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Reasons Why You Should Use Public Transportation

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11 October 2023
Reasons Why You Should Use Public Transportation

Public transportation is designed as an alternative means of travel and reduces travel time. It connects one area to another.


In Indonesia, public transportation services are on the rise, making them more popular among the general public. However, many people still feel they don't need to use public transportation. Nevertheless, there are numerous benefits that you and your environment can experience when using public transportation.


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1. Benefits of Using Public Transportation

1.1 Improved Health

Public transportation can make you healthier. First, you have to walk from your front door to the nearest bus stop or terminal, which helps increase physical activity. Additionally, by using public transportation, you reduce the use of private vehicles, allowing people around you to breathe fresher air.


1.2 Cost-Effective

While the daily cost of public transportation might seem small, long-term savings can be significant. You don't need to buy gasoline, perform vehicle maintenance, or pay expensive parking fees.


Compared to private vehicles, public transportation is generally more cost-effective. Starting at just Rp 3,000, you can travel and transfer comfortably without the hassle of driving in traffic or searching for parking. This can significantly reduce your expenses. Besides fuel and parking costs, you can also cut down on the routine maintenance costs of your private vehicle.


Moreover, you can utilize your travel time to do more productive things like reading, learning, or working. This can boost your productivity and result in more earnings in the long run.


1.3 Fuel Efficiency

When compared to private vehicles using gasoline, public transportation is more fuel-efficient. The average miles per gallon comparison between private cars and buses or trains shows that less fuel is used when using public transportation.


1.4 Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

One of the major environmental issues today is climate change caused by increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Motor vehicles are one of the main contributors to these emissions. By using public transportation, you can help reduce these greenhouse gas emissions.


Many modern public transportation systems have environmentally friendly vehicle fleets, such as electric buses or high-speed trains that are more fuel-efficient. By using public transportation, you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to global efforts to address climate change.


1.5 Easing Traffic Congestion

One of the major issues in many large cities is traffic congestion. Many people driving private vehicles contribute to this problem. By switching to public transportation, you can help alleviate traffic congestion.


Traffic congestion not only makes travel slower but also increases air pollution and fuel consumption. By choosing public transportation, you help reduce the number of private vehicles on the road and alleviate the congestion problem.


1.6 No Need for Parking Hassles

When using public transportation, you don't have to worry about finding parking, which can often be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially in crowded city centers.


Finding suitable parking can be a difficult and time-consuming task. With public transportation, you can enjoy your journey without having to think about convenient and safe parking.


2. Types of Public Transportation in Indonesia

Indonesia offers a variety of public transportation options for its citizens. Here are some common types of public transportation in Indonesia:


2.1 Buses

Buses are one of the most widely used forms of public transportation in Indonesia. They form the backbone of the public transportation system in many cities and regions across the country. Buses connect various cities, regions, and villages, making them a popular choice for many, especially for intercity travel.


One of the advantages of using buses is the range of class options available. There are budget-friendly economy buses with basic facilities and luxury buses that offer extra comfort, larger seats, good air conditioning, in-trip entertainment, and even meal services. Therefore, buses cater to various budgets and travel preferences.


Additionally, buses are well-suited for long-distance travel on larger islands such as Java, Sumatra, and Bali. This allows passengers to enjoy extended journeys while taking in the beautiful scenery along the way.


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2.2 Trains

Trains are a convenient and efficient means of public transportation in Indonesia. The country boasts an extensive railway network that connects major cities and smaller towns across the islands. Trains provide an excellent way to avoid traffic congestion and enjoy picturesque views during your journey.


Indonesia's train system offers various classes, including executive, business, and economy. Executive class often comes with comfortable seating, efficient air conditioning, and onboard meals. Business class offers a good balance of comfort and economy class provides affordable travel options.


Trains are an excellent choice for intercity travel, particularly if you want to save time and energy. High-speed trains have also been introduced on some routes connecting major cities, allowing you to reach your destination more quickly.


2.3 Motorbike Taxis and Taxis

In urban areas, motorbike taxis and regular taxis are commonly used forms of public transportation. Motorbike taxis are scooters you can hire for short trips, typically within a city. You just need to tell the driver your destination, and they will quickly take you there, making it a convenient way to avoid traffic in larger cities.


Regular taxis are larger vehicles with drivers who will transport you to your destination. Taxis are often used for city travel or transfers from the airport to your hotel. They usually have meters to calculate fares based on distance and time.


As technology has advanced, ride-sharing services like Grab and Gojek have become increasingly popular in Indonesia. They provide convenient and affordable transportation options in various cities across the country.


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The diverse range of public transportation options in Indonesia allows citizens to choose what suits their needs and preferences. With these various modes of transportation, travel throughout the country becomes more accessible, comfortable, and efficient. Moreover, the use of public transportation helps reduce traffic congestion, lower air pollution, and support environmental sustainability. All of these factors make public transportation a great choice for travel in Indonesia.


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