6 Tips for Starting a Dim Sum Business and Its Estimated Capital

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21 March 2023
6 Tips for Starting a Dim Sum Business and Its Estimated Capital

Who doesn't know dim sum? This contemporary snack is loved by various levels of society throughout Indonesia. No doubt, the dim sum business is mushrooming everywhere.

Starting a dim sum business can be started with minimal capital and it is very possible to sell it anywhere, including at home. Wow, how tempting huh? Therefore, let's see how easy it is to start this one business.


1. Why is Dimsum Business Promising?

There are several strong reasons why a dim sum business is worth considering, especially for those of you who are looking for a side business that can be run flexibly and easily. Here are some reasons.

1.1. Affordable Capital

Dimsum is a popular food that is now loved by many people. Apart from its delicious taste, the price tag is also very affordable. No doubt, in the process of making dim sum it can be made with minimal capital.

1.2. Easy to Make

One of the other advantages of selling dim sum is the ease of making it. You can easily make this one snack with the makeshift equipment you have at home.

You can make it by looking at tutorials on the internet for free. Apart from following existing recipes, you can also innovate to create more interesting dim sum variants.

1.3. Easy To Market (Offline / Online)

Dimsum business is one type of business that is easy to market. The reason is, the target market for this one food is very broad. The high demand has made dim sum available in various variants that allow it to be sold offline or online.

You can offer a dim sum to your closest relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors. For online selling strategies, you can sell on marketplaces, use pre-order systems, and open resellers and drop shippers.

1.4. Liked by Various Layers of Society

Dimsum is liked by many people because it has very diverse menu variants, has a unique and attractive appearance, tastes good, the price is affordable and is suitable for eating at any time. This way, it won't be difficult for you to sell it.

2. Dim Sum Business Capital Estimation

Dimsum is a snack from China that is now booming everywhere. It turns out that starting a dim sum business can be done with minimal capital, you know! Here are the capital details.

Dim Sum Business Capital Estimation
No. Item Quantity Price Per Quantity Total
1. Chicken Fillets 1 kg Rp 43.000 Rp 43.000
2. Garlic ¼ kg Rp 13.000 Rp 13.000
3. Dim Sum Skin / Dumpling Skin 1 Pack (contains 50 pieces of Dim Sum skin) Rp 12.000 Rp 12.000
4. Prawn 300 gram Rp 40.000 Rp 40.000
5. Eggs ¼ kg Rp 16.500 Rp 16.500
6. Tapioca flour 1 Bungkus Rp 24.500 Rp 24.500
7. Oyster Sauce / Soy Sauce 1 Botol Rp 11.900 Rp 11.900
8. Carrots Adequate Rp 5.000 Rp 5.000
9. Spring Onions Adequate Rp 5.000 Rp 5.000
10. Seasonings (Salt, Sugar, Pepper, Sesame Oil, Mushroom Broth) 1-2 Packs Rp 20.000 Rp 20.000
Total Rp 190.900

The details above are the estimated capital needed to start a dim sum business. Prices listed may change following the current market prices and your domicile.

Apart from starting from scratch, you can also open a dim sum business easily and practically by joining the dim sum franchise business which is now widely available everywhere.

The capital needed to join the franchise is quite affordable, starting from IDR 3 million to IDR 12 million, depending on the franchise you choose. But generally, this price includes the materials and equipment needed to start a dim sum business, such as raw materials, dim sum steamers, bamboo klakat, gas stoves, dim sum packaging, portable booths, and so on. You only need to determine the location of the business and recruit employees.

3. 6 Tips for Success in Dim Sum Business

How? Have you been increasingly interested in starting a dim sum business so far? So that your business can run smoothly, some of the tips below can be used as a reference to launch your business. Come on, see the tips!

usaha dimsum

An Illustration of Dim Sum Business | Image Source: Freepik/@jcomp

3.1. Define Target Consumers

The first dim-sum business success tip is to determine the target consumer. You must be able to determine to whom the food will be sold. This is because the target consumer will affect the amount of dim sum capital needed for raw materials, packaging, and promotional costs.

3.2. Choose a Strategic Business Location

Business location plays an important role in the success of your business. Make sure you choose a location that is not only strategic but also close to your target consumers.

Some tips you can do to choose the right location are as follows.

  • Located in a Crowded Place
  • Easily Accessible
  • Close to Target Consumers
  • Clean, away from Dirty Places

3.3. Competitor Analysis

There are dozens or even dozens of dim sum sellers in your domicile. By doing a competitor analysis, you will understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and evaluate the business you are running.

Generally, competitor analysis includes the following important points:

  • Price
  • Taste of food
  • Selling Locations
  • Unique Selling Point

3.4. Always Keep Clean

Maintaining cleanliness is one of the principles that you must adhere to when starting a business in the F&B realm. The reason is, food that is processed hygienically with fresh food ingredients can make the taste of food more enjoyable.

Of course, this can be a plus point for your business. Food that is made carelessly will create an unpleasant taste and discourage customers from buying your food a second time.

3.5. Consider Selling Offline and Online

In practice, dim sum business can be done in various ways. First, you can start with the conventional way or sell offline. For example, you sell from home or rent a shop in a strategic location. By selling conventionally, you can offer your sales to your family, neighbors, or those who live not far from your place of business.

Second, you can sell dim sum online, such as on social media and marketplaces. Some sales strategies that you can apply include opening a pre-order system, reseller, drop shipper or selling on the marketplace by learning how to sell on Shopee, how to sell on Tokopedia, and many more.

Third, you can try selling through a food delivery application as one of their business partners. By working with a food delivery application, your business has the potential to reach many customers and become increasingly known to a wider audience.

3.6. Calculate the Range of Capital Required

Finally, don't forget to calculate the capital budget you need to start a dim sum business. Take into account operational costs such as raw materials and equipment needed to make a dim sum. If you already have all the equipment needed, then the capital that you will spend can be even cheaper.

4. Effective Solutions to Get Business Capital

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This is information about 6 Tips for Starting a Dimsum Business along with details on the Capital, Profit Guaranteed! Hopefully, it can be an inspiration for your business idea!

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