Online Business Tips; Selling Vegetables Online During a Pandemic

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2 June 2021
Online Business Tips; Selling Vegetables Online During a Pandemic

In the midst of this pandemic, having an extra income is very important. If there is an opportunity to earn income with minimal capital, of course, it must be used as best as possible. Selling vegetables online can be an alternative business with minimal capital. Check out online business tips for selling vegetables online during a pandemic, as well as selling vegetables online!

In the midst of this pandemic, vegetables have become a necessity that many people are looking for. Even though the pandemic has lasted for a year, there are still many people who are reluctant to shop at supermarkets and prefer to shop online. Of course, you should make the most of this opportunity. In addition to the promising business prospects, the capital you need is relatively minimal.

Come on, start an online vegetable business right now! Before you start, what do you need to prepare, as well as the capital needed to sell vegetables online? Check out the following online business tips reviews!

Suppliers and Equipment

The first step is to find the right supplier to increase your selling stock. Choose a supplier who sells goods of high quality and the price is right. Usually, the location of this supplier is a bit far from the city.

In addition, also prepare the necessary equipment to store the stock of vegetables to be sold so that they do not wilt quickly. Like a refrigerator or a special refrigeration machine. You can buy vegetable stock from your supplier every two to three times a week. That way, your vegetables can be sold out without having to throw away stock that is starting to not fresh.

Get Started With a Pre-Order (PO) System

Next is that you can start with the pre-order (PO) system. By doing this, you can check market conditions and demand. In addition, you can also minimize losses. Because you just stock according to the order quantity. If the number of orders increases, then you can increase your selling stock.

Take Advantage of Online Media

Finally, make sure to use online media in running your online vegetable business. Both for promotion and delivery services. So, you can reach a wider range of buyers.

Create social media content about the products being sold, the delivery process, to testimonials from customers. For delivery, you can use an online motorcycle taxi service. In addition to not having to hire a courier, the vegetables ordered can also reach the buyer's hands faster.

How Much is The Online Vegetable Business Capital?

That's about online business tips about online vegetable businesses that are suitable to run during a pandemic. What is the range of capital required?

To start an online vegetable business, you need around IDR 2-4 million as initial capital. You can get a special refrigerator and a variety of vegetable and fruit products. Quite affordable, right?

You can take advantage of business financing as additional capital. BFI Finance is ready to help you run your online business. Simply guaranteeing your motorcycle BPKB, you can get a disbursement of funds in less than a day to start your online vegetable business.

Interested in starting an online vegetable business? Let's apply for trusted business financing now at BFI Finance Indonesia!

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