How to Become a Freelancer and List of the Most Popular Freelance 2023

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15 November 2022
How to Become a Freelancer and List of the Most Popular Freelance 2023

How to become a freelancer is not difficult. What's more, the fields of work that you can choose from are very diverse and now they can be offered from anywhere, including from social media networks or special freelance platforms.

Freelance is also often touted as a hobby that makes money. The reason is, you can pursue the things you like and get paid for doing them. Isn't it so fun?

So, if you are interested in getting into the world of freelancing, whatever the reason is. Whether it's to increase your income or to pursue your passion, you must read the following information so that the freelancing you pursue can later be successful and successful.


What is Freelancing?

Some of us may be familiar when we hear the word freelance. However, what exactly is freelancing?

Freelancers are casual workers and generally have flexible and short working hours. This type of work is not bound by time limits as workers in the company.

Even so, a freelancer (a term for people who work freelance) still has a clear agreement with the client or service user. For example, deadlines for work, revisions to work results, and the wages earned.

Because there is no definite time limit, freelance workers or freelancers can take on more jobs according to their abilities. This of course affects the amount of income they will get. The more jobs are taken, the greater the wages earned.

How become a freelancer can be done by anyone, be it housewives, students, to those who are already working. As long as you can commit and be responsible with the time and agreements made, freelance work can continue.

How to Become a Freelancer for Beginners

At a glance, you already get a definite picture of what freelance is. Of course, you also feel moved to find out more about how to become a beginner freelancer or how to get started.

Well, for those of you who are curious about what to prepare before entering the freelance world, let's look at the following method.

1. Choose a Job Type

The first thing you should consider before starting freelancing is choosing the type of work you want to do. For example, you have a passion in photography.

From your existing hobbies and the shots you have, you are one step ahead of becoming a freelancer.

Tips for choosing the type of work for freelancers:

  • Make sure the job is something you enjoy

  • Able to do it well (competent)

2. Create a Portfolio

The second step regarding how to become a freelancer is to create a portfolio related to the freelance work you choose. This portfolio is intended so that prospective clients are interested in using your services. On the other hand, with a portfolio, you can also show your achievements and skills in doing freelance work.

Tips for creating a portfolio:

  • Mention 1 area of your expertise
  • Explain the experience of projects that have been done and their contributions, you can also include personal projects that have been made
  • Mention what tools are used
  • Estimated processing time and revision (if any)
  • State the advantages and benefits of using your services that are not owned by competitors (unique selling point)

3. Set a Price

After determining the field of work and creating a portfolio, the next way to become a freelancer is no less important, namely determining the price of services (rate card) that you will offer.

You can determine the price in terms of the services offered, the level of difficulty, and most importantly, adjust the price to your monthly expenses. Do not let the rates (fees) that exist be too small or not worth the hard work.

Tips for determining freelance prices:

  • Do price research on freelance sites that offer services similar to yours
  • Measure the ability of your skills with the prevailing market price
  • Calculate the existing rates along with taxes and other fees, lest after deducting taxes or freelance site service fees the results you get are too minimal
  • Create several service categories. For example, you are a graphic designer who specializes in making brand logos. From here you can make several pricing options according to the type of design requested. Is the requested design complex and how many revisions are offered?

4. Join the Freelance Service Provider Website

Marketing freelance services is now easier thanks to the presence of platforms and websites for freelance service providers. If you are wondering how to register to become a freelancer, then a freelancer service platform is the answer!

The existence of this platform can be a place for anyone who wants to become a freelancer and connect with potential clients or those who are looking for freelance services.

Don't forget to embed your portfolio so that potential clients have a greater chance of being selected. On certain platforms, client ratings that use our services contribute to helping your profile be more attractive and have the opportunity to be selected.

5. Continue to hone abilities

Sharpening your skills is a mandatory thing that you shouldn't take lightly, especially if you're wondering how to become a novice freelancer.

By continuing to practice every day, the skills you have will get better and make your freelance work easier. In addition, the portfolio that you have will be of higher value. In line with that, the rate card you have will also increase.

6. Build the Widest Networking

The next way to become a freelancer is to have an extensive network that will make it easier for us to get clients outside of online platforms. In addition, you also have the opportunity to get a mentor or co-worker who has the same passion and goals.

Networking is not only built from getting to know new people or those who have the same scope of work as you, but those who have used your services (clients) can also be part of your network.

The reason is, clients who are satisfied with your services will have a great opportunity to reuse your services or recommend them to others. Surely this is very profitable for you, right?

List of Most Popular Freelance Jobs

Many people often ask 'what are freelance jobs?'

Freelance itself is a freelance job that is not limited to the field of work. Here are some freelance jobs that are quite popular in Indonesia. If you're interested, you can try it too, you know!

Cara Menjadi Freelancer

Image Source: Pexels/Vlada Karpovich

1. Social Media Admin

Freelance as a social media admin has recently been quite popular and has mushroomed everywhere. This job has the responsibility of managing social media, starting from posting content, and replying to messages, to creating promotional content. The job desk is generally re-adjusted to the needs of the client.

How become a social media freelancer is not difficult, you just need to familiarize yourself with certain social media such as Instagram, for example, hone your textual communication skills, have the will to explore new things, be creative, and of course be up to date with the latest trends.

2. Online Business

Online business, is one of the easy ways to become a freelancer, especially for beginners. Starting this one job can be done even without capital, you know!

Among them are opening a deposit service, selling with a pre-order system, thrift shop, or even joining an affiliate. As long as there is an internet connection and a strong will, this one business can bring in a lot of money!


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3. Photographers and Videographers

This freelance job never dies. Photographers and videographers are needed to capture important and sacred moments. For example, weddings, birthdays, graduation celebrations, and much more.

If you are interested in pursuing this, the way to become a freelance photographer and videographer can be started by creating a portfolio and offering your services to those closest to you. make a portfolio that carries the concept of a particular photo and tells the ideas and meanings in it.

4. Become a Content Creator

Do you like editing videos and have more confidence to appear in front of the camera? Becoming a content creator can be a promising freelance option for you. The reason is, you will not only get money from Adsense but also from brands or additional options such as gifts on Tiktok.

5. Translator

A translator or translator is the next freelance job that still exists today. There are various types of translators, ranging from translators for documents, films, or television shows, to special translators for music shows where musicians or singers speak a foreign language other than English.

6. Content Writer

Content is an important foundation for increasing brand image (brand awareness). The more quality the content created, the more likely a brand is known to many people. Especially if you have additional skills in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the income you receive can certainly be greater than those that don't.

7. Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Along with the development of the times and everything that is based online, the presence of a graphic designer is needed. Apart from making brand logos or graphic design businesses, it is widely used for promotional purposes such as making designs on packaging, pamphlets, and other things related to promotion and business continuity.

8. Web Developers

Finally, I freelance work as a web developer. This job is on the rise and is in high demand because many business people are increasingly aware of the importance of having a website to build a better business. If you have coding skills, this job will be perfect for you.

Sobat BFI, that's how to become a freelancer as well as a list of the most popular freelancers in 2022. Whatever field you choose, make sure to always be careful in your steps and prepare everything as best you can.

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