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11 Electric Motorcycles Made in Indonesia, Which is Your Favorite?

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11 June 2022
11 Electric Motorcycles Made in Indonesia, Which is Your Favorite?

Not many know that Indonesia has produced a large number of electric motors. The use of electric motorized vehicles continues to be encouraged to prevent an increase in harmful carbon dioxide emissions. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the advantages of electric motorized vehicles are the efficient use of fuel, easy maintenance, and do not make a noisy sound. So, is there a BFI friend here who wants to have one of these electric motorbikes made in Indonesia? Here, the BFI Finance team provides information about 11 electric motorcycles made in Indonesia which are not inferior in quality to foreign production.


11 Electric Motorcycles Made in Indonesia

1. Gesits

The first Indonesian-made electric motor is called Gesits. The Gesits electric motor has been in development since 2018, and recently it has been officially marketed widely. Physically, this Indonesian-made electric motorbike has a look like the 2017 Honda Vario with firm and sporty body lines. Gesits come in three color variants, namely red, black, and white.

For specifications, the Gesits electric motor uses electric power with a power of 5 KW. When the battery is fully charged, Gesits can cover a distance of about 50 km using a single battery and 100 km when using a dual battery. The electric charge is also relatively short, which only takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. The selling price of the Gesits electric motorbike starts from Rp. 26 million.

2. Viar Q1

If Gesits carries a modern design, this time the electric motorcycle made in Indonesia carries a retro theme, namely the Viar Q1. The Viar Q1 electric motor was first introduced in 2017 and to date has had 2 different motor generations. Viar Q1 uses a 60v 23 Ampere Lithium-Ion battery which takes 4 to 5 hours to fully charge. If the battery is fully charged, Viar Q1 is able to run up to a maximum distance of 60 km with a maximum speed of 60km/hour. The selling price of Viar Q1 in the market starts at Rp. 18 million only!

3. Quest Motors Atom Alpha

This is an electric motor made in Indonesia that was designed directly by a former Tesla technician, Niko Questera! Yep, is Quest Motors Atom Alpha. This electric motorcycle was first introduced at the GIIAS 2021 event. The main concept of Atom Alpha is to prioritize a simple and functional design.

Quest Motors Atom Alpha has three different types, namely LITE, PLAY, and Pro. The Lite type is the lowest type of Quest Motors Atom Alpha with a 240 Wh battery size and can cover a maximum distance of 8 km for a single full charge. Meanwhile, the PLAY type has a 480 Wh battery capacity that can cover a maximum distance of 16 km. The highest type, Pro, this type is equipped with a 720 Wh battery capacity that can be driven up to a maximum distance of 24 km for full battery use. Battery charging time takes from 2 to 3.5 hours only.

The price offered by Quest Motors Atom Alpha starts from Rp. 12 million to Rp. 16.9 million. Interested in having just one?

4. United Motors T1800

The United Motor T1800's design reminds us of the Yamaha NMax with a sporty design, firm curves, and elegance. Not only offering black, but this United Motor T1800 electric motorbike also comes in 6 other color variants. This electric motor can be operated with 4-speed modes, namely speed 1 with a speed of 50 km/hour, speed 2 with a speed of 60 km/hour, speed 3 with a speed of 65 km/hour, and a turbo with a speed of 70 km/hour.

The dashboard display is no less beautiful and is already equipped with LED technology. Another reliable feature of this Indonesian-made electric motorbike is the provision of a spacious trunk that is sufficient to store spare batteries. United Motor T1800 already uses a charger with a power of 15 amperes, so charging the battery will be faster. One unit of United Motor T1800 is sold with prices starting from IDR 27,000,000.

5. Selis Eagle Prix

The Selis Eagle Prix has a sleek and simple European scooter-like design. One thing that stands out from the design of the Selis Eagle Prix is ​​the location of the trunk which is on the outside of the rear of the motorbike to form a box. Almost the same as other electric motorcycle specifications, Selis Eagle Prix is ​​equipped with LED lights on the dashboard, front and rear lights. This electric motor is powered by a battery with a capacity of 48 Volt 20 Ah which takes 7 hours to fully charge the battery. If the battery is fully charged, Selis Eagle Prix is ​​able to go up to a maximum speed of 40 km/hour. With these specifications, the selling price of Selis Eagle Prix in the market ranges from Rp. 12,000,000, which is quite affordable compared to its competitors.

6. Elders Elettrico

Not only has a sporty and futuristic design, there are also electric motorcycles made in Indonesia that are specially designed to resemble a Vespa. Yep, this is Elders Elettrico. Elders Elettrico invites its customers to reminisce with its vintage Vespa designs, but of course, by prioritizing its sophisticated specifications. This electric motor is supported by a battery capacity of 52V 24 Ah which is capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 55 km/hour. To be able to charge the battery until it is fully charged, this electric motor takes up to 6 hours. The color choices provided are also varied, you know, BFI pal. If you are a Vespa holic, of course, the Elders Elettrico is perfect for you to use as an alternative vehicle. The selling price of this electric motorbike starts from Rp. 18,500,000.


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7. Elvindo

Elvindo or Electric Vehicle Indonesia is an electric motorcycle made in Indonesia which has an assembly location in Cikup, Tangerang, Banten. Elvindo Rama names the types of products using typical Indonesian names such as Wira, Arjuna, Rama, and Shinta. Elvindo Rama and Arjuna's designs are fairly easy to recognize with the shape of the front that forms a rectangle. The Elvindo Shinta type, it is designed to be more feminine like a Scoopy Honda scooter. The maximum speed for the types of Elvindo Rama, Shinta, and Arjuna can be driven a speed of 60km/hour. Meanwhile, for the Elvindo Wira type, it is capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 35 km/hour. The selling price is also quite affordable when compared to its competitors, which is Rp. 13,500,000 for the highest type.

8. Honda PCX Electric

Although under the auspices of Honda, which is actually an original Japanese product, in this version of the Honda PCX Electrix, Honda-designed special specifications for the Indonesian market. The difference lies in the type of charger plug that is adapted to the type in Indonesia and the warning label. The Honda PCX Electrix is ​​a type of electric motorcycle that was first marketed by Honda in Indonesia. Introduced in 2019, but until now this electric motorbike has not been marketed in general to the Indonesian people, but can only be rented by companies or agencies.

Talking about Honda, of course, the specifications do not need to be doubted. With a luxurious and sporty design, this electric motorbike can become a major competitor for electric motorbike business players in Indonesia.

For specifications, it is supported by a 50.4 V 20.8 Ah battery which is capable of driving up to a maximum speed of 65 km/hour and a maximum distance of 69 km when the battery is fully charged. For the rental price, starting from Rp. 2 million only.

9. Rakata

Compared to its competitors, the electric motorcycle company Rakata has been here to introduce its products since 2010. This Indonesian-made electric motorcycle has an assembly factory in Tangerang, Banten and its head office is in South Jakarta. Rakata electric motorcycles have 4 different types of products, namely NX8, NX3, X5, and S9, with the Rakata NX8 being the type with the highest specifications.

The specifications of the Rakata electric motor are almost the same as competitors in general. The Rakata X5, for example, is equipped with a 60V 20 Ah battery that can go up to a maximum speed of 65 km/hour. This type also has a parking mode feature that functions so that the motor cannot be gassed in the on-contact position. The selling price of this Rakata electric motorbike starts from Rp. 20,500,000 for the Jabodetabek area.

10. BF Goodrich

Furthermore, there are electric motors made in Indonesia from Semarang, Central Java. It is BF Goodrich not only sells two-wheeled electric motorcycles, but also three-wheels. The variants it offers are quite diverse, BF Goodrich dares to sell 10 different types of electric motorcycle products.

The types of products that can be used in daily activities are BF G2, BF Q7, BF Small S, and BF CG types. The advantages offered by the BF Goodrich electric motor are the use of a low wattage of fewer than 300 watts and a low price. Of the four types of electric motors, the lowest selling price is IDR 8,000,000 and the highest is IDR 19,800,000.

11. Nusa Khatulistiwa

The last Indonesian-made electric motorbike is Nusa Equator or Nusa_K. This electric motor is different from other types of electric motors because it offers special specifications, namely the type of sports motorbike. So, from the design alone, it has a large and masculine design. The Nusa Khatulistiwa electric motorbike has been developed in 2020 by two creative young Indonesians, namely Domex Mandey and Tomi Gunawan.

Nusa Khatulistiwa Basic variant is powered by a Lithium-Ion Cell battery with a capacity of 10 KwH and is believed to be able to go up to 180 km for a single full battery charge. No half-hearted, the selling price of the Nusa Khatulistiwa Basic variant is at IDR 140 million! Meanwhile, the TooFast variant is priced starting at IDR 180 million.


Well, that's information about the eleven electric motorcycles made in Indonesia that we should appreciate in the production process. As Indonesians, our role is to continue to support it in a positive way, BFI pals. Even better if you can use it for your daily activities. Hopefully, in the future, the production of electric motorcycles made in Indonesia can compete in the global arena.

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