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Extrovert Personality: Characteristics and Other Interesting Facts!

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21 June 2023
Extrovert Personality: Characteristics and Other Interesting Facts!

After we previously discussed the term introvert, on this occasion let's discuss the opposite of this term, namely 'Extrovert'.

Extrovert is a personality that likes to socialize. Many people think that people with this personality tend to be sociable and easily mingle with anyone. However, is that really the case? So that you don't misunderstand, come on, let's peel it thoroughly in the following article.


1. What Is an Extrovert?

Extrovert is a term for someone who tends to get energy and satisfaction from social interaction and the surrounding environment.

They feel energetic and comfortable in a crowd, so it is easy for them to share their thoughts and opinions for free.

Their penchant for socializing makes them easy to get along with anyone and very active in social activities. In short, they are very sociable.

2. Characteristics of Extroverts

As reported by a site called, here are some characteristics that are commonly seen in extroverts.

2.1. Excited and Have Lots of Energy

Extroverts tend to feel energetic and excited when they are in a crowd and interacting with other people. No doubt, they can be easily recognized by their behavior.

2.2. Happy to Talk and Comfortable Surrounded by Many People

Those with extroverted personalities really enjoy talking and sharing opinions with others and are often the center of attention at events or groups.

For them, talking and being surrounded by many people is something fun and able to recharge the energy that was lost.

2.3. Looking for Ideas and Inspiration From Other People

The next feature of the extrovert personality is the love of looking for ideas and inspiration by talking with other people. This can actually be said as one of the advantages possessed by them.

One example is that when they meet other people they are able to talk for quite a long time and not infrequently they can easily be inspired by existing conversations.

2.4. Easy to Adapt

Next is adaptability. Extroverts can easily blend into new surroundings and enjoy a variety of social activities. They believe getting to know more people is something fun and a valuable experience.

2.5. Actively Participate in Various Activities

It's not unusual or unusual for an extrovert to actively participate in various activities. The reason is, they are very social and surrounded by many people. If introverts feel tired easily when they are too often in crowds, extroverts are just the opposite.

2.6. Optimistic and Confident

Although they cannot predict the future, people with extroverted personalities are optimistic and confident. This is because they are used to socializing and engaging directly with various groups. It is not surprising that the range of friendships they have is very broad.

3. Extrovert Types and Their Advantages

Ekstrovert Adalah

Image Source: Pham

According to Carl Jung's personality theory, there are four different types of extroverts, which are as follows.

3.1. Extroverted Sensors

This extrovert is easily inspired by the outside world that involves the senses, such as hearing, sight, and so on.

3.2. Extroverted Feelers

Unlike the sensory extrovert, this type is very sensitive to the feelings and emotions felt by other people or the person they are talking to.

3.3. Extroverted Intuitive

Extroverts are those who like to mingle and socialize with anyone. This type can be said to really enjoy thinking abstractly, discussing in-depth conversations, and often has an interest in complex ideas.

3.4. Extroverted Thinkers

The last type is the extrovert thinker. People with this type tend to be oriented toward the goals they want to achieve, for example in achieving high achievements or a glorious career. No wonder they are able to make decisions quickly.

So, which type of extrovert best describes you or those closest to you?

4. Difference Between Extrovert and Introvert

Next, let's discuss the differences between extroverts and introverts. Basically, no individual is 100% introverted or vice versa.

Even so, there is nothing wrong if we know the differences that exist between the two. The most prominent difference lies in the energy source they enjoy. Introverts tend to draw energy from within themselves, while extroverts draw energy from social interactions and busy environmental situations.

This doesn't mean that introverts and extroverts can't socialize or interact with each other. They just have different preferences in utilizing energy and responding to the environment.

5. Personality Test: Extrovert or Introvert?

Are you a person with an extrovert or introverted personality? If you don't know what personality type you have, you can do a personality test on one of the sites for free.

The site is called Through this site, you can understand your preferences and personality characteristics in more depth. The test not only differentiates between introverts and extroverts but also involves other aspects of your personality.

6. Tips on Becoming More (or Less) Extrovert

Sometimes there are times when we want to be extroverted and easy to get along with anyone, especially when meeting new people. On the other hand, there are times when we want to be less extroverted and spend more time alone by contemplating, for example.

Research shows that introverts who want to be more extroverted at times, especially when they want to connect more with others, are able to channel more positive emotions. Although it cannot be denied that a person's genetics plays an important role in determining a person's personality. Even so, there are ways you can take to be a more extroverted figure and vice versa. Check out the tips below.

6.1 Tips to Be More Extrovert:

If you are a person who leans more on the introverted side but wants to feel the experience of an extrovert, the following tips can help you achieve that desire.

1. Explore different hobbies

The first way you can do this is by trying different hobbies and interacting with more people who have different backgrounds and hobbies.

2. Keep practicing

Becoming an extrovert cannot be done instantly. It takes repeated practice to be able to position oneself as an individual who is used to interacting with many people. The more often you practice, the easier it will be for you to mingle with anyone and be confident when meeting new people.

6.2 Tips on Being Not Too Extroverted

Do you feel you are too extroverted and want to be a little more introverted? Just as you want to dig deeper into potential and various things about yourself. If so, you can practice the tips below.

1. Increase self-awareness

An introverted personality is often known as a person who likes to contemplate. For that, you can train yourself to do various contemplative activities such as mindfulness practices or meditation which can help you focus on what you are feeling and thinking right now.

2. Spend time alone

Spending time alone may seem lonely and not normal for you. However, try to spend time alone doing positive activities such as walking in nature, reading a book, or eating alone as a way to reflect without outside distractions.

Do these activities regularly until you get used to spending time alone and are able to contemplate yourself and the important things in your life.

3. Keep a journal

Lastly, try writing something expressive like journaling to get a deeper understanding of how you're feeling.

Sobat BFI, this is the discussion regarding Recognizing an Extrovert Personality, These Characteristics, and Other Interesting Facts! Every individual is basically born with a unique personality. Keep being yourself and don't stop to keep learning and respect each other, without judging.

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