7 Tips for Starting a Chicken Geprek and its Capital Details

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6 February 2022
7 Tips for Starting a Chicken Geprek and its Capital Details

The Geprek Chicken business has become popular as a byword for the Indonesian people since 2017 and has become the keyword with the highest search on Google in its time. Ayam Geprek Culinary actually requires simple ingredients in the manufacturing process, but is able to produce a taste that makes us always want to try it again! Moreover, it is added with various flavor creations such as additional cheese, sambal matah, Indomie, and others. You can be sure, Ayam Geprek is a must-have dish on your favorite culinary list!

Not as a connoisseur, this article, might make you more confident in starting a Geprek Chicken business! Yep, this time the BFI Finance team will provide accurate tips for those of you who want to open a Geprek Chicken Business. Not to forget, we also provide a range of details of the initial business capital needed. Are you ready to become a Geprek Chicken skipper? Let's find out together!

Reliable Tips for Starting a Chicken Geprek Business

1. Prepare the Best Recipe

The first step to starting a Chicken geprek business is to prepare the best recipe that comes out of your kitchen. Make sure your chicken geprek business has its own unique taste compared to competitors. You can do trial and error recipes first before they are widely sold to the market. You can use recipes from various sources such as Google, and Youtube, or recipe recommendations from your relatives or relatives. Because again, the taste is the most decisive for customers to come a second time or even more to your Geprek Chicken Business.

2. Competitor Analysis

There are tens to hundreds of brands of Ayam Geprek sold other than your brand. You can do a competitor analysis first which includes price, taste, and place before you determine the selling price and other business strategies. You can also analyze where competitors' raw materials come from. This analysis can be used as an evaluation or improvement of your Chicken Geprek business products and services.

3. Calculate Initial Business Capital

The initial capital of the chicken geprek business can be used to finance raw materials, equipment, and supplies, rent a place, promotion costs, and others. The range of details is outlined at the bottom of this article. Make sure the amount of initial capital covers all your business needs. If you want to get initial capital to open a Chicken Geprek business, you can apply for a loan with a vehicle BPKB guarantee or a house certificate through BFI Finance!

4. Determine a Strategic Selling Location

Choose a strategic selling location for your chicken geprek business. You can choose a business location that is in a crowded area and is easily accessible to potential customers. Such as being in the area of ​​​​schools, campuses, offices, and densely populated settlements.

If you choose to open a chicken geprek business in your own home, of course, it will cut the cost of renting a place per year. However, if you decide to rent a place for the continuity of your business, you can prepare a budget starting from RP 15,000,000 – RP 30,000,000 per year for renting a place of business. The cost of renting a shop per year certainly varies from region to region.

5. Prepare Equipment, Supplies, and Raw Materials

Next, you can conduct a survey to get the best chicken supplier in terms of quality and price. You can consider 3-4 suppliers for comparison. Also, discuss the payment method and whether it can be divided into per-term or only upfront payments.

After getting the best raw materials, you can prepare equipment and business support equipment such as stoves, frying pans, tables, chairs, menu lists, and others. You don't have to buy new all the fixtures and fittings. You can use the utensils and equipment available in your private kitchen.

You can also think about the Chicken Geprek packaging to make it look more attractive in terms of design and box quality. With different packaging from competitors, of course, consumers will find it easier to recognize your product.

6. Give Attractive Promotions

Provide regular and attractive promotions for your new and loyal customers. Such as by providing a 50% discount promotion for the first 100 buyers or buy 2 get 1 free. In addition, give promos every National Holiday arrives such as Ramadan promos, Independence promos, Christmas promos, and others. You can also provide free shipping for consumers whose location is not far from your Geprek Chicken business location.

7. Optimize Social Media

The last tip to start your Chicken Geprek business is to use social media as a means of promotion. Through social media, your product will be more easily recognized without having to spend offline marketing costs. For starters, create social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. Optimize promotions through these 2 media channels. Create interesting content that can attract customer visits. You can also use paid advertising through Instagram Ads or Facebook Ads. It all depends on your needs and budget.


Chicken Geprek Business Initial Capital Range

The following is a detailed range of Chicken Geprek Business Initial Capital that can be your reference:


No. Item Cost
1. Cooking and eating utensils Rp 3.500.000
2. Tables and chairs Rp 2.500.000
3. Promotion fee Rp 1.000.000
4. The cost of renting a place Rp 1.500.000
5. Operational cost Rp 10.000.000
6. Unexpected cost Rp 2.000.000
  Total Rp 20.500.000


The details of the initial business capital are of course adjusted to the size of the Chicken Geprek business that you run.


Estimated Income and Profit of a Chicken Geprek Business

Assume the selling price per portion of your cheapest Chicken Geprek package is Rp. 15,000. In a day you manage to sell 75 packages, then in a month, you will get a gross income of Rp. 33,750,000 (75 x 30 days x 15,000. This income does not include sales of additional products such as eggs, fried tempeh, tofu, and drinks. With an estimated monthly income, Therefore, the net profit per month that you can get is IDR 23,750,000 (33,750,000 – 10,000,000). IDR 10,000,000 is the range of operational costs incurred per month including employee salaries, purchases of raw materials, electricity, gas LPG, and others.


So, those are the seven tips along with the details of the initial capital for a chicken geprek business that you can use as a reference. If you want to make the preparation process easier and have more funds to open a chicken geprek business, you can consider buying a franchise that has proven success and popularity. Furthermore, if you need business capital to open a fried chicken business, the BFI Finance team is always ready to help you make it happen. Only by pledging a car, motorbike, or house certificate, do you have the opportunity to get a business capital loan with low interest and fast approval. You can apply for financing online via the following form and still have the opportunity to get a cashback of IDR 1,000,000! Check the applicable conditions and this attractive promo will end on February 28, 2022. So, are you ready to open your first Ayam Geprek outlet?

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