6 Ways to Make Money From YouTube and Tips to Become a Content Creator

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8 August 2022
6 Ways to Make Money From YouTube and Tips to Become a Content Creator

Talk about how to earn money from YouTube. Surely you are very familiar with the largest video-based platform in the world.

Every year YouTube experiences a significant increase in the number of viewers. The number of increments that exist is directly proportional to the number of content creators working in it. These content creators come with interesting, educational, and inspiring content!

No doubt, YouTube is said to be able to shift the popularity of National TV because of the variety of shows and shows that are very entertaining. And of course, you only need quota capital to access it!

You can use a large number of YouTube viewers as an alternative to earning extra money! How and what needs to be done? Check out how to make money from YouTube a la BFI Finance below.


1. How To Make Money From Youtube

Not a few people think that how to make money from YouTube only needs to be done simply by uploading videos.

In fact, there are several conditions that we must follow before we can finally make money from uploaded content. What are the ways? Check out the important points below!

Cara Menghasilkan Uang Dari YouTube

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1.1. Create a Youtube Channel Account

Before you can make money from YouTube, the first step you have to do is create a YouTube account.

The method is quite easy. You just need to go to YouTube's original site, click sign up, and follow all the instructions asked. Alternatively, you can register with your Google account via the sign-in button.

1.2. Determine the Content Niche

After successfully registering, the next step is to determine the account name and niche or content topic on your YouTube account.

This is important to do so that your account has a distinctive character and regular fans. This is also one of the factors that can lead you to popularity.

Tips for determining a niche:

1. Choose a niche that suits your interests

2. Choose a niche that suits your talents and abilities

For example, if you are interested in music and guitar, then you can create content related to these two things.

1.3. Youtube Channel Account Monetization

After the above two steps are completed, the next way to make money from YouTube you need to monetize the account. The method is not difficult, you just need to log in to your YouTube account and select Account Information, go to Creator Studio, click the Channel section, select Status and Features, and finally click Enable Monetization and agree to all the terms and policies.

The YouTube account mentions terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. For more details, you can access the following web page.

Even though this step is a bit tricky, if you can do it, you can be sure that you are one step away from the main goal of making money from YouTube!

1.4. Installing AdSense

After going through several stages above, the next step is to install AdSense! AdSense is a tool made by google that will insert some ads inside your YouTube videos. And this is where your main source of income from YouTube comes from!

To install AdSense, you must register until you get an Approved AdSense Account on your YouTube account. When it is approved, you can see how much income you earn through AdSense in the Youtube Analytics feature.

1.5. Post Content

In order for the monetization of your existing account to run smoothly, you also need to consider several important aspects of posting content. Among others:

  • Uploaded video content must be original or your own work

  • Do not plagiarize other people's content, including the use of copyrighted music

  • Following the current Terms of Service and Community Guidelines

  • Videos are required to be user-friendly

1.6. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is one of the features provided by YouTube to make your content more exclusive. This means that only those who have subscribed to this feature on your YouTube account can access it.

To access it, a certain amount of money or tariff is required according to each content creator. You can take advantage of this feature to get double your income from YouTube. Tempting isn't it?

2. Tips for Success in Becoming a Youtube Content Creator

If you are interested in becoming a part of YouTube through the ways to make money from YouTube that have been described previously, you can also follow these steps so that your account can run properly and reap lots of benefits!

Cara Menghasilkan Uang Dari YouTube

Image Source: Unplash/NordWood Themes

2.1. Consistent

Did you know that the number of viewers greatly affects the amount of payment we receive from YouTube? Therefore, make sure to set a schedule and consistently upload your content every week.

2.2. Interesting Content Ideas

Adapt existing content ideas to the Niche you are building. For example, your YouTube specifically discusses culinary. Then the content you create can be in the form of mukbang, recommendations for cheap snacks, reviews of current food, foods that must be tried when going on vacation to an island, and others.

Avoid creating content that is close to SARA, violence, or conspiracy elements. This type of content tends to be difficult to monetize. As a result, you will find it difficult to earn money from existing YouTube AdSense.

2.3. Maximizing the Tools Used

As a content creator, of course, you understand that tools are very important items in supporting the quality of the videos made.

Therefore, make sure you use the tools you have appropriately. The tools to become a content creator don't have to be the latest and most sophisticated, just use the best available tools and explore more shooting techniques.

2.4. Editing Apps

Like other tools, editing applications are no less important in the process of making good videos. Use an editing application that suits your needs and be diligent in exploring various features so that the uploaded video will be even more beautiful!

2.5. Utilizing Social Media

It is undeniable that the existence of social media is very important today. The existence of social media can make it easier for us to spread the content created and attract more people to watch.

So, take this opportunity to spread your YouTube content on your social media channels. Don't be afraid of netizens' responses, which may be very diverse!

2.6. Collaborate with Brand

If your followers have touched thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, you can take advantage of this situation to open up opportunities to work with certain brands or stores.

This method not only helps you earn money from AdSense but also gets paid from related parties, namely the brands you work with. More money, right?

2.7. Join Affiliate

Affiliate business these days is booming everywhere. There are many companies that implement this system. You can also join in the trend that you are by becoming part of an affiliate.

The method is quite easy. First, you need to register yourself along with the YouTube account you use. If it's confirmed, you can start marketing your existing products through the videos you make. Later the commission money from product sales will be disbursed to your account in accordance with the agreed agreement.

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