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Be Better, Take a Peek at These 11 Self Improvement Book Recommendations

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8 July 2022
Be Better, Take a Peek at These 11 Self Improvement Book Recommendations

Self-improvement or in Indonesian called self-development is a strategy taken to develop ourselves into better individuals. This self-development can be in the form of self-discovery, exploring the potential within oneself, and improving self-quality. One fun way that you can do this is by reading self-improvement books.

In this article, the BFI team succeeded in curating 11 recommendations for self-improvement books that can be used as references for you to help live a better life. Starting from financial literacy, mindfulness, decluttering, and many more.


The best self improvement book recommendation

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11 Self Improvement Book Recommendations ala BFI Finance

The Psychology of Money

One of the most popular self-improvement book recommendations today. In short, this book discusses one of the most important topics in aspects of our lives, namely financial management.

Packed with 19 short stories, this book presents us with various stories about how people tend to have strange thoughts about money. For example, many people argue that we tend to judge wealth based on what we see with it. This means that we tend to rely on outward appearances to gauge a person's financial success.

For those of you who have difficulty managing finances, this book is well worth reading. Besides being able to change our mindset towards money, there are many other interesting things that can be explored through this book.

Filosofi Teras

Filosofi teras, as the title suggests, this self-improvement book recommendation discusses philosophy. But don't worry, the philosophical discussion in this book is very well packaged and easy to read. Even using slang!

In this book, the author Henry Manampiring describes how we can apply stoicism in everyday life. Stoicism is a school of philosophy that can be a solution to various negative emotions. For example, stress, overthinking, anger, and so on. In short, this school invites us to focus on what we can control and enjoy life more.

Applicative in nature, the contents in this book can be easily applied in everyday life, especially for today's millennial and gen-z generations.

Secret Divine of Love: A Spiritual Journey Into The Heart of Islam

Better known as the short title Secret Divine of Love, this book is an Islamic self-development book written by Californian author A. Helwa. Helwa explained how Allah SWT as the Lord of the universe, the Most Merciful, created humans, took care of them very gently and placed them in a very high place.

Far from discussing the torment of the grave or punishment, this self-improvement book recommendation contains inspirational stories, hadith, verses from the Koran, Rumi's poetry, psychology, hafiz, and science that are discussed in easy-to-understand narratives.

Compiled using a rational approach such as scientific evidence, guided meditation, and practical exercises, this book is able to invite readers to distinguish and overcome various kinds of negative inner criticisms that exist within us.

This book is perfect for someone whose heart is so longing for Allah SWT, feels hopeless, feels that oneself is never enough or perfect, and wants to firmly embrace Islam again.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Do you find it difficult to communicate or establish relationships with people around you or with new people? This book is worth checking out!

One of the top-tier books in the Self Improvement book genre. This book was published in 1936 with content that is still very relevant to the current situation.

Written based on true stories and events experienced by the author, this self-improvement book recommendation teaches us how to apply basic and simple techniques in dealing with other people, understanding other people's perspectives, leading and influencing others, getting people to like us, making a good initial impression, and how to effectively reject.

Unlike self-improvement books in general, which only have a table of contents, this book contains directions by the author on how we can apply the contents in it properly. This is clearly seen through the nine suggestions in the first sheet. The 9 suggestions include:

The first and foremost advice is to develop a strong desire to really learn the principles in this book.

Subsequent suggestions are more technical in nature such as repeating each chapter twice, highlighting important ideas, checking progress every week and so on.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Feeling stuck with the same everyday patterns and habits? The following book can be your reference to get out of old habits and change your life for the better.

The book was first released in 1989 and has sold more than 15 million copies and has been translated into 38 languages worldwide.

In accordance with the title stated, the contents in this book discuss 7 main points of habits that the author considers will have a big impact on life if applied properly. Change our views and habits so far.

Another advantage of this book is the arrangement of language that is easy to understand and the contents of the book are neat.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Did you know that one of the obstacles to our daily productivity is the objects around us?

The reason is the items that exist demand attention and the time we have. For example, the things we have should be cared for and cleaned as often as possible. If you often feel anxious about the existence of things and plan to live a minimalist life or living to the fullest, this book is a must-read!

In this book by Marie Kondo or familiarly called Konmari you will be presented with a new perspective on the art of tidying up, awareness of ownership of things, positively cleaning up, storing effectively, and courage in facing every unordered corner; such as rooms, workspaces, and others.

There are 5 interesting chapters in this book:

  • Why Can't We Keep The House Tidy?

  • Throwing Up Completely First

  • Cleaning Up Based on Category Magic Is Not Playing

  • Brighten Life by Saving Well

  • The Miracle of Cleaning Changes Your Life Dramatically

Aku Bukannya Menyerah Hanya Sedang Lelah

Recently, Korean fever is rampant everywhere, from music, and food, to books. One of the recommendations for self-improvement books from Korea that is worth trying is a book from author Geul Bae Woo entitled 'I'm Not Giving Up I'm Just Tired'. This book discusses how to form care and respect for yourself.

Very fitting to read when you are bored or want to calm down. Through each page, the author will invite readers to reflect on and overcome the phase of almost giving up. Not only that, but this book will also help us feel better after being disappointed by our own expectations.

Love for Imperfect Things

Written by a renowned monk, this book will teach us about love and spiritual wisdom. Loving yourself, others, and the circumstances around you, by accepting all your flaws and imperfections.

In addition, this book also helps readers to understand the importance of practicing mindfulness, as well as resting in a busy world, and enjoying every passing moment. After reading this book, you will gain inner peace, be motivated to be more enthusiastic, and become a wise person in all things.

The Comfort Book

As the title suggests, comfort, this book can help anyone to feel calmer and find comfort within themselves. Makes us realize that finding comfort can come from anywhere, even the smallest things.

This book also helps readers to find new hope and find a more meaningful way of life. When you are tired or lonely, reading the words in this book can give you a calmer feeling. Not only that, through the recommendation of this self-improvement book, we will again be made aware of how valuable we are and how important the life we are currently living is.

Rusak Saja Buku Ini

This book is one of the recommended anti-mainstream self-improvement books that you should try!

Deliberately created as a channel for emotions so as not to settle in oneself or even have the potential to damage mental health, this book contains unique and eccentric instructions.

For example, orders to step on books with shoes, drip coffee on books, tear them, roll books from hills, to bury them. There is also an order to plant peanuts and we are required to record how it develops from day to day.

Of course, different instructions on each sheet can make us feel entertained and lighten the burden of the mind.

Atomic Habits

A book with a discussion of successful tips for building new habits starting from small steps according to the title Atomic. The main topics in this book are habits, decision making, and continuous improvement. Where the author emphasizes to the reader that the decisions we choose today are a result of what we did in the past.

Not just talk, this book contains very practical tips and we can easily apply them slowly because the existing tips allow us to change habits from the smallest things.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

This book invites us to understand money and wealth from a different perspective, financial literacy that we don't get in formal school.

In it there are several main topics, including achieving financial freedom, discussing investment, distinguishing between assets and liabilities, trying to start investing, having a side business other than the main job, learning to interpret every event, and the importance of studying finance, sales, and marketing. Learn to determine when you want to gain financial freedom.

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