Is It Safe to Use Multiple Loan Applications?

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5 October 2021
Is It Safe to Use Multiple Loan Applications?

Currently, applications for loan funds to finance companies are rife and in great demand by the public. With relatively easy submission requirements, as well as funds that are disbursed faster than borrowing at a bank, the community is in great demand for loan applications. Some finance companies even offer loan services online.

In borrowing money from a finance company, there is usually a certain limit or lending limit. The number of limits varies. Sometimes, this is overcome by applying for a loan from more than one loan service.


1. Is It Safe?

Doing something like this is actually risky. However, it's okay to do this if you really understand each of the loan regulations, as well as your financial condition.

One of the conditions that you must have in borrowing funds is a secure financial condition. At least, the loan that you submit is no more than 30% of your income each month. Make sure that your income every month is still able to pay the installments.

Also, make sure the funds you submit are not for consumptive purposes so that your financial condition is maintained.

2. Safe Tips for Submitting Loan Applications

When borrowing from many money loan applications, make sure that all of them are registered with the OJK. Because the platforms listed in the application are certainly safer in transactions.

To avoid unwanted things, the following points will really help you manage your loan.

2.1. Comply with the Terms and Conditions

In borrowing funds, of course, you must follow the applicable regulations. If you are late paying, of course, you will get sanctions or fines. Understand the terms and conditions that apply, such as the documents needed, to the number of fines that must be paid if you are late paying.

2.2. Choose Low Interest

Because borrowing in many applications, of course, as much as possible you should choose a loan that offers lower interest. Thus, the interest expense that you bear is not that big when making payments to each loan company.

2.3. Recording the Loan Amount

So that payment of funds can be made in a timely manner, of course, you must record the number of funds that you borrow from each application. This will make it easier for you to allocate installment payments.

There's nothing wrong with making loans in several applications, as long as it suits your needs and you can still pay off the loan. However, make sure that you submit a safe and reliable loan application such as BFI Finance which has been verified by the OJK.

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