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15 Traditional Foods from Indonesia. Which is your favourite?

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20 April 2022
15 Traditional Foods from Indonesia. Which is your favourite?

Who doesn't love to eat? Besides being useful for producing energy, food is also useful for preventing the body from becoming weak and tired. As long as the food consumed has good nutritional value and is not excessive, then the food will have a good impact on the body.

In Indonesia itself, you can find typical food from various regions with good taste because traditional Indonesian food is known for its rich taste of spices and seasonings. Well, this time BFI Finance will summarize traditional Indonesian food. Which one is your favorite? Check out the following information.


1. Typical Food from Indonesia

1.1. Asinan Betawi 

Makanan Tradisional Indonesia - Asinan Betawi

The first is Betawi pickles. The composition of this cuisine consists of raw vegetables topped with yellow noodle crackers and peanuts as a compliment. If you have ever liked this food, you will feel the sour, spicy, and salty taste. This is because, in the process of making it, Betawi pickles use salted mustard which has been fermented with vinegar and tamarind and added with chili in the sauce. It's not complete if you eat Betawi pickles without yellow noodle crackers, which are culinary acculturations of the Chinese people living in Batavia.

1.2. Ketoprak 

The next typical food is Ketoprak. Although its origin is still debated, ketoprak is a staple food that is found everywhere. Ketoprak can be found in the morning or evening. Ketoprak itself is an abbreviation of ketupat, tofu, and bean sprouts. It is also quite easy to make, ketoprak is made from a mixture of peanuts, garlic, and chilies which are mashed and then given water to make it liquid.

The liquid will be sprinkled on the ketupat, tofu, bean sprouts, and vermicelli as the filling. The more complete, the ketoprak is eaten with the addition of orange crackers and additional soy sauce on top.

1.3. Gado-Gado

Makanan Tradisional Indonesia - Gado-Gado

Gado-gado is a traditional Indonesian food originating from Betawi and is quite worldwide. In some restaurants, you can find Gado-Gado with the name “Vegetable Salad with Peanut Sauce”. Some people say that gado-gado comes from the word "digado" which in Betawi means eaten directly without rice.

Generally, gado-gado comes with rice cake instead of rice. However, there are some people who prefer to eat gado-gado with rice as a compliment. If your BFI friends prefer to use rice or lontong, right?

1.4. Soto Kudus 

As the name implies, soto Kudus comes from Kudus. Soto Kudus emerged with the entry of Islamic teachings into the Kudus area. Unlike the common soto which contains chicken or beef, soto Kudus uses buffalo meat as a way to preserve cultural heritage.

1.5. Kerak Telor 

This special food is most often found at Betawi art events or around the city of Jakarta. This traditional Indonesian food is made from eggs as the main ingredient with a mixture of glutinous rice and serundeng. As the name implies, the egg crust is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Initially, egg crust was an experimental food to take advantage of coconuts that thrived in the Batavia area, but who would have thought that these creations were actually liked by many people and began to be sold in the 1970s.

1.6. Nasi Campur Bali 

If you have ever visited Bali, you will find a special culinary, namely Nasi Campur. Nasi Campur is a typical Balinese food that contains rice with various side dishes. Usually, Balinese mixed rice is also served with wrapped satay as a portion of typical food from Bali.

1.7. Lumpia Semarang 

Makanan Tradisional Indonesia - Lumpia Semarang

Who likes this special food? Lumpia Semarang is one of Semarang's special foods made from bamboo shoots wrapped in spring roll skin. Some people don't like this food because of the strong smell of bamboo shoots or shoots. However, some people actually like the smell caused.

1.8. Pempek Palembang 

Next is Pempek Palembang which comes from the City in South Sumatra Province. Pempek is made from a mixture of tapioca flour, mackerel, and ground spices. Because it is made from tapioca flour, pempek gives a chewy sensation when cooked. To make it even more delicious, Palembang pempek is usually served with cuko sauce made from boiled brown sugar, vinegar, and chili that has been mashed.

There are around 9 types of pempek which are the most popular, ranging from submarine pempek, lenjer, curly, pistel, adaan, tofu, skin, tunu, and lenggang. Each has a different form and presentation and processing.

1.9. Nasi Gudeg 

Have you ever visited the city of Jogja? Well, this culinary one should not be missed, OK? Nasi gudeg is made from rice with a side dish of young jackfruit that has been cooked with a mixture of brown sugar, ground spices, teak leaves, and coconut milk for hours so that the texture becomes soft. It's even more delicious when eaten with chicken, eggs, tempeh orek, and spicy crackers.

1.10. Rendang 

This traditional Indonesian food is one of the most delicious foods in the world. Rendang itself comes from the city of Padang with a long enough manufacture. Rendang is made from beef with spices, seasonings, and coconut milk until it thickens. To taste it, you don't have to go all the way to Padang because, at a typical Padang restaurant or restaurant, there is a rendang menu that tastes kicking.

1.11. Rawon 

Next is the typical Rawon Surabaya. This food is at first glance similar to meat soup with thick black sauce. The black color in Rawon itself is caused by using kluwek fruit. Rawon is even more delicious if you add fried tempeh or salted egg.

1.12. Ayam Rica-Rica

This Manadonese food is famous for its spicy taste. Rica-Rica itself is a spice made from red and white onions, ginger, red chilies, and cayenne pepper. Chicken rica-rica is also cooked with some aromatic leaves to make it more fragrant and strong in taste.

1.13. Bakso 

Makanan Tradisional Indonesia - Bakso

At first, meatballs came from China and became a typical food from Indonesia because they were spread in almost all regions in Indonesia. Bakso is taken from the Chinese language with the word Bak meaning pork and So which means gravy. In Indonesia, meatballs have been modified with the basic ingredients of beef or fish and Indonesian original herbs and spices.

1.14. Sate 


Makanan Tradisional Indonesia - Sate

In Indonesia, there are many types of satay that can be found, ranging from Sate Padang, Sate Madura, Sate Klatak, Sate Lilit, and so on. In general, people are more familiar with Sate Madura in the form of meat that is cut into small pieces, marinated with spices, and burned. As a complement, the satay is drizzled with peanut sauce or soy sauce.

1.15. Nasi Bebek Madura 

The next special food also comes from Madura. Yes, duck rice. Made from duck, this cuisine is quite a in demand by some people, especially for those who like a duck. Madura duck rice has a spicy and savory taste. Usually, duck rice is served with black spices made from spices such as turmeric, ginger, galangal, kencur, chili, and others. It the spicier because the presentation is usually equipped with green chili or red chili sauce.

Those are 15 typical traditional foods from Indonesia. Of the 15 foods, which one do you like the most? Or all of the foods above are your favorite foods? No wonder this traditional food is a food that is in great demand. Apart from the taste, some traditional foods are also processed with certain techniques and still use traditional equipment to create a distinctive aroma and taste. Plus, traditional foods rarely use preservatives, so they are healthier than fast food.

For those of you who want to become entrepreneurs, traditional food can be an interesting business idea and is quite attractive. Moreover, according to data from the Central Statistics Agency, the culinary industry business grows by around 2.95% every year. If you intend to open a culinary business for traditional or regional specialties, you can get a capital loan with a vehicle BPKB guarantee or a house certificate at BFI Finance. Special this April, you have the opportunity to get cashback in the form of the cash up to millions of rupiah. For promo information, see more at the following link.

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