Franchise Mixue: Prices, Complete Terms, and How to Register

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9 February 2023
Franchise Mixue: Prices, Complete Terms, and How to Register

Who doesn't know Mixue? The presence of the Mixue franchise is quite easy to find in various cities and attracts the attention of many people because of its fairly massive distribution.

Mixue is a contemporary drink brand that is loved by many people because of its affordable price and delicious taste.

This drink originates from China and was made by a student named Zhang Hongchao who was inspired by his workplace where the place sells cold drinks. In 1997, with a loan of 4,000 yuan from his grandmother, he opened the first Mixue shop. After 2 years, in 1999 to be precise, he officially opened his second shop, named Mixue Bingcheng.

Mixue first opened an outlet in Indonesia in 2020 to be precise in the Cihampelas area, Bandung. Until now, Mixue has managed to open more than 300 outlets within 2 years.

So, roughly how much is the required fee, and what requirements must be completed to open the Mixue franchise? Read more in the following article.


1. Is Mixue Halal?

Reporting to the official website of LPPOM MUI (Institute for the Assessment of Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics of the Indonesian Ulema Council) named, the Mixue outlet of PT ZHINSENG PACIFIC TRADING is in the process of halal certification.

Even though they have not yet received a halal certificate, through postings on Mixue Indonesia's official Instagram account, the management emphasized that the ingredients used in the process of making Mixue's ice cream and franchise drinks can be ensured of high quality and safe ingredients for consumption.

The 3 reasons why halal certification is still being processed today include:

1. 90% of the raw materials used are imported from China. Thus, the proposed halal certification process is quite time-consuming because it is necessary to apply to Shanghai Al - Amin first.

2. Sources of existing raw materials are not concentrated in the same city.

3. Lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic have also affected the certification testing process.


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2. Franchise Mixue Fee

Quoted from The Low Down Momentum page, the Mixue franchise is one of the most successful franchises in the world with the number of outlets it owns reaching 21,582 as of October 2022. This number has even managed to beat the number of other well-known brand outlets such as Burger King and Domino's Pizza. Fantastic isn't it?

Launching from various sources, the costs required to open a Mixue Ice Cream & Tea franchise are divided into 2 types. The details are as follows.

2.1. Franchise Mixue in the Provincial Capital

The first type of franchise is the Mixue outlet in the provincial capital. This type costs +- 380 million with details as below.

  • Deposit: IDR 40 Million
  • Management Fee Per Year: IDR 24 Million
  • Machinery and Equipment: -+ IDR 183 Million
  • First Batch of Raw Materials: -+ IDR 130 Million
  • Training Fee: IDR 3 Million

2.2. Franchise Mixue in City / Regency

The second type of Mixue outlet is a franchise for cities/regencies which costs +- IDR 374 million with the following details.

  • Deposit: IDR 40 Million
  • Management Fee Per Year: IDR 18 Million
  • Machinery and Equipment: -+ IDR 183 Million
  • First Batch of Raw Materials: -+ IDR 130 Million
  • Training Fee: IDR 3 Million

The above costs include management fees of 18-24 million, deposits of 40 million, equipment costs of 183 million, raw material costs of 130 million, and training costs of 3 million. The above costs do not include the cost of renting a place of business and employee salaries.

3. Requirements to Open a Mixue Franchise

At the consultation stage and filling out the registration form, there are a number of requirements that you must pay attention to. The reason is, these requirements can determine the approval that you submit is approved or rejected by the Mixue franchise management.

1. Best location and potential

2. Clean area of at least 25m2 (not obstructed by poles, stairs or other elements)

3. Minimum Side Width 3.7m

4. The lowest ceiling height is 2.7m

5. Adequate Water Source


7. Power - + 33,000 watts

The amount mentioned above may change according to the current policy. So, be sure to consult Mixue Indonesia's management directly.

4. How to Register Franchise Mixue

As with the information listed on the official Mixue website, there are at least 8 steps that you must take to own the Mixue franchise. The eight steps include:

franchise mixue

Image Source:

1. Do a partnership consultation by phone or WhatsApp at 0819-9360-6666

2. Apply for a partnership by filling out the registration form

3. Mixue management will contact you again to evaluate the registration form by telephone

4. If agreed, the management will conduct a location feasibility survey

5. Next, a contract is signed between the two parties

6. Mixue's management will assist in the shop decoration process

7. Employee training related to SOP and so on

8. Opening of a new Mixue outlet


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5. 4 Reasons Why Mixue Outlets Are Popular

The popularity of Mixue in Indonesia does not just happen. There are several reasons that allow the Mixue franchise to be well-received in Indonesia.

1. Taste Quality

Mixue has good taste and quality. No doubt, many people flock to try it and become loyal customers.

2. Affordable Prices

The price for one ice cream or Mixue drink is priced quite affordable, allowing various levels of society to reach it.

3. Ease of Access

The third reason is the ease of access. Franchise Mixue is spread in various cities and regions, making many people tempted to buy it.

4. Effective Marketing Strategy

In addition to good taste quality and affordable prices, advertising and promotions also play an important role in the success of the Mixue franchise. This brand is quite keen on carrying out promotions that are able to attract the attention of many people, especially with the presence of the adorable Mixue mascot and easily recognized by people, making this one brand very well received in Indonesian society.

Besides that, Mixue also launched other strategies that made them a huge success through the following things.

  • Supply Chain Management

Mixue as a well-known ice cream & tea brand has its own warehouse and factory. This allows the supply of raw materials to be cheaper and the quality is maintained.

  • Distribusi yang Luas

Thanks to its very well-received presence, Mixue took advantage of this opportunity to expand its market reach to various cities throughout Indonesia.

  • Product Development

The existence of innovations and product modifications makes people's interest in this brand almost never quiet.

  • Kemasan yang Menarik dan Berkualitas

The price offered for each Mixue product may not be as expensive as other competitors in its class. Even so, the quality of the packaging they use is arguably the same as premium quality with a packaging design that is no less attractive (eye-catching).

BFI friends, that's the discussion regarding the Mixue franchise. Mixue is currently mushrooming in various cities or districts in Indonesia. It tastes good and is cheap, making this one franchise almost never empty of visitors!

How? Are you interested in opening a franchise business on this one? If you are interested in getting into this business, make sure you contact the existing contact person directly. Be aware of all forms of fraud that may occur on behalf of Mixue.

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