Tips for Laundry Business Success with Capital Below IDR 10 Million

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14 January 2022
Tips for Laundry Business Success with Capital Below IDR 10 Million

The laundry business is still a promising business today. Especially if the location of the laundry business is in an environment that contains office workers and students. Busy office workers and students, so they don't have time to wash their own clothes. This is certainly an opportunity for laundry business activists to start a business in this field.

And do you know if the capital to open a laundry business is not more than IDR 10 million? The details will be described in this article along with tips for success to compete in this business. Let's see!

Why is Laundry Business Promising?

Have a Clear Target Customer

The target customer for the laundry business is not limited to gender and age. Both men and women, from all types of clothing for adults and children, need laundry services. With this opportunity, it is hoped that it will be an opportunity to earn a large income as well.

Easy To Run, Including The Equipment Used

In contrast to the manufacturing and food processing industries, which require custom processing machines, in some conditions, the laundry business does not require sophisticated equipment and supplies. Except, if the laundry business is large-scale and has many branches in various regions, then the need for equipment such as a dryer that can dry clothes quickly and laundry perfumes with various aromas, requires equipment and costs that are quite large.

Can be Operated at Home

Yes, laundry business is a business that can be run in your own home. There is no need to rent a shop or kiosk as a place to operate your business, you can use the empty space in your house or yard as a place for laundry operations. Enough to cut costs, right?

Great Income

By being able to cut the cost of renting a building and a promising target customer, it is possible to achieve high income and profit opportunities. All types of business must have risks, how we manage and mitigate risks so that failure does not occur is something that must be considered.


Details of Capital and Cost of Opening a Laundry Business

The following is an approximate calculation of the initial capital and monthly operating costs to open a laundry service:

Needs Total Price
Initial Investment Capital    
Washing Machine 2 Unit Rp 4.000.000
Dryer 1 Unit Rp 1.500.000
Iron 5 Unit Rp 600.000
Digital scales 1 Unit Rp 250.000
Room renovation Once Rp 1.500.000
Table and Chairs 1 Set Rp 400.000
Hangers and Clothespins 5 Pack Rp 200.000
Bucket 3 Unit Rp 150.000
Early promotion Banner, Brochure, dll Rp 500.000
Total Initial Capital Rp 9.100.000

Estimated operating costs per month are as follows:

Biaya Operasional Bulanan Jumlah Harga
Electricity 1 Bulan Rp 500.000
Detergent 1 Kg Rp 500.000
Laundry Deodorizer 1 Kg Rp 150.000
Water (PDAM) 1 Bulan Rp 300.000
Employee Salary 1 Orang Rp 1.000.000
Total Monthly Expenses Monthly Rp 2.500.000

Then, assume your monthly income is IDR 10,500,000. This figure is obtained if you get a laundry order of 50kg per day for IDR 7,000 per kg (50kg x IDR 7,000 x 30 days = IDR 10,500,000).

If this income is reduced by operating costs per month, a net income of Rp 8,000,000 will be obtained (Rp 10,500,000 - 2,500,000 = Rp 8,000,000)

Assuming the income per month, then in just two months, your business capital has returned or has touched the Break Event Point (BEP). Interesting right?


Laundry Business Success Tips

Choose a Strategic Location

Choose a location that is busy and close to the office workers and students area. As explained above, the target customer requires more laundry services compared to areas that tend to be quiet. If possible, choose an operational location that is close to the highway so that it can be seen by potential customers.

Use the Right Marketing Strategy

Such as giving promos during the opening period for a certain period of time, for example, 1 month. An example of this form of promotional program is to provide a 50% discount from the normal price for the first 50 customers. Or laundry at least 3kg gets free 1kg and other promotional programs. Make sure the marketing strategy is right on target and evaluate it regularly.

Perform Competitor Analysis

The number of laundry business players in big and small cities is not small. Perform competitor analysis regularly to find out competitors' strengths and weaknesses. By knowing this information, it will be very useful for evaluating the products we have.

Determine the price of services according to the market

Usually, there is a laundry business community in every village or sub-district. The point is to set the standard price of laundry per kilo. Of course, the price is obtained from an analysis of the ability of potential customers and the benefits obtained by laundry entrepreneurs. Members of the laundry entrepreneur association may not set a price above or below the predetermined price.

Laundry business prices per kilogram vary in each region. For example, in Jabodetabek the price is set at Rp. 8,000 – 9,500 per kilogram, in Bali from Rp. 5,000 – 7,000, in the Central Java area of ​​Rp. 5,500 – 7,000 per kilo, and so on.

Always Prioritize Customers

What would a business be without customers? Serve customers as best and sincerely as possible. Be friendly, give a smile to new and loyal customers. In addition, you can also provide free shipping to customers who are close to your laundry business. Of course, this can be a competitive advantage for your business.


Apply for Laundry Business Capital through BFI Finance

From the cost and benefit calculations above and the tips for success, can you imagine how to run this laundry business? If you want your dream of opening a laundry business to come true and you need capital to start it, just apply through BFI Finance. Simply by guaranteeing your vehicle's BPKP such as a car or motorcycle, you have the opportunity to get a business capital loan with a low-interest rate and fast team approval. BFI Finance always tries to help your every financial need!

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