Earn More Profits, Here Are the 10 Ways to Sell on Facebook!

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20 December 2022
Earn More Profits, Here Are the 10 Ways to Sell on Facebook!

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms today. Its users in Indonesia reach 116 million, the third largest in the world based on databoxes. In connection with this fact, of course, you can use Facebook presence as a business opportunity.

So, for those of you who want to make more profit or are new to the world of business, you can easily apply the following 10 ways to sell on Facebook!


1. Why Should You Sell on Facebook?

There are several reasons that could be considered why selling on Facebook is considered effective and more profitable. Among others, namely:

1.1. Social Media with the Most Users

A broad market share and diverse audience will really help your business grow. Because this allows your business to reach more people, increase brand awareness, and implement sales strategies.

1.2. No Need to Rent a Place

Selling online can save your business capital. You don't need to bother renting business locations such as shops, shophouses, and the like. In essence, this way of selling on Facebook is simpler and cheaper.

1.3. Facebook 'Marketplace' feature

The existence of this feature allows purchases directly through the application with a more organized and attractive appearance. You can also view insight reports from the performance of each product that you display. So, you can make future strategies that can increase your sales.


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2. 10 Effective Ways to Sell on Facebook Ala BFI

In addition to the 3 advantages previously mentioned, other good news is that you can realize your dream of achieving more profit by using the following method of selling on Facebook. This method is effective even if you are a beginner.

Cara Jualan di Facebook

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2.1. Create a Business Account on Facebook

The first way to sell on Facebook is to create a business account on Facebook. The method is quite easy. First of all you must have a Facebook account first, then follow the steps below.

  • Login to your account.
  • On the start page select 'Page' then click 'Create New Page'.
  • Complete all the requested data including:
  • Page Name (Fill in your Business or Store Name)
  • Category (Select a Category According to the Type of Goods/Services You Offer)
  • Description (Tell What You Sell and Other Brief Information Regarding Your Business)
  • Check the data that has been filled in, then click 'Create Page'
  • Continue the page editing process by completing your profile with a profile photo and banner photo. Make sure the image you choose represents your business. Select a photo with the following resolution:
  1. Logo / Profile Photo 180 X180 Pixels
  2. Cover / Banner Photo 851 X 315 Pixels
  • Next, you can beautify your business page by embedding seller contact information such as WhatsApp business numbers, email, website, to e-commerce links.
  • Finally, prepare your business Facebook username. Choose a short username and if possible use your brand name, for example

2.2. Join Facebook Groups

Facebook is a social media network that contains many communities or groups. The emergence of this community can help you find potential customers.

How to sell on Facebook through this group is fairly easy, the most important thing is to choose a special group for selling, generally having a group name similar to "Buying and Selling Community" and "Buying and Selling Forum". For more details, follow these steps:

  • In the search field, type the name of the community that is aligned with the goods or services you offer.
  • Click 'Join Group' and wait for your request to be confirmed by the group owner
  • If you have joined it, make sure to read the group rules listed.
  • Start posting sales that you offer.

As additional tips so that your brand or business can be recognized by a large audience, you can also respond to discussions in the group. With you being active in it, slowly people will become aware of your account presence and not a few will visit to have a look. Make sure your facebook account is not locked.

2.3. Use Facebook Marketplace Features

The third way to sell on Facebook is to use the Marketplace feature. This feature is very helpful for sellers or business people to make it easier for customers to buy their products.

How to use this feature as follows:

  • Click the three-lined button on your Facebook page
  • Select Marketplaces
  • At the top click 'Sell'
  • Enter a title and price then select a category
  • Add a product photo by clicking 'Add Photo'
  • If it feels right and no information is missing, click 'Publish'

2.4. Take Advantage of Facebook Ads Features

Each platform generally has advertising features that make it easier for its users, especially for business people who want to target more customers. Well, on Facebook you can also use an advertising feature called Facebook Ads.

The use of advertising features on Facebook has varying prices, depending on the choices and audience you choose. The more conical the price will be more expensive. This is because the price of existing ads depends on the CPC (Cost Per Click). If you want to implement this to-place method as a way to sell on Facebook, make sure that you target your ads based on age, location, interests and anything else related to the products you offer.

2.5. Use Quality Product Photos

The use of quality product photos plays an important role in your business. Photos that are clear, have good resolution, and show the original product you are selling will be more attractive when compared to photos taken from Google.

In addition, using original product photos can increase the level of customer trust. Especially if you accompany it with product videos that are no less good.

So the next tip for how to sell on Facebook is to use quality product photos.

  • The photos used clearly show the product
  • Good image resolution, the image is not broken
  • Real photos of the products you are selling, not photos of similar products from Google
  • If possible, embed product videos to further convince potential buyers


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2.6. Provide clear product/service information

Use sentences that are easy to understand and do not mislead buyers. The trick is to make the description or caption on your post as attractive as possible through copywriting techniques. This technique is used in how to sell on Facebook to allow others to understand your product further.

To create an interesting caption, you can follow the steps below according to your preference:

  • Create an interesting caption that makes people interested in reading it. Interesting captions can be in the form of questions, quotes, or statements that can provoke the curiosity of readers.
  • Include relevant hashtags to make it easier for your audience to find your content. Apart from being relevant to the content to be published, you can also use popular hashtags with the most users as long as they are relevant to your business niche.
  • Avoid making captions too long. Captions that are too long can lose the reader's focus and make anyone who sees it reluctant to read it through. Make captions short, solid, and clear.
  • Use emoji to add visual impact to your captions. Using emojis in captions can make your captions more enjoyable to read and not boring.
  • Use the active voice when writing captions. Active sentences can make your caption livelier, fresher, and sound interesting.


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2.7. Quickly Respond to Questions from Prospective Buyers

When you start selling on Facebook, of course, the account you have has been set to be public. This allows the visibility of your account to be seen by anyone. So, from here, of course, there are people who are curious or interested in buying you by asking directly via inbox or commenting on your posts.

Try to respond when you are not picky and respond as quickly as you can according to your business operating hours. Quick and clear replies are preferred by people because they feel valued and are more confident about buying your product.

2.8. Provide an Attractive Marketing Strategy

Selling, wherever it is impossible apart from the marketing strategy. There are several strategies you can try as a way to sell on Facebook. Some of them are by applying discounts on certain products or purchases with a predetermined amount, product giveaways or shopping vouchers, to spreading positive testimonials from buyers.

2.9. Create Useful Content

Just posting related to sales, of course, won't be too interesting. People who visit may only stick around for a while and then just leave. It's another thing if you contribute to the community by posting useful content that is still related to the product you are selling. This content can be in the form of infographics, video tutorials, and other educational information.

In this way, your profile visitors can increase further and readers who feel helped by your content will voluntarily help share it. In short, you can get promotions for free!

2.10. Sales Analysis

The last way to sell on Facebook is to analyze sales results. This is done so that every month you can get satisfactory results and not repeat the mistakes that have occurred.

The steps are as follows:

  • Go to your business facebook page.
  • Click the 'insights' button at the top right.
  • Select the time period according to the date and month range you want to know.
  • After that click Ok.
  • All the data you want to see regarding the performance of your Marketplace will be displayed on the screen.
  • Take data as needed and do an analysis regarding what products are selling the most and compare them with the engagement reports that you get from your accounts outside the marketplace.

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