Online Business Tips with Minimal Capital During a Pandemic

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29 July 2021
Online Business Tips with Minimal Capital During a Pandemic

In the midst of emergency PPKM, many people rack their brains to find additional benefits while doing activities at home. Come on, look at the ideas for minimal capital online business tips that you can run in the midst of a pandemic.

Maybe some of you have experienced reduced income since the emergency PPKM policy. In fact, some have lost their main job as well. So, in the midst of this situation, more and more are running online businesses from home.

However, before running an online business, it's a good idea to be careful in choosing the type of online business so that you can get the maximum profit. Of course, the type of online business that will be run must be in accordance with the needs of the community in the midst of this emergency PPKM. No need big capital, there are several types of businesses that you can start and can achieve maximum profits.

What types of online businesses are suitable to run in the midst of this emergency PPKM?

Quoted from the survey results of PT Asuransi Tugu Pratama Indonesia Tbk through Kompas Money, there are several types of online businesses that have profitable prospects and can be run from home during an emergency PPKM.

Come on, see the following online business tips with minimal capital!

Health Products

The existence of this pandemic has made people more aware of living a healthy lifestyle. You can take advantage of this condition by selling products that support a healthy lifestyle and can protect yourself from Covid-19. For example, masks, hand sanitizers, vitamins, honey, and so on. These products are certainly much sought after online. However, still sell at a decent price, yes.

Resellers and Dropshippers

The types of online businesses that are no less promising are resellers and drop shippers. Basically, these two types of online businesses both sell other people's products. The difference is, the reseller must spend capital to stock the goods first. Meanwhile, drop shippers simply offer products by showing pictures. However, both types of business can generate profits for you from the sales price margin that you can set yourself.

Content Services

Another type of online business that is quite promising is content creation services. This service is quite needed for business owners, especially MSME entrepreneurs. If you have these skills, you can help create creative content that can promote products on social media. For example, website design services, SEO, social media marketing, and much more.

Those are tips for a minimal-capital online business that you can run in the middle of an emergency PPKM. If you need additional business capital, you can apply for a multipurpose loan at BFI Finance.

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