Petshop Business: Estimated Capital, Profits, and Tips to Get Started

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2 September 2022
Petshop Business: Estimated Capital, Profits, and Tips to Get Started

Do you like animals or are you an animal lover? If so, a pet shop business could be the next business idea that you should try!

As we know, having a pet is one of the fun hobbies. This is also in line with the benefits we get. These include feeling calm and loved, reducing stress, teaching a sense of responsibility, and no less important, teaching us compassion for fellow living beings, empathy, and tolerance.

The many benefits obtained and the feeling of happiness that surrounds it, make animal lovers always increase every year. Some of the most widely kept types of animals include cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, and others.

In addition to making a profit, the existence of this pet shop business can bring happiness because every day you will see cute and adorable animals.

So, what should we prepare to start a pet shop business? More details will be discussed by the BFI Finance Team in this article!


Tips for Starting a Successful Petshop Business

In starting a business, of course, there are tricks and tips that you should not miss so that your business can grow and last a long time. Here are tips that you can follow to start a pet shop business.

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1. Business Capital

The first thing is at the same time the most crucial thing in a business, namely determining business capital. To start a pet shop business, the amount of capital you need depends on what kind of business model you want to run.

Are you only going to focus on selling food and animal needs or do you also want to provide animal care services, and grooming, complete with professionals such as veterinarians.

Make sure you have thought carefully about this before estimating the amount of capital needed. Even so, this pet shop business can still be run with whatever capital you have, it doesn't just have to be big.

For example, you will start with something simple, such as selling pet food and certain accessories.

2. Determine the Capital and Services Offered

Starting a pet shop business must be balanced with insight and knowledge about animals. Because this will benefit you to look for opportunities and follow the latest trends among animal lovers.

So, later you will have no trouble selling or offering services that your pet shop has. In essence, the business you are running can run optimally.

3. Memilih Lokasi Petshop yang Strategis

It is undeniable that choosing the right location is one of the factors supporting the success of your pet shop business. This is very reasonable considering the strategic location of course many people pass by and are in the area where our target market is located.

For that, try to do a little research related to a strategic location to set up your pet shop. Especially if you are serious about opening this business offline.

There are several considerations that you should make in choosing a location, namely:

  • conducive

Animals are quite susceptible to stress if they are in a place that is too crowded or noisy. So, choose a place that is not only nice and comfortable but also free from excessively loud noises. This is especially important if you also want to offer animal custody services.

  • Easy Place Access

It is common knowledge that an easily accessible place is the most important option. Choose a place that is close to the main road, quite crowded, safe, and not so deep into the alley so that it is easy for anyone to reach it. Especially if you want to use Google Business where your pet shop address can be clearly displayed on Google Maps.

  • Clean, Far From Dirty Places

A strategic place, close to the main road, and crowded does not always promise cleanliness around it. Choose a location where the surrounding area is equally involved in maintaining cleanliness and making anyone who comes feel comfortable and safe.

4. Have a Business License

In order to avoid unpleasant things, it would be better if you ask permission from the environment around your pet shop location and register this business with an official institution. For example, applying for a business license to the city office.

5. Recruiting the Right Work

Each animal is unique and has a different way of handling it. Therefore it is important for you to choose a pet shop employee who is experienced and understands very well how to care for animals.

If you have more capital you can consider hiring a caretaker (veterinary nurse) and working with a veterinarian (veterinarian).

6. Maximizing Business Promotion

In an era that is very sophisticated, and fast, and the use of social media is increasingly widespread, it is easier for business owners to market their goods and services. No exception for the pet shop business!

Some of the steps you can take include:

  • Take advantage of the Ads to feature on social media and Google Ads
  • Participate in selling at Ecomerce such as Shopee, Tokopedia, and others
  • Create interesting content that includes product promotions
  • Implementing several sales strategies such as soft-selling, endorsements, and many more

7. Active on Social Media

In addition to promoting your pet shop, you can also take part in sharing interesting educational information about animals. This will benefit you to expand the opportunity to reach more customers and build a good image.

One of the tips that you can use for this method is to apply a soft selling strategy!

8. Join the Animal Lovers Community

Feeling confused to promote your pet shop business apart from e-commerce or create a trading account? It's time to join the animal lover community!

You can find animal lover communities anywhere in the archipelago. Especially if you look for it on social media, there are so many animal communities that you can join!

There are two advantages that you can get through these tips. First, you will always update the latest information related to animals, including the most widely used food or animal care products.

Second, you can participate in offering products and services that your pet shop business has. The more reliable the way you offer, the more people will be interested in buying or using the services of your pet shop business.

9. Good Managerial Ability

Starting a pet shop business without proper preparation such as the ability to manage a business can be very risky. Try to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge regarding how to process finances such as simple bookkeeping, product arrangement, fundamental knowledge about digital marketing, and other skills that can help your business survive.

Estimated Profits for Petshop Business, Super Legit!

After you know the tip for starting this business, next is a discussion about capital, estimated profits, or profits that you can get from this pet shop business. Come on, let's just look at the description below!

It is important to remember, that the details below are not absolute counts. The amount you need to spend for each item and need depends on the type of brand, current price, and various other factors.

Petshop Business Capital Details
Initial capital
No. Information Price
1. Animal cage Rp3.350.000
2. Product Showcase Rp2.750.000
3. Animal food Rp6.000.000
4. Pet Toiletries Rp1.700.000
5. Animal Accessories Rp1.200.000
6. Other Pet Supplies Rp1.000.000
Total Rp16.000.000
Monthly Operational Cost
No. Information Price
1. Employee Salary / Care-taker (2 Persons) Rp4.500.000
2. Pet Care Fee Rp1.250.000
3. Deposited Pet Food Rp3.520.000
4. Other Needs Rp500.000
Total  Rp9.770.000
Total Initial Capital Overall Rp25.770.000


Next is to calculate the estimated turnover that you can get per month. The details include the following.

Animal Custody= 70 Animals X Rp55,000 (Price for Custody for 1 Animal) = Rp3,850,000

Grooming= 100 Animals X Rp75,000 (Price for Grooming 1 Animal) = Rp7,500,000

Profit from Selling Pet Food = Rp2,500,000

Profit from Selling Animal Accessories and Others= Rp1.950.000

Total Monthly Profit = Rp15,800,000

Net Profit Monthly = Total Monthly Profit - Monthly Operational Cost = Rp15,800,000 - Rp9,770,000 = Rp6,030,000

So, the profit you can pocket every month is around Rp6,030,000. This number is not absolute, if you are able to achieve a larger target seller then the profits obtained will also increase.

How to Get Petshop Business Capital

Interested in starting a pet shop business? Just apply for a loan at BFI Finance!

The process is safe, easy, and has been verified by OJK (Financial Services Authority). You can apply for a loan for a pet shop business with an adjustable choice of collateral. Are as follows.

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Disbursement of funds up to 85% of the value of the vehicle and a tenor of up to 3 years.

BPKB Motor Guarantee

Loan funds with a fast process and a maximum tenor of up to 18 months.

Home Certificate Guarantee

Low interest starts from 0.9% with a long tenor of up to 48 months.

If you have further questions regarding loans, please access the following page.

BFI friends, that's the discussion of Petshop Business: Capital Estimation, Profits, and Tips to Get Started. Hopefully, this article can be an inspiration for your business idea. Do not be afraid to try!

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