Easy and Effective, Here's How to Sell on Shopee for Beginners

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10 February 2023
Easy and Effective, Here's How to Sell on Shopee for Beginners

Having an additional income is now easier by selling on Shopee. This giant e-commerce is very popular among the public thanks to its attractive offers and often inviting foreign artists.

As sellers, of course, we want the products offered to reach more people and increase monthly profits. Therefore, various important strategies and tips to try to get you closer to the main goal.

Then, what kind of selling method on Shopee should we consider? Let's peel in full through the discussion in the following article. Listen carefully, BFI friends!


1. Why Should You Sell on Shopee?

Who doesn't know Shopee? Shopee is today's online buying and selling platform which offers lots of attractive promos every month. Starting from Flash Sale, Free Shipping, to other bombastic promos that often color beautiful dates every month. For example payday promos (payday) every 25th and beautiful date promos that exist on twin dates such as 10.10, 12.12, and the like.

Other benefits that you can get from selling on Shopee include:

1.1. Only with HP / Smartphone

You can easily sell at Shopee with only a smartphone or cellphone. Besides being more practical and easy, this also allows operational costs to be cheaper. This method is suitable for anyone, including students and housewives. Wow, how fun is that?

1.2. Has a Broad Consumer Target

Shopee as one of the giant marketplaces has more diverse consumers and is growing very rapidly, so it will be easier for you to get customers. Advances in technology have made buying and selling transactions easier and able to reach various regions throughout Indonesia.

1.3. No Need for Big Capital

Selling at Shopee doesn't just have to cost a lot of money for business capital. You can start with any capital. For example by becoming a drop shipper or reseller. If the product you offer is in a popular and sought-after product category, of course, the benefits that can be reaped will be more than starting a business from scratch.

By choosing a reseller system, you don't have to worry about the production process. Your job only needs to stock up on goods and market these products to consumers. Prices obtained from consumers are relatively low, so it is very possible for you to benefit. Most importantly, make sure you make an agreement with the agent or supplier to determine the amount of the commission and the selling price of the product.

Want to start a business but are hindered by capital? You can choose to become a drop shipper! This option has been chosen by many because you don't need to stock goods or send them, your job is only as a third-party intermediary from an agent or supplier.

1.4. Already Integrated with Package / Expedition Delivery Services

Another advantage that is no less important than the existence of Shopee is a system that has been integrated with various expeditions in Indonesia. You can use the nearest expedition service from your location.

In addition, existing expedition services generally offer package pick-ups. So, you don't need to bother going to the expedition office, especially if there are quite a lot of packages to be sent.

And most importantly, Shopee also has a free shipping program with a minimum purchase of IDR 30,000. This is of course a special attraction for Shopee users.

1.5. Flexible Selling Time

You can sell whenever and wherever you like. There are no rules or agreements to sell every day. You can easily adjust selling hours. That way you can keep doing other activities while selling.

1.6. Offers Many Promos

There are so many promos that are present in this orange marketplace. No doubt, many people are interested in shopping here. Especially on certain days when there are special promos such as flash sale promos, payday promos, early month promos, and many more.

2. How to Sell on Shopee Easily and Effectively

After you know what benefits Shopee offers, let's thoroughly discuss how to sell on Shopee. This method is perfect for anyone to do, especially for beginners who just want to become a seller.

2.1 Register

The first thing you need to do to be able to sell on Shopee is to set up your Shopee account. Quoted directly from the official Shopee website, there are 3 ways you can do it to register an account. Here are the steps.

2.1.1 How to Register Shopee Through the Application

1. Download the Shopee application through the Google Play Store or App Store

2. Select 'Register'

3. Enter an active cellphone number or email

4. Click 'Next'

5. Verify

6. Enter the OTP code

7. Set your Shopee account password

8. Shopee account was created successfully

2.1.2 How to Register Shopee Through the Shopee Site

1. Visit the Shopee site at using a computer/laptop

2. Then select 'Start Selling'

3. Register by filling in your cellphone number in the 'Register' column

4. Verify

5. Enter the OTP code

6. Set a password then click 'Register'

7. Then select 'To Seller Centre' to start selling

2.3 Opening a Shop

After completing registering a selling account at Shopee, now is the time to open your shop. You can adjust several settings to adjust the appearance of your store, starting from your profile photo, account name, description or brief information about the store, and so on.

2.4 Upload Selling Products

If you have set the store appearance, now you can upload the products you want to sell. Make sure you upload properly. One example is by inserting proper product photos, product descriptions, sizes, or variations, up to videos or testimonials if possible. Remember, visual appearance is the main element to attract customer interest besides a sloping price.

Tips for Uploading Sales Products:

  • Choose the appropriate keywords

Use keywords that are relevant and in accordance with the products offered. Arrange product names in the following format: brand/store name – product name – product details (size, color, etc.).

  • Use real product photos

Make sure the photos and videos you use are your own. The reason is, people will tend to choose products that are exactly the same as the original goods.

  • Fill in the complete product description

Make sure the product information is written as detailed as possible. Starting from a brief explanation regarding the product, the choice of variations, how to use it (if any), to shipping information, and so on.

  • Try to take part in campaigns or events held by Shopee

2.5 Product Promotion

The last step of how to sell on Shopee is to promote products. Promotion can be done by trying various marketing strategies. For example, by providing discounts, cashback, buy 2 get 1 free promo, and other strategies that you can do outside the Shopee platform.

3. Tips for selling at Shopee to sell quickly

The marketplace is one of the most effective places to sell online. Even so, it's a good idea to follow the tips provided by Shopee to boost maximum sales. Read more below.

cara jualan di shopee

Image Source: freepik/tirachardz

3.1. Provide as Accurate and Detailed Product Information as Possible

The way to sell on Shopee that you shouldn't rule out is to provide as accurate and detailed product information as possible. This will help consumers to get to know your product better.

3.2. Provide Competitive Prices

Before entering a product, you should do research first regarding the market price of a product being sold. In addition to adjusting to buyer perceptions, you can also compete with competitors.

3.3. Multiply Product Variations

The more variety of products you offer, the greater your chances of getting buyers.

You don't need to worry about being overwhelmed in uploading products to the storefront. This is because uploading products on Shopee can be done en masse.

3.4. Use the Raise Product Feature

This feature really helps sellers to increase the visibility of their products. As a result, the audience can easily find products according to the keywords they are looking for. You can use the product upgrade feature every 4 hours with a maximum of 5 increased products.

3.5. Create Shop Vouchers

In addition to good visual displays or product photos, you can also attract consumer buying interest by providing store vouchers that you can make in the 'My Shop Vouchers' feature in the Seller Center My Promotions section.

3.6. Share Via Social Media

You can do promotions outside of the Shopee application. The trick is to diligently carry out promotions on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or through messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, and others.

The more often you do it, the more people will get to know your product so that existing sales can increase significantly.

3.7. Use the Free Shipping Feature

Shopee provides a free shipping feature for a minimum purchase of IDR 30,000 or during Harbolnas. In order for this feature to be active in your store, make sure you register for the free shipping program in the following way.

How to Register for a Free Shipping Program

  • Open the official Shopee app or website
  • Go to the 'Free Shipping' page
  • Fill out the free registration form
  • Submissions for the free shipping program will be processed within 2 days after the complete document is received (weekends and national holidays are not counted)
  • Shopee will send a notification if the free shipping program has been successfully received

3.8. Follow the Flash Sale Program

As previously mentioned, Shopee regularly holds events that can benefit both parties, both consumers and sellers. As a seller, your store's sales and visibility will also increase if you take part in events held by Shopee. So, make sure you don't miss any existing events!

Sobat BFI, that's a review regarding how to sell on Shopee. Even though you can easily sell any product as long as you don't violate the existing rules, there's nothing wrong if you develop the best possible sales strategy so that the profits you receive can be maximized.


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