Take Advantage of Today's Coffee Business Capital Loan (Updated)

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3 March 2021
Take Advantage of Today's Coffee Business Capital Loan (Updated)

Today's coffee shop businesses are mushrooming everywhere. In fact, according to Toffin Indonesia's research, coffee shops in Indonesia have reached more than 3000 outlets in 2020. The existence of an online motorcycle taxi application has also contributed to the success of this business. So, more and more people are applying for business capital loans to develop this current business.

Gojek's Chief Food Officer, Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo, stated that iced coffee was the most ordered drink through the online motorcycle taxi application. Unmitigated, the number reached 15 million orders in 2020!

This mushrooming iced coffee milk business has quite promising business prospects. In fact, now you can run this business with a franchise system.

Interested in the contemporary coffee business? Here are some tips that you should pay attention to, including the capital needed!


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1. Pay Attention to the Location and Menu of the Coffee Shop

In running a modern coffee shop business, location is one of the factors that determine the success of your business. You can choose a strategic location and be in the center of the crowd. Such as office areas, campuses, or residential areas. So, people will easily find your coffee shop. In addition, the strategic location will facilitate ordering for consumers. Orders can arrive faster and shipping costs are also cheaper.

The menu you sell also determines the success of your business. Make sure that the products you sell are in accordance with your target consumers. However, make a menu that can be enjoyed by various groups. For example, non-coffee drinks such as iced chocolate or tea. Also, consider creating a menu that does not cost too much to produce. For example, iced coffee milk which production costs are relatively small.

2. Online Promotion

So that your business can run smoothly, of course, you have to do promotions so that your coffee shop can be known by many people. You can do promotions online by using social media. In addition to not costing a lot, you can also reach more buyers.

Try to show your product as detailed and attractive as possible. Starting from clear photos to interesting and informative captions. So that people will be interested in buying contemporary coffee from you.


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3. How Much Capital Is Required?

To run a modern coffee shop, you need approximately IDR 5 million as initial capital. These costs are needed to set up outlets, raw materials, operational equipment, as well as necessities that support promotional activities such as banners. The capital required varies, and of course, you need more capital if you choose to run a business franchise that is already popular.

4. Come on, Take Advantage of Business Capital Loans!

Interested in running a contemporary coffee shop business? Hopefully, the above review can help you to develop a strategy for a contemporary coffee shop, yes!

You can take advantage of a business capital loan to develop your contemporary coffee shop. Get a business capital loan with low interest through BFI Finance Indonesia.

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