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Effective Dating Tips: Giving These Gifts Will Surely Impress

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25 September 2023
Effective Dating Tips: Giving These Gifts Will Surely Impress

The process of getting to know someone, often referred to as "PDKT" (Pendekatan Dalam Kencan Tanpa Kewajiban) or "Approaching Without Commitment" in Indonesian, is a common phase in the world of matchmaking. This process is an important initial step in the effort to get to know each other better. During PDKT, both individuals strive to establish an emotional connection and strong communication. If this process goes smoothly, both people can feel a deep connection and may continue to become a couple.


However, PDKT doesn't always end successfully or lead to serious relationships. Sometimes, the process doesn't go smoothly, and there are various reasons why this can happen. There may be incompatibilities in values or life goals, or communication may not be effective. In some cases, one person's feelings may not align with the other's, leading to a lack of harmony in the PDKT process.


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1. Tips for Approaching Someone New

1.1 Small Talk is Important

When you start the process of approaching or PDKT with your crush, small talk and initial conversations become crucial aspects. This is the first step in creating a positive impression, as you are still potential partners at this stage. To build a strong foundation for this relationship, begin by asking about their hobbies, interests, and daily activities. This is an effective way to gain a deeper understanding of their personality and preferences.


Additionally, when you start sharing your own daily activities, you create a reciprocal relationship that allows both of you to better understand each other. Light conversations like these create a pleasant and memorable atmosphere for your crush, as they will feel noticed. On the other hand, you will get to know their personality better. This is an important foundation that will help you build a deeper and more intimate relationship.


1.2 Occasionally Ask for Their Opinion

If small talk is successful, and you are getting to know them better, try asking for their opinions on small matters. Such as what outfit would suit you, what lunch they would recommend, and so on. Asking questions like these will make them feel that their opinions are heard and valued. It will also pique their interest and curiosity about you. This is an effective way to build a deeper connection between both of you. By exchanging views, experiences, and preferences, you will gain a better understanding of each other's personalities and values.


1.3 Make Plans to Meet in Person

In the modern era, PDKT often takes place via chat. This can sometimes lead to postponing the opportunity to meet in person because you feel like you already know each other through chat. However, meeting and talking in person is the most crucial stage. Meeting in person allows you to see how they communicate, how they respond to you directly and without much thought, and whether you truly connect with them.


1.4 Discuss Your Values, Vision, and Mission

Even if you have made a positive impression during the initial stages of approaching, it's important to remember that your values, vision, and mission in life are crucial topics to discuss early on. This is an important part of building a strong foundation for a more serious relationship in the future. However, when discussing these matters, be concise and get straight to the point without being long-winded.


By openly and honestly discussing your values, vision, and mission, you provide valuable insight into what you're looking for in a relationship and in life. If their values align with what you want, this will create a strong foundation for building a deeper and more meaningful relationship.


1.5 Give Small Gifts

Small and meaningful gifts are an important moment to express what you want in your future relationship. When giving such gifts, you're not just providing a physical object; you're also giving memories that can be cherished and remembered throughout your journey together. This will create a very positive impression on your crush, and the gift will become a powerful symbol of your feelings.


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2. Gift Recommendations for Your Crush

It's important to remember that gifts for your crush and gifts for a boyfriend or girlfriend have different meanings and contexts. Therefore, when choosing a gift, be careful not to give the wrong impression to either. Here are some gift recommendations you can consider if you're still in the PDKT phase:


2.1 Bracelet

Bracelets are often a popular gift choice for crushes because they have a classic and universal meaning. A bracelet can symbolize the bond that is beginning to form between two people, whether it's a friendship or the potential for a deeper relationship. Moreover, bracelets can be chosen with a design that matches your crush's taste and personal style, adding a personal touch to the gift. By giving a bracelet, you can express your feelings subtly and leave the impression that you care about your relationship with your crush.


2.2 Chocolate

Chocolate is often a gift choice for crushes because it has a universal appeal that can convey feelings of love and affection in a sweet way. The sweetness of chocolate creates a gentle and enticing impression, reflecting the tenderness and intimacy you want to share with your crush. Additionally, giving chocolate can create shared moments of enjoyment, bringing happiness and joy to your relationship. Thus, chocolate becomes a fun and delightful gift, as well as a tasty way to express your feelings to your crush.


2.3 Lunch via Online

Having lunch through an online app can be an interesting gift for your crush as it creates a relaxed and enjoyable experience. By giving a gift like this, you show attention to their daily needs and comfort. You also provide an opportunity for them to relax and enjoy their favorite meal without any hassle. This makes them feel cared for, and it can be an opportunity to have deeper conversations while they enjoy their meal.


2.4 Playlist or Mixtape

A playlist or mixtape can be a very personal and meaningful gift for your crush because music has the unique ability to convey feelings and emotions. By creating a special playlist or mixtape, you can compile songs that have special meaning in your relationship or describe your feelings. This creates a deeper bond because music has a strong emotional appeal. This gift also shows that you have spent time and attention to create something special, which can be a beautiful way to express your feelings of love and affection to your crush.

Those are some tips and gift ideas to consider for your crush. Always remember to tailor your choices to your budget to ensure financial comfort. Hopefully, these tips will help you strengthen your relationship with your crush and make your moments together more memorable.


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