Pastries Business Tips and Estimated Profits

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29 March 2022
Pastries Business Tips and Estimated Profits

Entering the month of Ramadan, there are many activities and business opportunities that you can try from home. One business idea that can be tried is the pastry business. This business does not require large capital, but it can bring quite a large profit because pastries are one of the typical foods that you can say must be available at home during Eid.

The types of pastries themselves are also diverse, so as a businessman or business actor, you can add more cake variants so that there are more. Pastries also have a longer expiration time than various wet cakes. So how do you start this business? For information, see the article below.


Tips for Starting a Cookie Business

Bisnis Kue Kering

Agar bisnis kue kering terus berkembang dan mendatangkan banyak keuntungan, berikut tips yang bisa Anda pertimbangkan untuk dilakukan. 

1. Determine the Pastries You Want to Sell

Due to the wide variety of pastries, you must determine the type of pastries you want to sell. If you are good at making pastries, then you can sell all types of pastries so that they have the potential to make a profit, because during Eid, people don't only provide one type of pastries at home, but also various kinds of pastries in the hope that guests who visit their homes can taste them. types of cakes provided. The pastries that can be sold are nastar cake, snow white cake, kastengel, sago cake, syringe, cat's tongue, egg nuts, and cork eggs.

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2. Use the Best Recipes

The next tip is to use the best recipes. By selling pastries that have a good taste, potential consumers and consumers will be interested in buying and make purchases more than once. Make sure you use delicious recipes that you can explore more deeply through a collection of recipe books, taste some pastries sold in stores, or combine existing recipes with new innovations. Make a note of each measure used so that the recipe that is formed can be used over and over again without worrying about the taste being inconsistent.

3. Using Quality Materials

You can also use quality ingredients to support the processed results of the pastries business that you run. By using quality ingredients, the resulting pastries usually taste more delicious and delicious. Using premium ingredients can also make cookies last longer and have advantages in terms of texture, aroma, and crispness.

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4. Giving Testers to Prospective Consumers

Before starting a pastry business, you can give a tester to potential customers to taste the products you sell. By providing a tester, consumers can choose the type of pastries that will be purchased and according to their tastes. If you have used the best recipes and used quality ingredients, the potential for potential customers to buy is also higher.

5. Package Products Attractive

Next is to package the product attractively. Packaging is the first indicator that can attract consumers to buy your pastries. Also make sure you arrange the cookies neatly. In addition to avoiding damaged products, neatly arranging pastries can also attract consumers to buy them.

6. Provide Product Information

After packing the product neatly, you can provide a product information label that includes information on the nutritional value, composition used, and expiration date of the product so that consumers can be careful and ensure that the food they eat is not harmful to the health of their digestive system.

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7. Set Fair Price

Even if you use premium or quality ingredients, you should also set the price of your cookies fairly. Taking too big a profit risks losing customers and losing out to other pastry sellers. You can give a slightly expensive price and label your pastry products using premium ingredients to convince consumers.

8. Do Promotion

In addition to the tips above, you are also required to do promotions. There are various promotional strategies that you can try, ranging from online to offline promotions. For offline strategies, you can use the door to door method or offer selling products to neighbors. Also do the tips for giving a tester to neighbors when doing door to door.

Promotional strategies can also be carried out online by selling pastries in the marketplace, creating social media platforms, providing special prices if a consumer makes a first-time purchase or buys multiple products. You can also collaborate with brands or brands that provide services for making Eid cake hampers. With this collaboration, you will get the benefits of brand awareness and also the agreed distribution of sales results.


9. Estimated Capital and Profit

For those of you who are interested and want to start a pastry business, here are the estimated details of capital, income, and profits that can be obtained. For information see below.


Items Needed




Tabung Gas 12 kg (Isi)


1 buah


Oven Kue


2 buah 




6 buah 




1 buah 




1 buah 


Cetakan dan gilingan


1 buah


Toples Plastik 


10 dus (isi 120)


Bahan Kue 







9. Selling Price, Revenue and Profit

If the capital issued is IDR 7,520,000 and you sell cookies per jar in the range of IDR 130,000, then the income that can be obtained is:

Total Product x Price

=120 x IDR 130,000

= IDR 15,600,000

From this income, the acceptable profit is

Profit = Income - Capital

Profit = IDR 15,600,000 - IDR 7,520,000 = IDR 8,080,000

The profits can be doubled from the capital issued. This advantage does not include the cost of electricity and stoves.

Well, that's some information related to the pastry business that you can make an opportunity to earn in the month of Ramadan. Profits can be increased if the production of pastries sold is also increasing. For those of you who need capital, you can apply for a loan with a vehicle BPKB guarantee, either a motorbike or a car at BFI Finance.

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