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10 Most Recommended Financial Recording Applications, FREE!

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8 May 2023
10 Most Recommended Financial Recording Applications, FREE!

Difficult to manage finances? Don't worry, you can make the following 10 financial recording applications the solution! Comes with a variety of interesting and easy-to-use features, you can download this application via the Play Store or App Store.

You can record all forms of transactions ranging from expenses, and income, to making financial planning. Several existing applications are also equipped with account integration features that can record transactions through bank accounts or digital wallets automatically.

Wow, very interesting, huh? So that you can be one step ahead in achieving financial goals such as financial freedom, let's just take a look at the financial recorder application recommended by the BFI Finance Team on this one!


10 Most Recommended Personal Financial Recording Applications!

Here are 10 personal finance recording applications that can make it easier for you to manage your daily and even monthly finances. Each existing application has its own advantages and uniqueness.

1. Money Manager Expenses & Budgets

The first financial recording application was Money Manager Expense & Budget. This application offers a variety of interesting features that make it easier for you to manage your finances. Such as recording daily, monthly, to yearly financial transactions.

You can categorize every income and expense according to your wishes. Money Manager is very convenient to use because it has a passcode or PIN feature, so not just anyone but you can access this application.

You also don't need to worry about the recorded data will just disappear. Because all existing data can be easily backed up and restored.

aplikasi pencatat keuangan: money manager

App Rating: 4.8

Download the Money Manager Application on Playstore & Apple Store

2. Money Lover: Expense Manager

The next financial recorder application is Money Lover. This one application is widely used because it looks simple and futuristic. You can record all forms of existing transactions by grouping them in different categories.

As with Money Manager, Money Lover is able to provide you with financial reports for a full month. Packaged in an attractive graphical form, Money Lover allows you to manage your finances more effectively.

No doubt, Money Lover is suitable for use by business owners, such as entrepreneurs, MSMEs, and so on.

aplikasi pencatat keuangan: money lover

App Rating: 4.2

Download the Money Lover Application on Playstore & Apple Store

3. Wallet: Budget Expense Tracker

Recording expenses and income is now easier with the Wallet application! This application is able to record all forms of transactions that you make every day, even small expenses.

Later, existing expenses will be recorded and then a graph of expenses will be created which is divided into several different categories. In addition, another convenience offered by Wallet is a feature that is able to connect this application to your bank account and digital wallet.

You don't need to worry about the security in this application. All existing data can be easily backed up via the cloud sync feature.

aplikasi pencatat keuangan: wallet

App Rating: 4.8

Download the Wallet Application on Playstore & Apple Store

4. Money+

Not much different from the previous 3 financial recording applications, Money+ also provides various conveniences for managing your finances. Starting from recording transactions in real-time, financial reports that you can use as evaluation material, and various category choices that make it easier for you when recording.

Carrying the theme 'cute expense tracker', you can easily adjust the appearance on Money+ to your liking. It is suitable for use by Millennials and Gen Z.

aplikasi pencatat keuangan: money+

App Rating: 4.8

Download the Money+ App on Playstore & Apple Store

5. Finansialku: Catat Keuangan Harian

Not only is it able to record all traces of existing transactions, but this free financial recording application can also help you to record all the saving activities that you do, allowing you to be one step faster in achieving your financial goals in accordance with the 2023 financial resolution.

aplikasi pencatat keuangan: finansialku

App Rating: 4.0

Download the My Financial Application on Playstore

6. Spendee: Budget and Expense

It's easier to track your expenses with the Spendee app! Through this one application, you will be invited to see firsthand how your habits are in spending money.

To minimize unrecorded financial transactions, this application can be integrated with your bank or digital wallet. This application is also equipped with various types of currencies that allow you to record various expenses that exist while you are abroad.

aplikasi pencatat keuangan: spendee

App Rating: 4.8

Download the Spendee Application on Playstore & Apple Store

7. Sribuu: Budget & Money Management

Sribuu is an expense tracking application that you can choose to manage your income and expenses. In addition to monthly financial reports, you will also be provided with analysis results from existing financial reports.

This is of course very profitable for you to be able to manage funds in the following month to be more efficient and even better. For those of you who like to shop online or have more than one bank account, you can connect this application with your bank account or digital wallet.

For security, you don't need to worry because this one application guarantees the data security of its users. One of them is the support for the passcode feature, so no one else can access this application without your permission.

Uniquely, Sribuu offers convenience in managing finances through a consulting feature with a financial planner available in the application.

aplikasi pencatat keuangan: sribu

App Rating: 4.2

Download the Sribuu Application on Playstore & Apple Store

8. DompetKu

DompetKu can be the best financial application that you can choose. This is because one of the advantages of this application is the multiple accounts feature that can help you manage your finances from the various sources of income that you have, such as banks and e-wallets, without the need to use two applications on one device.

Not only, another advantage that this application has is that there are no advertisements in it. You can be more flexible in using it and are not easily distracted when you want to record the latest transactions.

Don't be afraid of losing data because all recorded data can be stored on your Google Drive, making it safer and easier to use on various devices.

aplikasi pencatat keuangan: dompetku

App Rating: 4.8

Download the Dompetku Application on Playstore  

9. Catatan Keuangan Harian

If most financial note-taking applications offer a variety of attractive features with a variety of designs that are pleasing to the eye, Daily Financial Notes have a minimalist design with equally useful features.

This application is perfect for those who prefer a simple and clean look. The monthly reports in this application can be easily downloaded in pdf, text, and xls file formats.

aplikasi pencatat keuangan: catatan keuangan harian

App Rating: 4.8

Download the Daily Financial Record Application on Playstore 

10.Monefy: Budget and Expenses App

The last financial record application is Monefy. No less interesting than the previous applications that we have discussed, through this application you can track various expenses that occur in your daily life.

Another advantage is that users of this application can create more than 1 financial recording account, so you don't need to use many applications on the same device.

aplikasi pencatat keuangan: monefy

App Rating: 4.6

Download the Monefy Application at Playstore & Apple Store

Those are some financial recording applications that you can choose according to your needs and convenience. We hope that this information will make it easier for you to manage your finances carefully.

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