BFI Finance Takes Up Culinary Business Theme from Business Players

2020-08-21 00:00:00 6298

TANGERANG SELATAN, 28 AGUSTUS 2020 – Culinary business is a common option for most people, even though starting the business is not an easy thing. However, culinary business still offers interesting potentials as one of the ways to survive in current new normal era. PT BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk (BFI Finance) has invited a source person from the land of culinary entrepreneurs named Eko Sulistyanto, the owner of Warung Tuman BSD, to talk in Ruang Temu (Meeting Room) online program.

This episode of Ruang Temu takes up the theme “Strategies for Being Brilliant in Culinary Business”, presenting Eko who started Warung Tuman BSD in 2019. Eko and his wife, Nanin, offer special foods of mixed Javanese and Padangese cuisines that are cooked directly by Nanin’s own talented hands. The couple provides an eating house concept that is in harmony with nature. Its remote location in Serpong, which is unlikely to be detected by Google Maps application, does not hinder customers to come repeatedly.

“The key to culinary business is taste. Our guests come all the way here, certainly looking for some unordinary menu. I also greet them personally.  In that way, they feel like they are welcomed into a house by a host,” said Eko. Learn entirely about the secret of Eko’s successful culinary business only on BFI Finance Official YouTube channel. 

You can watch directly on this useful link. Enjoy your watching time!