Online Promotion With Small Business Capital Loans

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12 November 2021
Online Promotion With Small Business Capital Loans

Utilizing online platforms such as e-commerce and social media is now commonly done by business owners. Come on, take a look at the online business promotion strategies that you can realize with the following small business capital loans!

Currently, many business owners use social media such as Facebook and Instagram as a place for them to carry out promotions and campaigns as a step in increasing product sales profits. With online promotion through advertising, you can reach your target market broadly. And make it easier for consumers to find the products you want to sell.

Not surprisingly, many online sellers are increasingly aggressively placing online advertisements as a form of their campaign strategy.

Of course, advertising on social media costs a lot. But you don't need to worry, because there are small business capital loan services that you can use for various business needs, including for online promotion costs.

Then, what is the right online promotion strategy so as not to waste costs? Come on, see the full review!

Making Ad Schedule

The most important step in promoting using advertising is to create a regular advertising schedule every day at certain hours. Indeed, running ads in 24 hours non-stop is a good thing. However, this of course costs a lot. And less effective if your target business is the local market. So, you can save costs and can be allocated for other business needs.

Include a Call to Action or CTA

The Call to Action (CTA) feature found in Facebook and Instagram ads can encourage your audience to open your product ads. The existence of these buttons makes it easier for them to find out more about the products you sell. Do not forget to include the exact copy according to the product you are selling. This can help increase the sales of your business significantly.

Interacting with the Audience

In addition to attractive and regular advertisements, don't forget to balance them by continuing to interact with the audience. You can take advantage of the available features. For example, by answering comments and DMs that come in, holding quizzes through stories, to holding giveaways at certain moments. This can increase the existence of your business, and of course, have a positive impact on your business.

Those are some things you can do to promote your business online. If you need business capital for your online business, BFI Finance is ready to help you through the BFI SELF product. Get a disbursement of up to IDR 25 million for your online business without collateral and of course with low interest.


So, develop your business with a small business capital loan BFI SELFI!

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