Martabak Business Opportunities and Estimated Profits, Complete!

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14 December 2022
Martabak Business Opportunities and Estimated Profits, Complete!

Who doesn't know martabak? Indonesian people must be very familiar with this one food. Martabak is one of the most popular snacks in Indonesia. Not surprisingly, the martabak business ranks first as the best-selling food version of the food delivery application with 7 million orders in 2020.

So, for those of you who really like martabak or want to get into this one business, here we have summarized the analysis of the sweet martabak business and the egg martabak business. Learn more in the following review.


1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Martabak Business

The martabak business opportunity is a culinary business with promising prospects. You can get a lot of benefits if you take it seriously. However, before we get into the discussion regarding how much martabak business capital is and the estimated profit, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages that exist in this business so that you can analyze further regarding SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

1.1. 4 Advantages of Martabak Business

1.1.1. Included in Snacks that Have Many Enthusiasts

Martabak has a distinctive and delicious taste. This one snack is suitable to be enjoyed at any time and has fans from all walks of life and ages. This can be a golden opportunity to reap more profits with such a broad market share.

usaha martabak

Image Source: GrabFood Survey 2020

1.1.2. Affordable Business Capital

The martabak business is included in the category of business ideas with a capital of 20 million. That is, the capital required is not very good when compared to other businesses. Even so, the amount of capital that needs to be spent depends on the selling concept that you will choose. Do you want the business you are running to carry a modern concept that has many martabak variants with the same varied toppings, and is sold in an aesthetically pleasing and crowded place, or choose a simple concept.

1.1.3. Flexible, Can Be Sold Anywhere

As previously mentioned, martabak is a snack that is never lacking in demand. Of course, this can be a distinct advantage for sellers because they will have no trouble selling their martabak anywhere, aka more flexibility. For example, opening a martabak business in front of the house, shop, shop, roadside, and selling it online through a pre-order system.

1.1.4. Suitable For Beginner Businessmen

For those of you who have never been in the business world before, you can start this one. The reason is, a martabak business can be started by anyone, you don't have to be an expert to start it. Martabak recipes also tend to be easy for ordinary people to follow.

2.2 2 Disadvantages of Martabak Business

2.2.1. Intense Competition

Like the fried business, martabak is the prima donna for many people. Given this fact, of course, the business competition in your area can be said to be quite tight. This definitely has to be taken into account properly before you actually start.

Even so, this cannot be a barrier or a reason to discourage you from doing business. You have to be sure that your business has a unique selling point (USP) that is better than competitors and is able to innovate in making a variety of martabak.

2.2.2. Fluctuations in the Prices of Raw Materials Used

Prices of raw materials are not always the same. Existing changes can have an impact on the amount of capital that you have to prepare. This can be an obstacle in itself because the soaring price of raw materials will also affect the selling price of martabak. As a result, frequent changes in selling prices can reduce buyer interest and make it difficult to determine the right price.

2. Estimation of Martabak Business Capital and Profits

How much profit from selling martabak? The following is an estimate of capital and profits that allow you to get quoted from Pintar and Gobiz.

Martabak Business Capital Estimation
Initial capital
No. Item Quantity Price Per Quantity Total
1. Cart 1 Rp2.600.000 Rp2.600.000
2. Stove 1 Rp160.000 Rp160.000
3. Elpiji Gas Cylinder 1 Rp130.000 Rp130.000
4. Flat Frying Pan and Spatula 1 Rp250.000 Rp250.000
5. Martabak pan 1 Rp150.000 Rp150.000
6. Oil Filter 1 Rp50.000 Rp50.000
7. Knife 1 Rp35.000 Rp35.000
8. Plastic Jar 1 Rp140.000 Rp140.000
9. Grated cheese 1 Rp25.000 Rp25.000
10. Other tools As needed Rp100.000 Rp100.000
Total Initial Capital Rp3.640.000
Monthly Operational Costs
No. Item Quantity Price Per Quantity Total
1. Rent a Business Place 1 Rp1.200.000 Rp1.200.000
2. Retribution Budget 1 Rp85.000 Rp85.000
3. LPG Gas 3KG For A Month Rp970.000 Rp970.000
4. Cooking oil For A Month Rp360.000 Rp360.000
5. Sweet Martabak Ingredients For A Month Rp5.000.000 Rp5.000.000
6. Egg Martabak Ingredients For A Month Rp4.500.000 Rp4.500.000
7. Butter 500 Gram (30) Rp450.000 Rp450.000
8. Egg Martabak Sauce For A Month Rp2.100.000 Rp2.100.000
9. Ingredients for Pickles For A Month Rp500.000 Rp500.000
10. Oil Paper and Serving Box For A Month (30) Rp20.000 Rp600.000
11. Plastic bags 30 bags Rp5.000 Rp150.000
Total Operating Costs Rp15.915.000
Total Costs to be Prepared (Initial Capital + Operational Costs) Rp19.555.000

From the table above, the total capital you have to spend is Rp19,555,000. Keep in mind, the price listed is not 100% the same as the price that applies in your place. Therefore you can prepare a larger capital than the calculation above just in case there is an increase in the cost of goods and equipment.

Next, let's calculate the profit you can get per month.

- Sweet Martabak Price: Rp20,000/Box

- Egg martabak price: Rp25,000/box

For example, every day you are able to sell as many as 20 boxes for each existing martabak. Then the total gross income per month is:

- Sweet Martabak: Rp20,000 X 20 Boxes X 30 Days = Rp12,000,000

- Egg Martabak: Rp25,000 X 20 Boxes X 30 Days = Rp15,000,000

- Total Gross Income for 1 Month = Rp27,000,000

As for the net income that you can pocket the calculation is:

Net Profit = Total Revenue - (Initial Capital + Operating Costs)

Then the net income is Rp27,000,000 - Rp19,555,000 = Rp7,445,000. So, the estimated monthly profit that you get every month if the sales results are consistent is Rp7,445,000. To get a full return on investment, you have to sell for at least 3 months. The turnaround time for a martabak business is quite short considering that other businesses require a longer time than this.

3. Tips for Starting a Martabak Business

A successful martabak business cannot be separated from the following tips.

Usaha Martabak

Image Source: Freeprik/rembolle

3.1. Competitor Research

The first tip for starting a martabak business is to do competitor research. This research is done so that your business can compete in the market. The method is to collect various information about competitors, customer preferences, and find out the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Only after that can you make a strategy or tactic that is in accordance with the market conditions that you will face.

3.2. Determine a Strategic Business Location

Business location is a determining factor for the success of your business. Choose a strategic business location where people can easily find your martabak business. The ideal place to sell is a place that is clean, easy to reach, and preferably has a permit for a place of business to avoid raids on the demolition of places to sell.

3.3. Create a Unique Selling Point for Your Business

Unique selling point or what is often abbreviated as USP is an advantage that is not owned by competitors. The existence of a USP is considered important to attract buyers as well as to differentiate your business from others. USP can take any form, for example, the unique taste of martabak and different services compared to competitors.

3.4. Do Innovation

The culinary business is closely related to the interest of buyers from time to time. It's no longer a secret that today's people are more interested in trying something new, even though the food being sold is actually not new. No doubt, various food innovations began to emerge in order to boost popularity and gain more profits. So, for those of you who are interested in opening this business, make sure not to be afraid to be creative and follow market trends.

3.5. Prepare Business Capital

After considering various matters relating to the sustainability of the martabak business, the last thing you have to prepare is business capital. Capital is the spearhead of the success of your business. Without capital, the plans you make will not work in such a way.

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