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Statement of Income: Functions, How to Make, and Examples

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17 February 2023
Statement of Income: Functions, How to Make, and Examples

Income certificates are often considered the same as salary slips. In fact, there is a fairly clear difference between the two.

This document is generally used as an administrative requirement for various purposes such as applying for credit or loans, registering for scholarships, making VISAs, to disbursing BPJS Employment JHT funds.

Because of this important function, we should know what a certificate of income is, the difference between it and a payslip, and how to make it. BFI friends, let's look at the details in the following article.


1. What is a Certificate of Income?

Income certificate or commonly abbreviated as SKP is an official document used to explain a person's income in detail.

This document is generally used as an administrative requirement for loan applications, motor vehicle loans, mortgages, applying for scholarships, and much more.

To get it, you can submit an application to the finance department at the company, agency, or certain parties who have authority, such as the head of the RT.

2. Income Statement Function

Not only used as a complementary document for applying for loans to finance companies, SKP is also often used for the following things.

2.1. Applying for a Job

Some companies make SKP a requirement in applying for a job. The inclusion of this document is intended to verify whether the person concerned has actually worked in that place, to ensure the amount of income from a company, and to find out the amount of salary expected by prospective employees by comparing the income obtained from previous workplaces.

2.2. Make a VISA

Not all VISAs make SKP one of the requirements, but if you plan to go to developed countries, you are definitely asked for SKP as a guarantee if you are able to survive in that country financially.

2.3. Applying for Credit or Loans


Non-bank financial institutions and banks often require a statement of income as one of the complete documents that must be fulfilled. For example, for motorcycle loans, mortgages, business capital loans guaranteed by BPKB, and so on.

The existence of this SKP will later be used as a benchmark for a person's ability to pay installments in a timely manner, so as to minimize the occurrence of default or bad credit.


2.4. List of Scholarships

When you want to register for a scholarship program, SKP is often one of the complete administrative requirements. Generally, the SKP is used to measure the ability of parents financially.

In addition, for those who apply for scholarships through professional programs, especially for those who are already working, the SKP is used as an administrative requirement together with a letter of recommendation from superiors.

2.5. Requirements for Disbursing JHT Funds for Employment BPJS


Employment BPJS makes SKP one of the requirements to be able to disburse JHT (Old Age Guarantee) funds.

This JHT can be disbursed when you stop working or while you are still working with the condition that it can only be disbursed by 30%.

3. Types of Income Certificates

Launching from the Rumahcom website, income certificates (SKP) consist of 3 types which include income certificates for parents, work/employee, and self-employment. The following is a detailed explanation.

3.1. Entrepreneurial SKP

The first SKP is SKP intended for entrepreneurs. This document is usually made for the purpose of submitting additional capital loans to finance companies.

3.2. SKP Parents

The next income statement letter is a letter that is generally intended for parents of students to apply for tuition waivers. Usually, this letter is requested when applying for a scholarship program.

3.3. Work SKP/Employee

The last type of SKP is SKP intended for workers or employees. This document is usually created for personal purposes such as applying for a loan, applying for a scholarship through a professional route, and so on.

4. The Difference Between the Statement of Income and the Salary Slip

Many people don't know that income certificates and payslips are different documents. The difference that exists lies in the information contained in it.

1. SKP is made more formal with company letterhead. Meanwhile, payslips tend to be made simpler.

2. The information contained in the income certificate is not as detailed as the salary slip. The SKP only contains the net salary received, benefits, and so on. Meanwhile, the salary slip contains all information relating to the salary received, starting from salary, salary deductions, income tax, and other details.

5. Components of a Statement of Income and How to Make It

There are no definite rules regarding what components must be included in a statement of income. Even so, generally, this document is composed of the following important components.

  • Personal Data / Identity of SKP Owner

This section contains personal information about the document applicant. Such as name, date of birth, ID number, family card, and others.

  • Status and Income

It contains information regarding the monthly income received, allowances, and other matters relating to income.

  • Signature and Stamp of Authorized Persons

The last part is validation from the person in charge. If you are an employee, this section will generally be signed by the leader in charge.

6. Example of Income Certificate

The following are examples of income statement letters that you can use as references to create this document.

6.1. Sample Income Certificate of Parents

surat keterangan penghasilan orangtua

Image Source:

surat keterangan penghasilan orangtua

Image Source:

6.2. Example of Work / Employee Income Certificate

surat keterangan penghasilan kerja

Image Source:

surat keterangan penghasilan kerja

Image Source:

6.3. Example of Entrepreneurial / General Income Certificate

surat keterangan penghasilan wirausaha

Image Source:

BFI friends, that's a discussion regarding income certificates (SKP) starting from the definition, function, types, how to make, to examples. Hopefully with this article the process of making existing SKPs can run smoothly.

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