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Can Viral Content of Rp 10,000 in the Hands of the Right Wife Really Cover Daily Needs?

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29 November 2023
Can Viral Content of Rp 10,000 in the Hands of the Right Wife Really Cover Daily Needs?

Currently, social media is abuzz with the TikTok video trend posted by user @ashso07. Its emergence has garnered responses from netizens. Many immediately opened up about the issue of the high prices of basic necessities. Some were supportive of this content, considering it wise in managing money, while many deemed it irrelevant. After all, the prices of ingredients in supermarkets or markets are considered not cheap.


So, what topic is being discussed by this user?


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1. Trend of Food Shopping Money Starting from Rp 500

1.1 Rp 5,000 Shopping Money

This video shows that with Rp 5,000, you can cook deliciously for a day. The user lists the prices of each food ingredient they bought.


As per their TikTok, the price of one squash is around Rp 1000. Then, Rp 2000 is used to buy shallots, garlic, and one large red chili. They also buy white tofu for Rp 1000 and small-sized tempeh for Rp 1000.


The purchased ingredients are then used to cook a simple stir-fried tempeh with soy sauce and sautéed squash.


1.2 Rp 2,000 Shopping Money

In a TikTok video, it is shown that they buy a bundle of mustard greens for Rp 1000. Then, there is a small box already sliced into several parts, which also costs Rp 1000. The cooking method involves frying the tempeh until crispy, then sautéing the mustard greens with garlic and the remaining broth seasoning in the kitchen.


1.3 Rp 10,000 Shopping Money

This video shows that with Rp 10,000, you can cook delicious food for a day. They list the prices of each food ingredient they have bought. The purchased items include 250 grams of chicken for Rp 8,000 and vegetable soup for Rp 2,000. For seasonings, oil, gas, and others are already included in the monthly shopping.


The food they make is chicken with chili and onion and vegetable soup. The cooking method involves blending chili and onions, coating the chicken with flour, and then cooking it. The cooked chicken is then mashed together with chili.


2. Estimated Daily Kitchen Prices

For many of us, the kitchen is the center of daily life. We spend a lot of time there, cooking, eating, and spending time with family. However, it's important to understand how much money may be needed to meet daily needs in the kitchen. In an inevitable era of rising prices, having a realistic estimate of kitchen prices is a crucial step in managing the family budget wisely.


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2.1 Vegetable Prices

The prices of vegetables can vary greatly depending on various factors. This TikTok user gives some examples of vegetable prices, such as squash and mustard greens, giving an idea of how affordable vegetable prices are in the market. However, it's important to note that vegetable prices can fluctuate based on the type of vegetable, season, and geographic location. In managing the family budget, it's wise to monitor changes in vegetable prices and choose vegetables that fit your budget.


2.2 Meat Prices

Estimating meat prices is also an important consideration in the analysis of daily food costs. For example, this TikTok user quotes the price of 250 grams of chicken at Rp 8,000. However, meat prices can vary widely based on the type of meat, its quality, and the region you live in. So, when planning daily meals, it's important to consider the type of meat that fits your budget. In some cases, you may need to look for more affordable protein sources.


2.3 Egg Prices

Although eggs are one of the affordable sources of protein, the estimated price of eggs is also mentioned as part of the daily food cost analysis. Eggs are a good choice to meet the family's protein needs at an affordable price. However, it's also important to monitor fluctuations in egg prices and buy them wisely.


2.4 Gas and Oil Prices

Gas and oil prices are important factors in cooking. This TikTok user considers them as part of the monthly shopping, so they are not included in the daily calculation. However, gas and oil prices can have a significant impact on the kitchen budget, especially if you cook frequently. It's important to manage the use of gas and oil wisely and find ways to save energy while cooking.


By understanding the estimated daily kitchen prices, you can better plan your family budget. You can also look for creative ways to save money, such as taking advantage of offers and discounts, as well as cooking at home instead of dining out. With good planning, you can keep the kitchen running efficiently while controlling expenses.


3. Tips for Saving on Grocery Shopping

In this era of digital and rampant social media, many TikTok users share various daily tips and tricks. One of them is about how to shop and manage finances in the kitchen.


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3.1 Monthly Purchases

Making monthly purchases is the key to economical shopping. This is an efficient method to manage your kitchen shopping wisely. By buying items in bulk, you can take advantage of discounts and special offers that are often available for bulk purchases. Additionally, you can avoid going shopping too often, which can save you time and energy.


3.2 Weekly Purchases

In addition to monthly purchases, weekly purchases are also made. This can help you organize daily needs and ensure that you always have enough food supplies. By combining monthly and weekly purchases, you can organize your kitchen efficiently, maximize savings, and still meet daily needs.


3.3 Recording Expenses

The importance of recording daily expenses cannot be ignored. By recording each purchase and expense, you can have a better understanding of how your money is used. It also helps you identify areas where you can save more. Daily records like this help you control expenses and avoid unnecessary wastage.


With these tips and tricks, TikTok user @ashso07 is trying to inspire netizens to manage their food shopping more wisely and creatively, even with a limited budget. This reminds us that with good planning and creativity in cooking, we can meet daily needs with the available money.


Moreover, the savings generated from this method can also be allocated for other purposes, such as savings or long-term investments. So, with a few simple changes in how you manage your kitchen finances, you can reap the benefits in the long run.


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