Worth A Try, Here Are 23 1,000 Versatile Snack Food Business Ideas!

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27 February 2023
Worth A Try, Here Are 23 1,000 Versatile Snack Food Business Ideas!

A 1000-round snack business can be a profitable business opportunity in the culinary field that you can try!

Even though this one business is considered small because the price is cheap, in fact, this can be a special attraction for consumers, you know!

So, for those of you who are interested in having your own business with minimal capital, the BFI Finance Team has managed to summarize 1,000 all-around snack business ideas that you can try. I wonder what's going on? Come on, see more in the following article.


23 1000 Versatile Snack Business Ideas

Snacks are very suitable as a choice of snacks to accompany leisure activities such as watching TV, Korean dramas, playing video games, and so on.

Because the price is cheap and very affordable, snacks with a price of 1000 rupiah will not be difficult for you to sell. Likewise with business ideas that are very diverse and you can adjust them to your interests, market segmentation, and the capital you have.

Reporting from various sources, here are 23 business ideas for a 1,000 rupiah snack that you can turn into a side business.

1. Egg Nuts

The first 1000 all-around snack business idea is egg nuts. Having a distinctive taste, crunchy, and tends to be sweet, make peanuts coated with flour dough much liked by people. The most popular egg nuts generally have a smooth texture on the outside.

2. Crispy Tofu

Who doesn't know crispy tofu? This food, which is made from the basic ingredients of tofu and combined with flour and then fried until crispy, is much loved by people because it tastes good and the price is very affordable. Tofu, which is the main raw material for making it, is very easy for you to find in vegetable stalls and markets.

3. Traditional Cake Snacks

Traditional cakes are still the prima donna for most people. No doubt, this one snack has a wide market segment, ranging from children, adults, and the elderly. The choices are very diverse and the prices are cheap, making traditional cake snacks often the choice of snacks at various important events.

4. Potato Chips

Potatoes are a type of vegetable that can be processed into various types of tasty and crunchy snacks, including potato chips! You can make potato chips with a variety of flavors, such as spicy, sweet, salty, and so on.

5. Banana Chips

Apart from potatoes, the following processed banana-based foods are no less in great demand by the public. Banana chips on the market generally have a salty, savory or sweet taste.

6. Cassava Chips

Apart from potato and banana chips, another 1,000-fold type of snack business in the form of chips is cassava chips. Made from cassava which is thinly sliced and fried until crispy, this one food has never been empty of fans from time to time.

7. Lidi Noodles

Mie sticks are one of the most popular elementary school snacks. Stick noodles on the market generally have a yellow or red color according to the selected seasoning or flavor. How to make it fairly easy. You only need eggs, flour, sago flour, flavoring, baking powder, and water to dissolve the ingredients.

If you find it difficult to make it, you can become an official reseller from a trusted supplier. Most importantly, make sure the items you choose have the right taste at a sloping price, so that not only do consumers feel happy and satisfied, but you can also benefit from every sale.

8. Basreng

Basreng or fried meatballs is a cheap snack with a good taste that has a fairly wide market segment. Basreng is generally made as thin as possible to produce a savory and delicious taste.

9. Seblak Crackers

As is the case with seblak which originates from the West Java region and has become famous in various parts of the region, this one food is just as popular. What makes the difference between the two is the texture served, where seblak crackers are dry and crunchy, unlike seblak which tends to be wet and soggy.

10. Macaroni

Present with various variants ranging from salty, spicy, and sweet, macaroni is one of the thousand-round snack business ideas that still exists today. You can sell macaroni with a choice of various flavors and can be adjusted according to the wishes of the buyer (by request).

11. Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are snacks made from wheat flour, cornstarch and cheese as basic ingredients. This snack could be a 1000's of snack business that you can't miss.

12. Rempeyek

Rempeyek is a typical snack from Yogyakarta, Central Java that you can choose as a 1000-round snack business. Various peanut brittle on the market are generally made from a mixture of shrimp, green beans, peanuts, and anchovies.

13. Pudding / Jelly

Want to sell something chewy and fresh? Pudding or jelly can be the choice! Starting this business is fairly easy and can be started with relatively minimal capital.

14. Otak-Otak

Always selling fast and much sought after by people, this one snack is quite simple to make with ingredients that are easy to find anywhere. These include instant otak-otak, food seasonings with salty, sweet, spicy, or other flavors. You can also combine other flavors that many people like, such as barbecue, balado and garlic.

15. Molen

Snacks made by frying are indeed much liked by people. Molen is no exception, which is usually filled with things like banana, pineapple, jackfruit, and even jam. You can create existing molen according to the creativity you have.

16. Pukis 

Pukis cakes that taste sweet and warm are much liked by children to adults. This one snack is perfect for an afternoon snack accompanied by a cup of hot tea.

17. Pentol

Similar to meatballs but with less meat composition, pentol is much liked by people, especially school children. You can choose pentol as one of the 1000 all-round snack business ideas.

18. Serabi

Apart from seblak, the next typical food from West Java that is no less interesting and delicious is srabi! To attract more consumers and at the same time become a unique selling point for your business, you can create pancakes made with more varied toppings but still reduce the existing budget.

19. Leker

Derived from the Dutch language which means 'delicious', this generally sweet-tasting food can be a promising 1000-round snack business idea! The fillings for the leker that you can choose include fruits such as bananas or savory leker combined with sausage.

20. Melted Banana

Sweet, crunchy, with melted fillings, this 1,000-round snack business has a market segment that can be said to be quite broad. In addition, you can easily find the materials to make it in various places, so you won't have any trouble selling it.

21. Gorengan

usaha makanan ringan serba 1000

Ilustrasi Usaha Gorengan | Image Source: Freepik/odua

Who is not familiar with fried foods or gorengan? It seems almost all of our society likes this one food. Fried food has many types of variants to choose from. Starting from savory flavors that tend to be salty, and sweet, to fried foods that tend to be spicy.

22. Egg Rolls

Apart from stick noodles, snacks made from the main ingredient of eggs are still very popular and in great demand by people. In addition to eggs, sellers generally combine it with sausages or other ingredients to make it more attractive to consumers.

23. Banana Nuggets

Banana nuggets are a snack made from bananas and covered in breadcrumbs. So that the appearance can look more attractive, you can vary it with various kinds of contemporary toppings.

So what's your thought? Are you interested in trying one of the 1000 all-purpose snack businesses above?

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Friends of BFI, that's the information about 23 business ideas for 1000 all-round snacks. Hopefully, it can inspire all readers to realize the dream of having their own business. The key to success in doing business besides meeting capital is never giving up and being consistent. Keep the spirit and always learn to be better. Greetings business!


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