Small Capital Big Profits, You Can Try This Home Snack Business Idea

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31 March 2022
Small Capital Big Profits, You Can Try This Home Snack Business Idea

Opening a business in the food sector is one of the most profitable business ideas. Apart from the fact that the profits can be doubled, the food business is also in great demand considering that eating is a necessity for many people. Not only that, according to research, food business ideas will increase by around 10.8% until 2025. For those of you who work as housewives or want to have a side business, here are some home-based snack business ideas that can generate big profits.

Small Capital Home Snack Business Idea


Almost most people like this Sundanese food. Yes, Seblak! This food, which was popularized in the city of Bandung, has a taste that tends to be savory and spicy. The composition in the seblak includes boiled crackers with complements such as eggs, claws, meatballs, cuangki, noodles, vegetables, macaroni, and so on. To make it taste more delicious, this food is added with spices such as kencur, red and white onions, chili, candlenut, and seasonings. Because of its delicious and spicy taste, this food is loved by several groups, ranging from young children to adults.

You can run this business opportunity as a livelihood or a side business considering that the capital spent is very minimal because the raw materials are cheap and easy to find, can be done yourself without the need for the help of employees, and a large target market. The estimated capital required is not up to IDR 5 million. You can get a profit of around IDR 2-3 million.

Sotang (Potato Sausage)

Next is selling potato sausage or better known as sotang. This homemade snack has the main ingredients in the form of sausage wrapped in sticky dough and potatoes to cover all parts of the sausage. It is even more delicious because it is poured with various sauces and mayonnaise which enriches the taste. Hotang can be a home-based snack business idea because many people like delicious-tasting snacks with quite filling portions. Sotang also has a broad target market, especially in residential areas and urban areas.

You can start this home-based snack business independently or become a potato sausage franchise partner. To start this business, you only need to spend around IDR 3 million in capital and get a profit of IDR 6 million every month.

Banana Nuggets

This snack began to trend and boom after being introduced by one of the children of the Indonesian president who opened this business. Due to its crunchy, sweet, and delicious taste, some business activists have started to try their luck. One of them is Novan, a young boy who is in the banana nugget business through social media. Reporting from detikfinance, Novan admitted that he only started this business with a capital of Rp. 800 thousand to get a profit of around Rp. 15 million every month.

You can try this home-based snack business at home by using an online marketing strategy. In order to be more developed and not left behind with new products, you can innovate the banana nugget products that are sold.

Cassava Cheese

This cassava-based food can also be a solution to get additional income. Cheese cassava itself is a snack made from fried cassava and given complimentary spices such as chili powder, barbecue, and others. To make it more savory, this snack is topped with grated cheese. Cheese cassava is a type of home-based snack business that can generate large profits considering that the main raw materials are quite cheap. In addition, the expiration time of cassava is also fairly long and can be used for a long time.

Risol Mayo

This type of fried food is also a favorite snack for most people. Risol mayo is a flour-based snack that is made into the skin and then filled with sausage, ham, and mayonnaise inside. To add texture, the risole mayo skin is coated again with breadcrumbs to make it more crunchy. Due to its delicious taste and texture, it is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, making this food high in demand. Risol mayo is sold from IDR 3 thousand to IDR 20 thousand (using premium meat filling and quality ingredients). You can try starting this home-based snack business considering that it is quite easy to make and can be done from home and has high interest.

Egg Macaroni

For those of you who have a place to live near the school, this home-based snack business is suitable to try. Egg macaroni is a snack made from macaroni that is cooked using a little oil and then given a liquid omelet. After it dries a little, the egg macaroni is given seasonings and flavor variants to make it more savory. If you intend to open this home-based snack business at home, you don't need to need a cart capital, but capital in the form of raw macaroni and spices which only costs around Rp. 200 thousand. From selling this, you can get a profit of around IDR 100-200 thousand every day.

Fried food

Although you can make your own from home, selling fried foods can also be a selling idea because the price is cheap, the demand is high, and almost everyone likes it. There are several types of fried foods that you can sell and many are sought after, ranging from bakwan, stuffed tofu, fried tempeh, cireng, and fried bananas. Selling fried foods can also be done at any time, either morning, afternoon, evening, or night.

Jasuke (Corn Milk Cheese)

Usually, these snacks are found in the night market area only. To take advantage of the opportunity, you can sell JASUKE or corn milk cheese from home. This snack is made from boiled sweet corn that has been peeled and then topped with cheese, milk, butter, and sauce as an option. Its savory, sweet, and spicy taste makes this snack sellable and much sought after.

Assorted Frozen Food

Who doesn't know and love fried foods such as meatballs, otak-otak, nuggets, sausages, and so on? Well, you can try this home-based snack business idea to get a side income. In order to run smoothly, you should do this business in a residential area where there are many small children or around a school environment.

Fruit salad

Make it easy, can be done from home, fruit salad home snack ideas can be the solution. Even though it requires a large amount of capital compared to other snacks, you can also get quite a large profit from selling fruit salads. This snack business is suitable to be run during a pandemic like now considering that many people are starting to adopt a healthy lifestyle to strengthen their immunity.

Dalgona Coffee

You can also sell dalgona coffee at home to increase your income. Some people choose to buy it because the manufacturing process takes time. Therefore, you can use this opportunity to sell iced Dalgona coffee. You can also innovate by making dalgona matcha, chocolate, and so on.

Contemporary Milk Coffee

The next snack business idea is contemporary milk coffee. This can be an opportunity because contemporary milk coffee is the most widely offered drink menu in several places to eat and is a lifestyle for some people. Although now there are many well-known brands or brands that sell contemporary milk coffee, you can work around this by selling milk coffee with a delicious taste. but the price is below market.


In addition to contemporary coffee drinks, opening a boba business can also be an alternative home-based snack business that can bring profits. The sweet taste makes some people like and potentially buy boba to quench their thirst or just serve as a snack.


Not only birthday cakes, donuts are now also an alternative gift that can be given to someone in certain celebrations. Not only during celebrations, donuts can also be used as a snack or breakfast food before going to work or school. So, this business is suitable for those of you who want to try selling from home.


The last one is the croffles. Croffle itself is a snack that comes from croissants and is printed in a waffle printer. To enhance the taste, the croffles are given a dipping topping in the form of jam with various flavors. This business idea works well on the side because you can buy croissant dough out of the way and it only takes the effort of baking it with a waffle press. However, this snack is a viral snack and has the potential to decrease its turnover at any time because consumer interest also declines. You can work around this by innovating, such as filling croffles with meat, vegetables, and other seasonings.

Those are 15 small-cap home-based snack business ideas that you can try from home. For those of you who need loan funds, you can use BFI Finance as a solution. You can guarantee a vehicle BPKB or house certificate to solve financial problems. Loans at BFI Finance have low-interest rates, long tenors, and are certainly reliable. Click the following link to apply for a loan.

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