or butter and meses.

Other Example of a Snack Market with a lower price, starting from IDR 1K!

  1. Pisang Coklat/Pisang Aroma

  2. Kue Lapis

  3. Arem-arem

  4. Jenang

  5. Mendut

  6. Kue Putu

  7. Pie Susu

  8. Onde-onde

  9. Aneka Gorengan (Bala-bala, Mendoan, Tahu Isi Pedas, dan lain-lain)

  10. Lumpia

  11. Nagasari

Advantages of Traditional Snack Markets

The snacks market has its own advantages. Here are 3 advantages of traditional snack markets that you can consider to open this one business.

Affordable Capital

In making market snacks, you don't need a lot of capital, depending on the type of cake you choose. Generally, you only need a capital of around Rp. 1 million to make several types of market cakes.

This capital can cover other needs such as cooking utensils and packaging.

Easy to Develop

Some of us when we hear the word 'jajanan pasar', we immediately think of 'traditional cakes'. That's not entirely wrong. However, we need to know that market snacks do not only consist of traditional cakes, there are many kinds of them.

Technically, cheap snacks sold in the market, whether they are sold individually or per box, can already be said to be market snacks.

The Demand Never Ends

As previously mentioned, market snacks are very closely related to our daily lives. Various activities often involve this one snack as a compliment. Both for the opening and closing. No doubt, the existence of market snacks can be a promising business opportunity. To find out tips for successfully opening a market snack business, we can see them through the description below.

8 Tips for Running a Successful Traditional Snack Markets Business

Are you interested in starting a street food business? The following 8 tips you should apply for the smooth running of your business.

Doing Market Analysis

Starting a business can be said to be easy and difficult. This is because we are required to be sensitive to the surrounding conditions, including understanding market tastes.

This is very important to be taken into account because without a market analysis, it is very likely that the business that we are in will not last long, or we will be in trouble in the middle of the road. Try to do market analysis through market research as early as possible before actually starting.

Target Consumer

After knowing the tastes of the market, the next thing you need to do is determine what market snacks you want to sell and target consumers, for whom the food is sold. This is important because later it can affect the creations that we make. No less important, you also need to find out about competitors so that you are always updated with current consumer needs.

Determining Business Capital

Business capital is one of the important benchmarks to be taken into account.

Using Quality Raw Materials

Everyone certainly has different tastes. Whether or not a food tastes good is subjective. Even so, our sense of taste can still detect the quality of the ingredients of a food, whether the food is still fresh or old. Therefore, make sure to make market snacks using quality and hygienic raw materials.


Innovating by modifying market snacks can be a plus for our business. This can be the hallmark or uniqueness of your business. For example, by changing the shape, variant, or packaging to be more attractive.

Choose a Strategic Location

Have you decided what traditional snack markets to sell and who are the target consumers? Next, you need to determine the location! Choose a location that matches the presence of the target consumer. For example, if you are targeting office employees, you can open a kiosk in the office area.

Not only opening a kiosk, but you can also start selling it at the surprise market, the market, entrusted to a kiosk or shop, or even selling with a cart.

Planned Promotion System

Promoting the products that we have at the beginning of its launch is very important to introduce the market snacks that we sell. For the initial opening, you can offer promotions in the form of discount prices for market snacks or even give bonuses such as buy 5 get 1 free.

In addition, in the future you can also implement certain promotional strategies such as a pre-order system, receiving package orders, snack boxes, and utilizing social media.

Friendly and Courteous Service

Implementing friendly and courteous service is one of the keys to the success of a business. Because good treatment can make consumers feel comfortable and allow them to return to buying our market snacks.

Doing Bookkeeping

We should do bookkeeping, which is to record in detail the expenses and income that come from our business. This is not only important to see the profit earned, but we can also calculate which costs can be cut to maximize the existing budget.

Estimated Initial Capital for Traditional Snack Markets

If you feel interested in implementing this business idea, it's a good idea to know the estimated capital that needs to be spent as below.

Capital For Equipment

  • Tray container IDR 200,000
  • Napkin IDR 50,000
  • Cake jar or container IDR 150.000
  • The cost of renting a place for 1 year is IDR 4,000,000
  • Banners Rp100,000
  • Selling table IDR 300,000

Total IDR 4,800,000 (price listed is a rough calculation, actual price may vary depending on location and needs)

Capital for Raw Materials

  • Cake and other raw materials IDR 500,000
  • Laundry soap IDR 20,000
  • Water and electricity IDR 100,000
  • Other costs IDR 100,000

Total IDR 720,000 (the price listed is a rough calculation, the actual price may vary depending on the location and needs)

Estimated Profits

To find out the estimated profit, we can calculate it in the following way.

Assume the unit price of market snacks is Rp1000

Per day managed to sell 300 pcs

So, the turnover that is successfully obtained within 30 days or a month is Rp. 1000 x 300 x 30 = Rp. 9,000,000

Meanwhile, to calculate net profit, the way is to reduce turnover by operating costs, the calculation is as follows:

IDR 9,000,000 – IDR 5,525,000 = IDR 3,475,000
So, the total net profit obtained is more than IDR 3 million.

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This is information about market snacks business tips. Hopefully it can be an inspiration for your business idea!

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