Nearest BPKB Motorcycle Loan For Home Business

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4 March 2021
Nearest BPKB Motorcycle Loan For Home Business

Running a business can now be done anywhere, including at home. In addition to saving more time, you can also run it while doing your main job. The capital required is relatively minimal, but still must be prepared. You can consider applying for a motorcycle BPKB loan to get additional business capital.

Now, there are more and more types of home businesses. Starting from laundry, convection, stalls, to online businesses such as drop shippers and resellers. Of course, you must prepare venture capital. Good for starting or growing a business.

Basically, there are 3 types of venture capital that apply to all businesses, including home businesses.


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The first is investment capital, which is the capital needed to support long-term business operations. For example a computer or shop. The second is working capital, which is the capital needed to buy raw materials. And the last is operational capital used to support your business activities. For example, electricity and employee salaries.

Applying for a business capital loan is a common path taken by home entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs generally choose to apply for loans with collateral, especially BPKB motorcycle guarantee loans. Besides being more familiar, the funds obtained can also be more than unsecured loans (KTA). Finance companies to apply for loans are also available in various locations. So, you just need to choose the closest BPKB motorbike loan from your home.

Then, how do you apply for the nearest BPKB motorbike loan to increase your home business capital?

1. Prepare the Required Documents

Before you apply for a loan to increase your business capital, you should complete the various documents needed. This is so that your loan application can be approved faster. The required documents are generally KTP, KK, driving license, BPKB, salary slips, and checking accounts for the last few months.

In addition, make sure that the motorbike is in top condition when it is guaranteed. Because the condition of the motorbike that you guarantee also affects the number of funds that can be disbursed from the value of the motorbike.

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2. Choose the nearest BPKB Motorcycle Loan Place

To get a high disbursement of funds, be sure to choose the right and trusted financing place. Make sure that the financing company you are aiming for is registered and supervised by the OJK. Do not be tempted by low interest and high disbursement, you choose a place of financing that is not guaranteed credibility.

You can apply for the nearest motorcycle BPKB loan through BFI Finance which has been registered and supervised by the OJK. BFI Finance branch offices are available in various domiciles. So, you can apply for a motorcycle BPKB loan to the nearest office from your home. You can immediately get loan funds for your business needs.

Hopefully, these tips can help you get business capital to develop your business, yes!

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