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Bandwagon Effect: Definition, Causal Factors, Impacts, and Examples

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18 November 2022
Bandwagon Effect: Definition, Causal Factors, Impacts, and Examples

Are you one of those people who likes to follow the latest trends? Like buying the latest products or gadgets? This phenomenon is known as the bandwagon effect!


What is the Bandwagon Effect?

The bandwagon effect is a term used to describe a psychological phenomenon in which a person tends to follow trends, styles, attitudes, and so on because he sees many other people doing the same thing.

In short, the bandwagon effect is a 'bandwagon' phenomenon. Psychologically, this phenomenon is a form of cognitive bias which causes a person or group to experience errors in making decisions due to encouragement from external and internal factors.

In this phenomenon, the more people who follow a trend that is going viral, the more other people will join in. For example, the trend of making videos or challenges on TikTok.

Factors Causing the Bandwagon Effect

The emergence of the bandwagon effect can be caused by external and internal factors. External factors generally occur due to encouragement from the surrounding environment. For example, if someone doesn't follow a trend or an activity, that person is likely to receive social sanctions such as being ostracized or considered strange by those around them.

The internal factors that trigger this are that many people tend to be easily fooled by the opinions of others. This opinion was swallowed raw without wanting to find out the truth of the information and consider it. For example, someone buys a product that is currently booming without thinking or considering the usefulness of the selected product.

In addition to the examples above, there are also other external and internal factors that contribute to why someone can get entangled in this phenomenon.

1. Groupthink (Groupthink)

The first factor is group thinking. As we know, the environment in which we live has a big contribution to shaping a person's behavior.

When we don't follow trends, ways of behaving, and various other things that are done by a group to where we belong, it is very likely that we will have difficulty socializing because of pressure and social sanctions that may apply. Therefore, like it or not, the person must be able to adjust.

This can sometimes be a serious problem, especially for mental health. Because there are certain things that could be at odds with our identity. As well as the principles and values espoused.

2. Desire To Be Accepted In A Group

The feeling of wanting to be accepted and recognized for being in a particular group can be a factor causing the next bandwagon effect. This can happen because the person will be willing to do anything to be well received.

For example, you want to join the current fashion group. Within the group, all members are always up to date with the latest fashion. So, to make it easier for you to be well received, you need to adjust your dress style to that group.

The desire to be accepted in a group is closely related to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or fear of missing out on the latest trends. This is because those who miss trends that are currently happening tend to have a fear of being considered 'uncool' or uncool. As a result, they will be eager to follow a trend without considering the pros and cons.

3. Fear of Ostracism

Like the feeling of wanting to be accepted, the feeling of fear of being ostracized is a scourge for those who don't follow the latest trends. As a result, so that they are not bullied and not considered strange, these people will surrender to following the existing trends in order to avoid unpleasant treatment from their environment.

Impact Bandwagon Effect

The presence of the bandwagon effect can have a positive or negative impact. It all depends on the type of activities or trends you follow.

For example, if you follow trends related to a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising regularly for 15 minutes every day or diligently eating fruits and vegetables, of course, these trends can have a good effect on you.

It's a different matter if the trend you follow conflicts with social values ​​and can actually hurt other people. For example, the latest trend regarding pranks. There are many types of pranks out there that instead of being fun entertainment, these activities can actually offend other people and even hurt them.

There is also a trend of investing. Investment is indeed good for the future, but if it is done recklessly and without sufficient knowledge, instead of making a profit, it is a stump.

In essence, this bandwagon effect can be something good or bad depending on the environment you are in and how you react to it.

Bandwagon effect example

The bandwagon effect is a term used for those who adopt the latest trends, regardless of their beliefs or principles. This phenomenon has been around for a long time and comes in different forms.

Some examples of the bandwagon effect that commonly occur around us include buying a product because of its popularity or for the sake of gaining status in society.

For example, someone has just bought the latest mobile phone only to be considered a person without considering the needs and abilities to buy. No doubt, those who often push themselves are often entangled in illegal online loans (financial loans). Be careful, ok!

In addition to these examples, there are also several bandwagon effect phenomena that have occurred in Indonesia.

Bandwagon Effect

Image Source: Pexels/cottonbro studio

1. Panic Buying at the beginning of the Pandemic

At the start of the pandemic, our government made it mandatory for us to carry out independent isolation for 2 weeks. When this regulation was announced to the public, many of our people flocked to buy a lot of food supplies and other needs just because they were afraid of not having enough supplies.

2. Trend of Climbing the Mountain

In 2012, Indonesia was shocked by the trend of mountaineering due to the 5 CM film boom. This phenomenon causes the amount of trash on the mountain to increase.

3. Pranks

The prank is an applied joke that is done by someone to another person with the aim of shocking. Even though pranks are literally said to be jokes, in practice many people deliberately make pranks that unknowingly harm other people.

The booming of pranks 2019 carried out by YouTubers has been able to make many people compete to enliven this activity without thinking long about the consequences that might occur.

Tips for Avoiding the Bandwagon Effect

After you know at a glance what is meant by the term bandwagon effect, of course, you will wonder, what are the effective tips to avoid it. Here are some things you can do as a preventive measure.

1. Don't easily believe in suggestions from other people. Consider carefully and evaluate independently (be critical).

2. Do not rush into decisions. Take time to think for a moment so that the decisions you make don't hurt yourself later.

3. Do not force yourself and your circumstances to join a group. Choose an environment and group that suits you. Both in terms of values ​​held and patterns of behavior that exist.

Sobat BFI, that's the discussion regarding the bandwagon effect. Be sure to consider things carefully and take your time. Don't let it just because you want to exist and follow the latest trends, your safety is at stake.

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