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7 Best Self Healing Book Recommendations for 2023, Make Your Soul Peaceful!

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20 July 2022
7 Best Self Healing Book Recommendations for 2023, Make Your Soul Peaceful!

The hectic schedule of activities and social demands can sometimes overwhelm our minds. Starting from there, negative thoughts eventually emerged one by one. Starting from feelings of anxiety, feeling worthless, and other bad things that just flashed.

One way that we can do to overcome this is by reading a book with the theme of Self Healing. Books with this theme can help us to awaken ourselves and gain a new perspective on what we think.

What self-healing books are suitable for reading in 2022? Check out 10 recommended self-healing books below!


What is Self Healing?

The topic of Self Healing is currently being discussed everywhere. Some say that self-healing is an activity of traveling to a place to win the mind, a kind of vacation to relieve stress. There are also those who say that self-healing is an activity to stay silent for a while. Actually, what is Self Healing?

Self Healing is a process of healing inner wounds without drugs. This process is done by releasing pent-up emotions and negative energy in our bodies and minds.

From this process, we will derive some good benefits for ourselves. Among other things, we can understand ourselves better, avoid negative thoughts, and accept the shortcomings and strengths that exist within ourselves.

In addition to going somewhere, self-healing can be done by reading books. This book will help you slowly get rid of excess thoughts through the strings of words in it.

7 Recommended Self-Healing Books

Below are 7 recommended self-healing books that you can choose to help restore your soul, and calm your mind.

1. Coping with Depression: Jangan Mau Kalah dari Depresi! - J. Maurus

Buku Self Healing 1

As with other diseases, mental illness is also very diverse. One of them is depression. This book is here to help readers understand what depression is and how to overcome it through case studies presented by the author.

Emphasizing the power of love in mental healing, the contents of this book are divided into 12 interesting chapters that you can choose according to your needs. The 12 chapters include:

  • Hard World

  • Time and Symptoms of Depression

  • Depression Triggers

  • Joy and Sadness in the Family

  • Crisis Among Workers

  • Sadness Love

  • Aimless People

  • Harlequin Complex

  • Towards a Mature Understanding of Life

  • Be nice to friends

  • How to Overcome Depression

  • Spirit of Life

In addition, this book was written directly by a psychologist, so the explanations are discussed in detail with a scientific approach and a variety of supporting literature.

2. What’s So Wrong About Your Self Healing - Ardhi Mohamad

Buku Self Healing 2

Impressed by the black book cover and full of writing, this book contains discussions related to problems that often haunt adults. Many of these problems stem from unpleasant childhood experiences and wrong parenting.

Not only discussing trending issues, parenting, and self-healing. This book also explains the reasons why a person can become what he is now and what ways can be taken to improve it. Interestingly, this book is equipped with a variety of unique illustrations that will make anyone not feel bored reading it.

3. Merawat Luka Batin - dr. Jiemi Ardian, Sp. KJ

Buku Self Healing 3

Written directly by a famous psychiatrist named dr. Jiemi, this book helps us to treat and respond to the inner wounds we have. Like physical pain, mental wounds also need to be treated as well as possible so that existing wounds do not leave scars that may have an effect in the future. Because basically taking care of mental health is as important as taking care of body fitness.

This book is very light to read, it feels like you are talking to your best friend and being given a warm hug when a rainstorm hits.

4. Yang Belum Usai: Kenapa Manusia Punya Luka Batin - pijarpsikologi

Buku Self Healing 4

Like the previous self-healing books, this book also carries the same theme, namely about mental wounds. In this book, you will be invited to recognize the types of mental wounds complete with examples.

Through this book, you will also learn to deal with existing inner wounds and how they can be handled properly without leaving scars that could potentially boomerang in the future.

5. Si Kecil Yang Terluka Dalam Tubuh Orang Dewasa - Patresia Kirnandita

Buku Self Healing 5

Inner wounds are closely related to the injured Inner Child. That is the main discussion in this book where the author tells in detail about his inner wounds as a child that shape his personality in adulthood.

Departing from there, the author also describes various ways through a psychological approach to deal with these injuries. Reading this book feels like being invited to look back on old memories from childhood as well as feeling warmly embraced by yourself. So touching.

6. The Book You Wish Your Parent Had Read (and Your Children Will be Glad That You Did) - Philippa Perry

Buku Self Healing 6

When raising a child, either parent realizes it or not, they usually tend to adopt the same parenting pattern as their previous parents. And without realizing it, this parenting has actually hurt them as a child. This is something to watch out for.

Through this self-healing book, the author invites readers not only to understand the importance of parenting but also our obligation as parents to heal inner wounds. Because of the inner wound is still there, it is not impossible that the same mistakes and previous trauma will also happen to your child.

7. Filosofi Teras - Henry Manampiring

Buku Self Improvement 7

Not everything in life can be arranged in such a way as we want. Through core philosophy books, we are taught to enjoy life and focus on what we can control because then happiness will accompany us. This is in line with the ancient Greek philosophy of the stoa.

Although this book discusses philosophy, the content in it is actually very easy to digest and close to the problems in our daily lives. In addition, the author also describes many practical things that we can apply in daily life to be free from anxiety and excessive thoughts. This book is perfect for anyone who needs peace in their life.

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What are the Benefits of Reading Self-Healing Books?

Reading self-healing books has many benefits. Among all the benefits that exist, there are at least 5 most prominent benefits.

Buku Self Improvement

Image Source: Pexels/Clay Banks

1. Enriching Perspective

Self-healing books are written with the aim of making readers aware of certain points of view and thoughts that arise when we are down. For example, bad thoughts like 'no one will believe us or it could be 'I won't be able to do it. By reading self-healing books, we can get rid of these thoughts through a new, more positive perspective.

2. Body and Mind Become More Relaxed

Negative emotions trigger unfavorable bodily reactions. For example, the heart beats faster, the muscles become tenser, stomach acid increases, and so on. By reading self-healing books you will feel calm which makes the body and mind more relaxed.

3. Avoiding Negative Things

When stress hits, we tend to act rashly and unknowingly what we do can be fatal or even endanger the safety of our lives. By reading self-healing books these negative thoughts will go away.

4. Sharpen Memory

It is no longer an open secret that reading can sharpen memory. This is because by reading we receive new information and activate cells in our brain to record what we read.

5. Adding New Vocabulary

As with learning, when reading a book we will be presented with a variety of interesting information. This information certainly adds to our knowledge of something, from here we will get new vocabulary that has never been known before. The more books we read, the more vocabulary and knowledge we gain.

Sobat BFI, those are 7 self-healing book recommendations. Hopefully, this review can help you to become a better person and make peace with yourself. All of these books can be found in online and offline stores, make sure to buy the original books, OK!

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