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Saving More and More, Here are 10 Exciting Savings Challenges to Try!

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3 March 2023
Saving More and More, Here are 10 Exciting Savings Challenges to Try!

After we previously discussed how to save at home easily and effectively, in this article we will discuss some fun saving challenges that you can apply to save consistently without feeling burdened.

So, what are the challenges of saving? Come on, we discuss one by one in this one article. Listen carefully, BFI friends!


10 Fun Savings Challenges You Can Try

Many people often find it difficult or even feel burdened to set aside some of their money for savings.

In fact, saving is one of the activities that parents, teachers, and motivators have often reminded us of.

Then, how should we save in a fun and exciting way? You can try the following 10 challenges!

1. 30 Days Saving Challenge

The first saving challenge is saving consistently for 30 days or better known as the 30 days saving challenge.

To try this one challenge is quite easy. The trick is that you only need to collect money every day for up to 30 days. The amount that needs to be collected depends on the purpose of the savings you want to use.

For example, you want to go to a concert of your favorite musician with a ticket price of IDR 1,200,000. So, the money you should save every day is IDR 40,000.

Apart from going to concerts, this saving challenge is perfect for other close-term financial goals such as going on vacation, buying your dream item, and so on.

2. Reversed 30 Days Saving Challenge

If previously we discussed the challenge of saving for 30 days starting from the 1st or generally at the start of the month with a large nominal, this challenge applies the opposite way where you save with a large nominal at the beginning and closer to the end of the month, the nominal that needs to be saved there will be less. Very unique huh? Are you interested in trying it?

3. 30 Days Minimalism Challenge

Whenever you hear the word minimalism, what comes to your mind? Surely something simple and simple right? Well, this one saving challenge aside from being able to invite you to adopt good saving habits, you will also learn to live simply.

The trick is that you are challenged to sell items that you no longer use or are rarely used but are still in decent condition. The money that you get later will not be spent but will be put directly into savings. Wow, how exciting is it to be able to apply the Konmari method and save money at the same time?

4. Weekly Savings

Have no objections to the 30-day savings challenge? How about trying the weekly savings challenge? You can use this saving challenge as an exercise to save consistently.

The method is not much different from the 30-day saving challenge. First of all you need to determine the goal of saving first. After that, determine the nominal amount that you will save consistently for a week.

It doesn't have to start with a large nominal, the most important thing is that you do it in earnest by not missing a single day.

5. Challenge Save 20 thousand

The next saving challenge is the 20 thousand saving challenge. The rules are quite simple and very easy. Every time you have a denomination of 10 thousand, you are required to save money.

For example, when you fill up with gas, you get 20 thousand in change. You immediately save this sheet money and you may not use it. To make this challenge easier and more exciting, you can use the following table which can be adjusted according to your savings target.

challenge menabung

Saving Challenge Table | Image Source: Aset BFI Finance Digital Team

6. Challenge of Not Eating Out for a Month

Even though it looks simple and isn't a big problem, in fact, eating out is enough to eat up a large budget and drain the income budget that you have.

One way to save money is to challenge not to eat out for a month. Apart from being more economical, you also have other benefits such as honing cooking skills, eating healthier foods, and better time management.

7. Challenge Cut 5% of Salary

The seventh saving challenge is to cut 7% of the nominal monthly salary you receive. Remember, the concept of saving is set aside, not leaving.

You can try this challenge at the beginning of the month and put it in a special savings account. By doing this challenge, you will be moved to cut unnecessary expenses, so that you can maximize the money you have for saving.

8. Saving by Date

Thanks to increasingly sophisticated technological developments, many financial institutions have implemented sophisticated technology to support their financial systems. One of them is an auto debit system where you can directly transfer some of the money you have to a savings account.

The trick is to set the most suitable date where on that date you are required to make a transfer to your savings account. that way, you can save regularly every month.

9. 52 Weeks Saving Challenge

Not used to saving and want to improve your current savings habits? The 52 weeks saving challenge could be your next choice!

The rules are pretty easy and not much different from a 30-day saving challenge, only you'll be doing it for an entire year! Wow, very challenging huh?

The routine itself will be carried out every week so that your saving habits get better. For example, in the first week, you save IDR 50,000, then in the second week IDR 30,000, the nominal you choose can be combined with your current financial condition.

Most importantly, you consistently live this challenge for 1 full year without missing a beat. If you find it difficult, you can make small notes or reminders on your cellphone to keep this challenge going.

10. No Spending Challenge / Challenge Without Spending

The last saving challenge which is also quite a challenge for you is the no-spending challenge.

In this one challenge, you are committed not to spending money beyond your primary needs. Another rule is that you can choose the right time when it's time to start this challenge. For example on certain days such as weekends. Most importantly, make sure you do it consistently over time.

BFI friends, those are 10 saving challenges in the style of BFI Finance. Which challenge would you like to try?

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