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14 Typical Surabaya Foods You Must Try, Delicious!

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20 March 2023
14 Typical Surabaya Foods You Must Try, Delicious!

Planning to go to Surabaya? Don't forget to taste Surabaya's special food, OK?

Surabaya is the capital city of East Java Province, Indonesia. This city has been named the second largest city after Jakarta. As one of the largest cities in Indonesia, Surabaya has a lot of uniqueness and features that make it a magnet for local and foreign tourists.

One of the attractions of this city is Surabaya's special food. By trying various foods in this city, you will experience the impressive and unforgettable diversity of Indonesian culinary delights.

Some of Surabaya's famous specialties include cingur salad, rawon, klopo satay, racing rice cake, and many more.

So, for those of you who are planning to visit Surabaya in the near future or want to get to know the city's specialties, this article will invite you to get to know the various Surabaya specialties.


1. 14 Typical Surabaya Foods You Must Try!

Each region has a distinctive and unique taste of food, as well as typical Surabaya food. So, what kind of food should we not miss? Take a peek at the full review in the following description.

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1. Rujak Cingur

The first and mandatory Surabaya food you must try is rujak cingur! This traditional food is made from cingur or cow's snout which is processed by boiling and then served with other mixtures such as vegetables or fruits.

Having a unique and delicious taste, rujak cingur has two different versions that are just as delicious. The first version is rujak cingur matengan which is made from a mixture of cingur and various types of vegetables such as bean sprouts, kale, and long beans, which is then added with tofu, tempeh, lontong, then drenched in paste seasoning made from shrimp paste, chilies, fried peanuts, and brown sugar as a taste enhancer.

The second version of rujak cingur is rujak cingur raw. If the previous rujak cingur consisted of beef cingur and boiled vegetables, the second version uses fruit instead. Some types of fruit that are commonly used include pineapple, yam, young mango, cucumber, kedondong, and don't forget to add the petis sauce.

Whichever one you choose, both are equally delicious to eat and easy to find in various parts of the city of Surabaya. So, make sure you try this one food!

2. Klopo Satay

The next culinary that you shouldn't miss is klopo satay! Derived from the Javanese language, klopo means coconut which means coconut satay. However, that doesn't mean coconut here is used as the main ingredient for satay instead of meat, huh! However, coconut is used as a complementary seasoning before the satay is burned and served while warm.

In terms of appearance and main ingredients, klopo satay is not much different from satay in general which is made from chicken, beef, or offal. Sate klopo is served with peanut sauce and pickles on the side. The taste is savory and delicious, very suitable to be combined with warm rice and eaten with the family.

3. Karak Satay

Not only klopo satay, but the next typical Surabaya satay that you shouldn't miss is also karak satay. This satay is a legendary food that has been around since the 1960s.

Sate karak is made from beef innards such as intestines which are marinated with special spices. Sate karak is a unique food because of the way it is served using black sticky rice and fried grated coconut as a companion to satay. Sate karak has a taste that tends to be savory and sweet.

4. Rawon Surabaya

Rawon is one of the popular foods that you can find in almost all cities in Indonesia. Even though this typical Surabaya food is easy to find, you still can't miss the delicious rawon Surabaya!

Rawon Surabaya has characteristics that distinguish it from other types of rawon. Rawon Surabaya is famous for its thick black broth with soft slices of meat.

The black color in rawon comes from the herbs or spices used, such as keluak seeds, ginger, shallots, garlic, coriander, galangal, and chilies.

5. Soto Gubeng / Soto Madura

Still discussing soupy foods with flavors that shake the tongue, the next typical Surabaya food is soto gubeng or also known as soto madura.

Soto gubeng is a legendary food that has existed since the Dutch colonial period. The name 'Soto Gubeng' itself is taken from the name of one of the biggest train stations in Surabaya.

Soto gubeng is made from chicken, beef, or offal which is complemented by a mixture of green onions, fried onions, lime, chili sauce, and delicious broth. The delicious, warm, and savory taste of the broth makes quite a lot of Soto Gubeng fans.

6. Madura Porridge

Interested in trying one of the typical Surabaya desserts? Madura porridge can be the choice! Madura porridge is a traditional food consisting of a mixture of marrow porridge, pearls, cenil, and black sticky rice served in banana leaves.

This food which is very popular in East Java has a sweet and soft taste. It is suitable to eat whenever you want to try it.

7. Tahu Tek (Tahu Telur)

Tahu tek or egg tofu is the next delicious dish from East Java, one of which is in Surabaya. Tahu tek is made from a mixture of fried tofu which is cut randomly using scissors, eggs, rice cake, potatoes, and bean sprouts which are then doused with petis peanut sauce.

The name tek itself is taken from the sound that comes out of the scissors used when cutting tofu randomly. While the name egg tofu is taken from the tofu which is dipped in the omelet before being fried.

For you spicy food lovers, you can add chili sauce to make it taste more delicious and delicious. Don't forget to add crackers to add to the enjoyment of taste when eating it. Tofu tek is perfect to eat in the morning accompanied by a glass of hot tea.

8. Sego Sambel

Visiting the city of Surabaya feels incomplete if you haven't tried the typical Surabaya food called sego sambal. As the name implies, namely sego sambel, which means sambal rice, is a spicy-tasting food consisting of warm rice, fried tempeh and tofu, shredded fried chicken, fish, scrambled eggs, and doused with hot chili sauce.

In appearance, this food is similar to mixed rice. You can easily find Sego Sambal at street vendors and restaurants.

9. Lontong Balap

Lontong Balap is one of Surabaya's traditional foods that has been around since 1956. It is called Lontong Balap because, at the beginning of its appearance, traders ran fast to fight for customers like they were racing.

The recipe for lontong balap is still the same as when it first appeared, consisting of lontong as the main ingredient, bean sprouts, tofu, lentho or mashed tolo cassava cakes, fried onions, soy sauce, and also chili sauce. All the ingredients are then doused with a hot, savory, spicy sauce from the petis sambal.

You can find Lontong Balap in various parts of Surabaya at affordable prices, starting from IDR 15,000.

10. Almond Crispy

Apart from heavy meals and desserts, Surabaya also has special cakes which are often used as souvenirs or souvenirs for local and foreign tourists. The cake is called almond crispy!

This one cake is printed in thin rounds with almond sprinkles in the middle. Crispy almonds have a sweet and savory taste. Most of the crispy almonds sold today have chocolate, cheese and green tea variants.

You can find crispy almonds easily in souvenir shops across Surabaya.

11. Tahu Campur

Tofu is one of the most popular foods in Surabaya. One of the next delicious snacks that use the basic ingredients of tofu is mixed tofu or tahu campur.

Unlike other processed tofu which is generally doused with peanut sauce, this one is doused with soto sauce mixed with paste seasoning. It tastes savory, spicy, and very appetizing.

The mixture is mixed tofu consists of meat soup, cakes, tofu as the main ingredient, yellow noodles, bean sprouts, watercress, and prawn crackers.

12. Pecel Semanggi

As the name implies, pecel clover (semanggi) is a typical Surabaya food made from the main ingredient clover. Served on a triangular banana leaf, a serving of clover pecel consists of clover, bean sprouts, cassava leaves, and peanut sauce.

The peanut sauce that is poured over the pecel is made from selected ingredients such as peanuts, sweet potatoes, chilies, shrimp paste, and brown sugar. As a complement, pecel clover is usually enjoyed with uli crackers.

13. Mangrove Syrup

Surabaya has a unique syrup that is quite rare in other regions. The syrup is mangrove syrup!

Mangrove syrup is made from several types of mangrove fruit which are believed to be efficacious for treating various diseases. The sweet and fresh taste makes this syrup perfect for souvenirs and drinking when the weather is hot.

You can find mangrove syrup at the Surabaya souvenir center which is generally priced starting from IDR 50.00 for a 600 ml size.

14. Zangrandi Ice Cream

The afternoon is the right time to go to an ice cream shop and taste the legendary ice cream in Surabaya.

Call it the name zangrandi ice cream. This ice cream is famous for its long history and delicious taste.

Made using quality ingredients, Zangrandi ice cream has been around since 1933. Apart from the taste, this ice cream shop has a classic feel that makes visitors seem to be invited to reminisce on the past.

Sobat BFI, itulah informasi seputar makanan khas Surabaya yang wajib untuk Anda coba. Mencoba makanan khas suatu daerah merupakan salah satu pengalaman yang tidak boleh Anda lewatkan. Jadi, makanan mana yang sangat ingin Anda coba?

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