19 Most Updated and Profitable Digital Business Ideas!

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22 March 2022
19 Most Updated and Profitable Digital Business Ideas!

As technology develops, whether we realize it or not, there are new ways to earn money. If 10 years ago, not many people uploaded videos of their music on online platforms like Youtube and got income. However, now many people have started their music careers from scratch through the Youtube platform and have many fans. This condition is an example of the benefits of using technology positively and can be a digital business idea for BFI friends to run. Talking about digital business, distance and time is not major obstacle. You can enjoy online cake products that are sold outside the city until it reaches you in a matter of days, or you don't have to bother waiting in line to buy cinema tickets because they can be ordered from anywhere via a mobile application only! Of course, there are still many advantages that can be taken and learned from this phenomenon of the rise of digital business. So, if you want to start a digital business, this time the BFI Finance team provides 19 digital business ideas that you can run. Some types of business require special skills, but it never hurts to start learning now! Come on, see the reviews in the article below!

19 BFI Finance Digital Business Ideas

1. Online Shop

The first digital business idea is to open an online store either through an e-commerce platform or not. If you have a brand, you can market your products or services starting from social media such as Instagram or Facebook. If your brand already has a lot of customers, you can start exploring other digital assets such as a website and registering your business on an e-commerce platform. The benefits of this online business of course depend on the type and uniqueness of the product or service that you offer. If you are tenacious and consistent, then you may have the opportunity to get a turnover of tens of millions of rupiah from this online store business.

2. Affiliate Business

The more technology develops, the more sources of income that can be obtained. One of them is through this affiliate program. The following digital business idea is actually to market other people's goods or products in exchange for a commission if the product is sold through your hands. Usually, you will get a referral code that is used when potential customers buy the products you sell. There are already many e-commerce platforms that run affiliate programs, for example, e-Bay and Amazon.

3. Graphic Design Services

The third digital business idea is to run a graphic design business. For those of you who have graphic design skills, you can try to open these services. With your graphic design skills, you can create business logo creation services, posters, banners, and others. The business world that is always evolving always opens up positive opportunities for this graphic design service. If you don't have these skills, it never hurts to start learning now!

4. Dropshipper

The next digital business idea is to become a drop shipper. This dropshipping business can be run without a penny of capital. This dropshipping system requires you to sell goods without having to be a producer and product delivery service. In other words, being a drop-shipper serves as a liaison between producers and customers. Good sales skills are needed for this drop-ship business. Are you interested in trying it? Judging from the capital required, this drop shipper business is classified as a capital business of 1 million or below depending on the number of items you sell.

5. Thrift Shop

A thrift shop business or a business selling secondhand clothes and accessories is the next digital business idea that you can run. This one business might be suitable if you like the fashion world, BFI pal. If you think you have clothes or accessories that are still worth wearing, you can sell them to a second party. You can sell it through Instagram, Facebook, or website platforms. The benefits that can be obtained from the thrift shop business are promising if you take it seriously and consistently.

6. Instagram Influencers

Who of your BFI friends can't escape from Instagram every day? Not only as a means of entertainment, but Instagram can be a means of learning. If you have interesting content in your feeds, a large number of followers, and a high level of engagement, it's not impossible that you have the opportunity to become an Instagram Influencer! If you meet these criteria, you have the opportunity to get endorsements or other forms of collaboration from a brand that is running a digital campaign. Wow, interesting huh?

7. Content Writer

If you love writing, these digital business ideas might be for you. Being a content writer is a skill that is in high demand today. The results of writing content writers are needed as a contributor to traffic on a website. The traffic is expected to increase brand awareness of a company and become leads or customer prospects in the future. Currently, there are also many companies that offer freelance content writer services. This business opportunity can certainly be your additional income, BFI Friend.

8. Online Tutor

The next digital business idea is to teach online through certain platforms. Nowadays distance is not a barrier to learning. By leveraging online platforms, you can learn from more experienced people hundreds of kilometers from your home. If you actively speak English, for example, you can turn this opportunity around by becoming an English teacher on the Italki or Duolingo platforms. In addition to increasing income, becoming an online teacher will certainly increase cross-regional friendships. It's fun!

9. Website Development Services

This digital business idea is for those of you who have coding skills or programming languages. Currently, the website is an important asset for business owners, both digital and non-digital. Because the website is the "home" for the brand to be known to many people through online media. Seeing this opportunity, running a website creation service can certainly be a promising digital business opportunity. One website creation service can be charged a fee starting from IDR 1,000,000, you know. The size of the fee depends on the level of difficulty and the needs of the website.

10. Mobile Application Development Services

The use of mobile applications is currently also in great demand. Mobile applications can make a business process more concise and faster. The skills that must be possessed, if you want to run this digital business idea, are programming or coding languages. The income from the business of making mobile applications is quite promising considering the level of difficulty it has.

11. Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing is a marketing method that is currently on the rise. If a few years ago, you used booths or distributed flyers to market your products, now you can reduce your marketing activities through Digital Marketing. With digital marketing, you can market your products online and are not limited by distance. Promotional activities through digital marketing can be done by using paid advertising on Facebook and Google. You are required to have a certain budget every day for your ads to run through the platform. Yes, this digital business idea requires special skills on how to operate Facebook and Google paid ads. If you don't have these skills yet, you can invest by taking online courses that specifically study the material. After you master the skills, then you can become a professional digital marketing consultant. Good luck!

12. SEO Consultant

In addition to being a digital marketing consultant, becoming an SEO or Search Engine Optimization Consultant can be your next digital business idea. SEO is a technique needed so that a brand can appear on the main page of search engines like Google, organically. If you don't know the right SEO techniques, there are currently many platforms that teach SEO techniques from scratch. Or you can learn through the Youtube platform for free. The more often your brand appears on search engines like Google, the more likely it is that your brand will be recognized by many people. Does it seem interesting to be an SEO Consultant?

13. Podcasters

Recently, podcast media is also getting a lot of interest. Podcasts are audio content that covers various topics on-demand and can be accessed online. With the support of an adequate platform like Spotify, creating podcast content has many active fans. Well, if you are talkative and like small and serious conversations with your interlocutor, becoming a podcaster can be your digital business idea, you know. Making podcast topics as interesting as possible, inviting trusted sources, and the availability of qualified infrastructure is the main capital for running podcast content.

14. Youtuber

How often do you watch content on Youtube? Every day, twice a day, or even infinity? Yep, that's right, because the habit of people watching Youtube often makes Youtube the number 1 most visited platform or website in the world! Wow! It is undeniable, we can indeed learn anything positively through Youtube. Well, if you feel challenged as a content creator on Youtube, then do it! Many YouTubers started their careers from scratch and succeeded in having thousands to millions of subscribers, you know, BFI friends. So, if you feel you have high creativity and knowledge that can be shared with many people, becoming a Youtuber is certainly a profitable digital business idea!

15. Blogger

Just like being a content writer, this digital business idea is suitable for those of you who like to write. If you like to share your experiences through writing, you can try becoming a professional blogger, you know, BFI friends! If the blog that you manage has high traffic and influence, then it is very likely that your blog can be a source of income. You have the opportunity to get endorsements from companies that have digital campaigns through blogs or websites. Interesting right?

16. Social Media Management Services

Over time, social media such as Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, have new features and content that are entertaining and useful. This attracts social media users to use it as a means of entertainment or learning. Seeing this opportunity, of course, social media is also an important asset that must be owned by a brand. That way, it takes people who are good at managing social media professionally. Being a social media management service provider can be a digital business idea that cannot be underestimated. If you feel you have high creativity and are always updated on the latest information developments, running a social media management service is certainly the right choice.

17. Online Translator

If you have foreign language skills such as English, Japanese, Korean, this can be the next digital business idea. In addition to being an online teacher as mentioned above, you can become a professional translator for the purposes of translating scientific journals, articles, proposals and others. The target customers of this digital business can come from academics, corporations, and students.

18. Selling Licensed Stock Photos

It turns out that the hobby of photography can be a promising source of income. Yes, you can sell your shots through various licensed photo buying and selling platforms such as Shutterstock and IStock Photo. This digital business idea requires you to upload your own photos through the platform. If there are users who download and use your photos, you will get benefits starting from Rp. 14,000 for each photo. Interesting huh?

19. Selling Digital Products (Non-Physical)

The last digital business idea is to sell digital products. Digital products referred to here are products that do not have a physical form and can be sold online. Examples include videos, music creations, ebooks, and others. If you're good at music, you can sell your songs through platforms like Tunecore, Luckstock, and Soundcloud. If you enjoy writing and creating ebooks, you can also sell them on online platforms like Amazon, Gumroad, or Virtual Works.


So, those are 19 digital business ideas that can be an inspiration for all BFI friends. For some types of business, it does not even require large capital to be executed. However, if you need funds to buy kitchen equipment to set up an online cake shop or buy equipment to create Youtube content, you can apply for a business capital loan through BFI Finance! Yep, business capital loans are low-interest loans intended for prospective customers to support current and future businesses. BFI friends only need to guarantee the BPKB for Vehicles such as Cars and Motorcycles, as well as a guarantee in the form of a House Certificate. If your financing application requirements are complete and meet the criteria to be financed, it is possible that your financing will be approved in less than 1 day!* Established in 1982, BFI Finance has always been here to help meet the financial needs of customers throughout Indonesia. Submit your financing immediately via the following form:


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