14 Home Business Ideas in Ramadan for Additional Income

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14 March 2022
14 Home Business Ideas in Ramadan for Additional Income

Ramadan is here! Ramadan is here! Wow, it doesn't feel right, we will be reunited by the month of Ramadan in 2022. For sure, the moment of Ramadan and even Eid Al-Fitr is one of the most awaited moments for all BFI friends, especially for BFI friends who are Muslim. What have you prepared? New clothes? Eating a variety of takjil and fried foods? Meeting relatives? Or even starting a side business? Talking about running a side business in the month of Ramadan, of course, is an interesting activity, BFI friends. Because, in addition to getting additional income, helping others in the holy month of Ramadan, will undoubtedly get more rewards and goodness. Well, this time the BFI Finance team has 14 home business ideas for the month of Ramadan that BFI friends can run! Is there a list below that has become your plan to run in the near future? Let's find out together!

14 Home Business Ideas in the Month of Ramadan a la BFI Finance

1. Selling Takjil

The first home business in the month of Ramadan is by selling Takjil. Takjil or appetizers while fasting is a mandatory menu during Ramadan. You can see many people selling takjil from late afternoon until sunset. The types of food and drinks served also vary depending on the area where they are sold. However, generally takjil sellers usually serve a variety of fried foods, pearl porridge, compote, kraca, salak seeds, and others. The price is of course pocket-friendly, BFI pal. If you want to get additional income, of course selling takjil at this Ramadan moment should not be missed. Prepare food from home, then you can sell it on the side of the road that is crowded with visitors.

2. Iftar and Suhoor Catering

Home business in the next month of Ramadan, you can run a catering business for breaking the fast or suhoor. Dense working hours and routines make some people do not have time to prepare a menu for iftar or suhoor. This can be used as an opportunity to increase income for some people. If you want to run this business, you can enter the 4 Healthy 5 Perfect menu in every catering dish or can accept dishes according to requests from customers. If you are an office worker, you can offer sales to coworkers. If you are an entrepreneur or a housewife, you can offer to sell products to neighbors and relatives. Use social media as a means of your iftar catering business.

3. Pastries Typical Eid

At the end of the month of Ramadan, there is another awaited moment, namely Eid Al-Fitr or Eid. It doesn't feel complete if the Eid moment does not entertain guests with typical Eid cookies. Kastengel, Nastar, Cat Tongue Cake, and Snow White Cake are some of the Eid cookies that are often encountered. If you like cooking, especially baking, this home-based business in Ramadan is definitely something you can try.

4. Eid clothes

The Eid Al-Fitr moment is also synonymous with the preparation of new clothes to make them look fresh and holy. You can take advantage of this opportunity by selling Eid clothes online or offline, BFI friends. No need to produce your own, you can become a reseller of Eid clothes without having to mess around with preparing raw materials and others. Check out tips on becoming a beginner reseller at the following link.

You can start selling Eid clothes at the beginning of the month of Ramadan or months before the fall of the Eid moment. It is certain, this home-based business in the month of Ramadan has many enthusiasts.

5. Eid Hampers

Still in the tradition of welcoming Eid, generally people will send gifts or hampers to each other as a form of tolerance between each other. The form of gifts can be in the form of pastries, Eid clothes, various prepared foods and drinks, flowers, and others. Eid Hampers will be packaged in such a way to make them look more beautiful and are usually accompanied by congratulations. Usually, a week to two weeks before Eid, home businesses in this month of Ramadan will reach their peak orders.

6. Selling Dates and Processed

Home business in the sixth month of Ramadan is by selling dates and processed products. Dates are also identical when the month of Ramadan arrives. Of course, there are many reasons why dates are a "mandatory" fruit when the fasting month comes. Eating dates when breaking the fast is a sunnah practice, you know, BFI friends. In addition, dates contain many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, and iron. From the variety of nutrients it has, dates are good for consumption to maintain heart health, as a source of energy, overcome symptoms of constipation, and others.

You can become a date reseller or buy on e-commerce platforms or offline in supermarkets, then sell them back to the market. You can sell dates together at a takjil kiosk or set up a separate booth. Besides being able to be enjoyed whole, dates can also be processed into milk, you know, BFI friends. There are many sellers of date milk today, both sold at home and in factories. In addition to earning income, selling dates can also be used as a means of worship, BFI friends.

7. Selling Ketupat

Eating chicken opor and fried liver sauce during Eid, the taste is incomplete if it is not paired with ketupat. Ketupat is rice cooked and wrapped in young coconut leaves. In Indonesia, ketupat is also a mandatory menu when Eid arrives.

Making ketupat does not take long, especially if you have to first weave the coconut leaf package. For people who don't have time to prepare it, of course, buying finished or semi-finished ketupat is the right choice. Generally, ketupat will be sold a week to two weeks before Eid al-Fitr arrives. You can find ketupat from supermarkets to people selling them on the roadside.

To prepare the ketupat, you will need at least rice, young coconut leaves (janur), a stove, gas, and a saucepan. Simple isn't it?

8. Selling Fireworks

To enliven the takbiran moment before Hari Raya Arrives, people usually light fireworks. From small children to adults, everyone loves it. Selling fireworks can also be done in front of the house, by setting up a booth or leaving them in the shop as consignment goods. However, make sure to sell harmless fireworks, BFI friends. Because selling fireworks have a high enough risk considering that it is made of flammable raw materials and even explode if exposed to fire or heat. Always under surveillance, BFI friends!

9. Money Exchange Service

Who here is waiting for the moment to give out the Eid angpao? Are BFI friends aware that the money that is distributed is usually new money that doesn't get drenched? Yep, Indonesian people will generally change to a new small banknote before distributing it as Eid angpao. Well, exchanging money into small denominations requires coming to Bank Indonesia and usually waiting in line. The solution to this problem, you can run a new money exchange service that can be exchanged on the roadside before Hari Raya arrives. Make sure, the condition of the money is still in good condition, BFI friend. You can exchange it far away at Bank Indonesia the day before Ramadan arrives, then use it for small money exchange services.

10. Selling Worship Equipment

In addition to selling Eid clothes, the idea of ​​a home business in the next month of Ramadan is to sell worship equipment. You can sell mukenas, prayer mats, sarongs, prayer beads, and even the Quran. It would be better if you can pack it in the form of hampers. So, it can be used as an Eid gift for your friends or relatives. The required capital can range from IDR 5 to IDR 10 Million.

11. Laundry Business

When approaching Eid, usually the Household Assistant will go home to his hometown. So, housework such as washing clothes will be a little neglected. This opportunity can be used as an opportunity to open a kilogram laundry business in your home. You can set the service price from IDR 6,000 to IDR 8,000 per kilo, depending on the market price of the area where you live. This home business idea in the month of Ramadan requires no more than 10 million if you prepare it carefully and carefully.

12. Selling Fruits

Fruits can be a dessert when it's time to break the fast. In addition, fruits can be the main and complementary ingredients for making compote, fruit soup, or various fruit juices. By setting up a fruit stall or selling your own processed fruit such as fruit juice, you can become a home business idea in the next Ramadan. The capital required depends on the type and amount of fruit you are going to sell. Choose fruit directly from farmers because it provides a cheaper selling price than second or third-hand sellers.

13. Car Rental / Homecoming Travel

Homecoming is a tradition that cannot be avoided when Hari Raya arrives. Homecomers can use various available modes of transportation such as trains, buses, planes, boats, and even private cars. Talking about going home using a private car, of course, it will feel more private and comfortable, BFI pal. This opportunity can be used as an idea to run a car rental business for those in need. If you have a car that is in good condition and is not being used, you can rent it out to your friends or relatives.

14. ART services

As explained above, many domestic assistants return to their hometowns when Eid arrives. Difficulty getting ART for a short period of time during Eid is common. This can actually be overcome by using an ART service search application during Eid which is now starting to spread. However, there is nothing wrong if you offer yourself as a temporary ART service to your neighbors or relatives, you know, BFI friends. Rates per day can start from IDR 50,000!


So, those are the fourteen home business ideas in Ramadan that you can try. In addition to getting additional income, of course, helping others in the month of Ramadan will get more rewards. It turns out, doing business in the month of Ramadan is fun too, BFI friends! If you need funds to run your home business idea, don't hesitate to apply for a business capital loan through BFI Finance! Only with a car, motorbike, or house certificate guarantee, do you have the opportunity to get a business capital loan with a low-interest rate and various ceilings! Come on, what are you waiting for, immediately apply for your business capital loan to BFI Finance!

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