BFI Finance Celebrates National Customer Day 2019

2019-09-04 00:00:00 6284

South Tangerang, September 4, 2019 - In celebration of National Customer Day on September 4, PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) provided special services to customers. This special moment was celebrated in all BFI Finance branch offices in Indonesia. Andrew Adiwijanto, Director of Operations and Human Capital of BFI Finance, along with all Branch Managers, participated in serving customers directly at the BFI Finance Office, Serpong – Tangerang Selatan Branch (4/9). The management in branch offices also greeted and welcomed customers in their respective operational areas.

Customers also have the opportunity to enjoy "Cashback Program" for loyal customers during this September. Repeat customers who apply for financing (repeat orders) are entitled to get cash back worth hundreds of thousands of rupiah. This service is given as one of the Company's appreciations to loyal customers who have entrusted their financing solutions at BFI Finance.

At the core of operating system of BFI Finance is service excellence, which has enabled the Company to successfully adapt to changes in behavior and lifestyles of customers and the society, determine what financing products that suit to their needs and background, and choose the most effective promotional platform according to the target market segment.

"BFI Finance does not only strive to satisfy customers. More importantly, we always provide added value by giving services from the heart. We also have the responsibility to educate the public about finance and financing so that they become more empowered and prosperous," said Andrew enthusiastically.


Andrew Adiwijanto (duduk kanan) melayani konsumen yang datang ke Kantor BFI Finance Cabang Serpong – Tangerang Selatan

Branch Manager BFI Finance Cabang Kudus Jalu Pungky Prawoto turun langsung bertemu konsumen

Branch Manager BFI Finance Cabang Salatiga Donny N. Saputra melayani konsumen

Branch Manager BFI Finance Cabang Tanjung membantu konsumen melengkapi administrasi dokumen