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The Hope and Meaning of #PastiMerdeka – The 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia!

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18 August 2022
The Hope and Meaning of #PastiMerdeka – The 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia!

Hope and Meaning of Freedom

Everyone interprets freedom differently. There are those who interpret independence as having to be financially free, there are also those who associate independence if they can gather with their closest family, independence if they can work anywhere and anytime and several other meanings of independence. However, whatever the meaning of independence, we can find similarities if the definition of independence as free or independent.

In 2022, the theme of the Republic of Indonesia's independence is "Recovering Faster and Rising Stronger". The theme is hope for the conditions experienced by the Indonesian people for the last 2 years which have caused the Indonesian economy and social conditions to be shaken. However, with the spirit of mutual cooperation from all elements of the nation, surely we can face and conquer these challenges together.

Check out the following inspirational video that the BFI Finance team has packaged for the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia!


#PastiMerdeka a la BFI Finance

BFI Finance as the first and most trusted finance company in Indonesia participated in celebrating the independence of the Republic of Indonesia by providing the #PastiMerdeka promo for BFI Finance customers. During August and September 2022, BFI finance customers can get a cashback promo of up to Rp. 77 million for every loan application guaranteed by BPKB Motors, Cars, or House Certificates through the BFI Finance website! More information about the #PastiMerdeka promo can be accessed via the following link.

#SelaluAdaJalan with BFI Finance.

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