Business With Minimal Side Business Capital During a Pandemic

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6 July 2021
Business With Minimal Side Business Capital During a Pandemic

The existence of the Emergency PPKM which was implemented on 3-20 July 2021 also had an impact on everyone's economy. In the midst of a situation like this, the opportunity to run a business must be utilized as well as possible. In fact, there are many businesses that do not require large side business capital.

Even in a pandemic, opening means that there is no opportunity to run a side business at all. There are still many new business opportunities that you can try and have the potential to generate profits in the midst of a crisis. Starting a business that has good business prospects can be a solution for those of you who have been financially affected by the pandemic.

There are many small capital businesses that you can run from home. Then, what should you pay attention to start a business with a small side business capital during an emergency PPKM?

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1. Look for Potential Business Ideas

In the midst of a situation like this, it is important for you to determine the type of potential business. Quoted from Avrist, there are 5 business sectors that can still be profitable for you. Namely health, culinary, home clothes, sports equipment, and private tutor services.

Besides being profitable, this type of business can also be run with minimal capital. This type of business is profitable because many people are looking for it during this pandemic. For example, the type of health business, you can sell health support equipment such as masks, face shields, antivirus jackets, to vitamin supplements.

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2. Optimize Online Promotion

Second, take advantage of the presence of social media and e-commerce channels as much as possible to support your business. Of course, it is common knowledge that online media is the most effective way of promotion that can be done to develop a business. You can reach many buyers, and you can save money on promotions. In addition, the number of online shoppers has definitely increased during a pandemic like this. All activities are carried out online, including shopping and transactions.

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3. Slow Expansion

Most importantly, always take into account the steps and business strategies you will take in the midst of this pandemic. Don't rush and expand slowly. Better apply the principle of efficiency. Carefully calculate all steps by optimizing existing capital until the economy has started to stabilize.

Those are some tips that you can apply to run a business in the midst of a pandemic. You can take advantage of a loan from BFI Finance for your side business capital. Enough with a vehicle BPKB or house certificate, you can get the funds needed for your business needs.

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Happy business and good luck!

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