Ornamental Fish Business: Types of Fish to Tips for Starting Business

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26 October 2022
Ornamental Fish Business: Types of Fish to Tips for Starting Business

The ornamental fish business is one type of business that is able to survive even during a pandemic. You can easily start this business with minimal capital.

Not only that, but for those of you who have a hobby of keeping ornamental fish, this business can be an exciting activity to do. Because, you will pursue a hobby as well as a business. It's fun, isn't it?

So, what do you need to know before getting into this business? The following article will help you answer all your questions regarding the ornamental fish business.


1. Ornamental Fish Business Opportunities

The ornamental fish business is a business opportunity that never ends. From year to year, there will always be the latest trends with a wide market share.

Here are some strong reasons why the ornamental fish business is very likely to make a lot of profit if you try it!

1. The cost of caring for ornamental fish tends to be cheap

2. Doesn't Take Up Much Space

3. Can be done at home

4. Can Be Started With Minimal Capital

5. Wide Marketing Reach, Can Be Sold on the Marketplace

6. Running a Hobby as well as a Business

7. Contribute to Preserving Certain Types of Fish

2. The Most Wanted Types of Ornamental Fish

There are various types of ornamental fish that you can choose for your ornamental fish business. Some of the popular ornamental fish that are currently much sought after include the following.

2.1. Koi Fish

The first type of ornamental fish that is most widely kept is the koi fish. This fish has a distinctive color with beautiful colors such as red, white, black, yellow.

Its unique shape with distinctive color gradations makes this fish its own charm for many people.

2.2. Betta Fish

One type of fish that was booming during the pandemic. Betta fish have a small body size with beautiful color patterns. Not only easy to find in ornamental fish shops, but betta fish also tend to be easier to maintain.

There are several types of betta fish that are selling well in the market, including:

  • Halfmoon Betta
  • Belgium Bangkok
  • Golden Betta
  • VeilTail Betta
  • Halfmoon Betta
  • Betta Paradise
  • Betta Slayer
  • Dumbo Betta
  • Betta Series
  • Sarawak Betta

2.3. Goldfish Chef

Like koi fish, goldfish have long been the most loved ornamental fish business commodity.

However, even though these fish look beautiful and adorable, one fish needs exclusive care. This is because koi fish are less able to coexist with other fish and require more oxygen to survive.

2.4. Flowerhorn Fish

This type of fish is quite easy to recognize just by looking at it at a glance. The louhan fish has a hump on its head and is very aggressive toward other fish. So, to keep this fish can not be combined with other fish, especially small fish.

This fish has a pretty fantastic selling value, depending on how big the size of the jenong is and the unique style it has.

2.5. Guppies

Guppies are famous for their stunning fins. In addition, maintenance is also quite easy, you only need to provide a small-sized pool without oxygen.

Some popular types of guppies include dragon, cobra, and gupy koi fish.

2.6. ClownFish Fish

Have you ever watched the movie, Finding Nemo? The fish character in the film is a clown fish. Having a unique color scheme consisting of orange, black, and white, this fish whose natural habitat is in the sea can be easily reared in fresh water.

You only need to provide a regular aquarium and include coral reefs so that these fish feel more comfortable and like being in their natural habitat.

2.7. Arowana Fish

Arowana fish is one type of ornamental fish with a high selling value. This fish has many names such as dragon fish, paradise, and payung.

Having a characteristic long body shape with shiny scales, several types of Arowana fish that are popular in the market are:

  • Silver Arowana Fish
  • Golden Red Arowana Fish
  • Super Red Arowana Fish

2.8. Discus Fish

The name discus fish lately is quite popular because of its unique shape and color. Making this fish much targeted to be used as ornamental fish at home.

This fish has included in the category of high-class fish whose natural habitat is the Amazon River in Brazil. The selling value of this fish can reach millions to tens of millions. It is suitable for cultivation for those of you who want to be in the ornamental fish business.

2.9. Manfish

One of the common fish found in ornamental fish aquariums. These fish easily adapt to new environments and can be combined with other types of fish as long as they are not predators.

This fish has a characteristic elongated fin and a flat body shape. In addition, the choice of colors for this type of fish is very diverse, making this fish widely chosen as an ornamental fish to beautify the aquarium.

3. Advantages of Keeping Ornamental Fish

Keeping ornamental fish can provide a series of benefits for their owners. Here are some of the advantages of keeping ornamental fish quoted from that you need to know:

Usaha Ikan Hias

Image Source: Pexels/MART PRODUCTION

3.1. Relieves Stress

Maintaining mental health is very important so that we avoid stress, anxiety, and so on that can interfere with our daily productivity.

Well, one effective way to relieve stress that can be tried is to keep ornamental fish. Because the colors found in ornamental fish can make anyone who sees it more relaxed.

3.2. Improve Focus

Did you know that looking at an aquarium filled with ornamental fish can increase the focus we have?

This can happen because an aquarium filled with ornamental fish has a therapeutic effect on anyone who looks at it for a few minutes. As a result, the concentration that had been dispersed could refocus and increase existing productivity.

From these benefits, the presence of an ornamental fish business will certainly be very helpful for those who want to find peace by cultivating ornamental fish.

3.3. Improve Sleep Quality

Stress is one of the triggers for someone to have trouble sleeping. This can trigger a decrease in the quality of sleep that makes a person easily tired, weak, and lethargic when he wakes up in the morning.

Not only that, but poor quality sleep can also reduce brain performance during the day which results in difficulty focusing restlessness, and irritability.

Keeping ornamental fish can help us reduce stress and stimulate our brains to be calmer and more relaxed. This will keep you from insomnia and sleep better.

3.4. Lowers Blood Pressure

As mentioned by the Public Library of Science, having an aquarium of ornamental fish, especially at home, can reduce blood pressure, especially for the elderly.

3.5. Make Patients More Relax

Finally, the presence of ornamental fish is also able to make patients more relaxed and only requires a little painkiller.

As noted by the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, an aquarium placed in a doctor's waiting room can help patients relax and ease their pain.

4. Tips for Starting an Ornamental Fish Business for Beginners

Anyone can start an ornamental fish business. So, so that your business can run well, you can follow the following tips.

4.1. Determine the Target Market

The first thing you have to do when you want to start an ornamental fish business is to determine the target market.

Because, the target market you choose can make it easier for you to determine the type of fish you want to sell, determine the selling price, up to a promotional strategy.

4.2. Choose the Right Business Model

There are many ways to sell that you can do according to the flexibility of time and conditions. Among other things, namely selling offline either at home or in a shop, selling online, becoming a reseller or drop shipper, up to jastip ornamental fish.

Choose the method of selling that best suits your conditions. The reason is, the method you choose will have a large enough effect on the amount of capital needed for the sales strategy.

4.3. Arm Yourself with Knowledge About Ornamental Fish

Starting an ornamental fish business is not only about capital and strong determination. Opening a business must be balanced with qualified knowledge. So, make sure you have sufficient knowledge about ornamental fish before actually starting.

For example, the types of ornamental fish, how to take care of fish, how to do fish cultivation, and good fish packaging so that the fish do not die easily or run out of oxygen while traveling.

4.4. Determine the Type of Ornamental Fish to be Sold

Have you determined your target market and business model? Next, determine what type of ornamental fish you will sell.

Choose the type of ornamental fish that is being sought after and easily resold at competitive prices. To get the type of fish you want, you can directly come to a trusted ornamental fish distributor.

4.5. Provide the Equipment Needed

Make sure you also prepare the equipment needed starting from an aquarium, aerator, fish feed or pellets, nets, aquatic plants, and so on.

Adjust the existing equipment according to the type of fish you choose. Because not all types of fish can coexist in the same aquarium.

4.6. Sell Other Products Related to Aquariums

In addition to selling various types of fish, you can also sell other products that are still related to your ornamental fish business.

For example, you sell equipment for fish farming, aquatic plants, fish feed, and even fishing rods.

4.7. Sell Other Products Related to Aquariums

Social media is now a part of our daily life. Many people every day take the time to open social media for different purposes.

Well, with this social media you can look for opportunities to introduce and develop your ornamental fish business. For example, you join a community of ornamental fish lovers.

Later, you can participate in exchanging information related to ornamental fish as well as offering your own products.

You can also take advantage of the advertising features on the social media of your choice. This will greatly facilitate you to target customers according to the target market.

4.8. Selling Ornamental Fish Online

The marketplace is a suitable place to introduce your ornamental fish business. Not only is its reach wide, but the marketplace can also make your business more known and receive many orders for ornamental fish.

Before starting to sell online, make sure you understand very well how to pack ornamental fish without running out of oxygen during the trip. Especially if the fish will be sent out of town.

5. How to Get Ornamental Fish Business Capital

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