How to Get Small Business Loans From BFI Finance

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19 March 2020
How to Get Small Business Loans From BFI Finance

When you decide to start a business, besides being able to make a profit, you are also contributing a part in developing Indonesian’s economy by becoming one of the MSME players. Funding your business through BFI Finance is one of the first financial choices that you should make. 

Funding your business is needed to develop and maintain the continuity of your business. Even if the scale of your business is not too large, you still need a sufficient amount of funds that will drain your savings. There are many alternatives that can be taken to get business capital. One of them is by applying for a loan through a trusted financial services company such as BFI Finance

To apply for a business capital loan, make sure that you understand and complete all of the requirements. Thus, your loan application will be easily approved. If you intend to apply for a capital loan for your small and medium-scale business, consider the following tips to get a quick loan approval from BFI Finance. 

Determine the Scale of Business

Before applying for a business capital loan, the first step is to determine the scale of the business you will start. The scale of business will determine how much funding that you will need. The next step is to use a loan calculator on the webpage of the chosen financial institution. A loan calculator will help you determine the monthly payments on a loan and show you how much you can afford to pay each month. 

What Type of Loans That Are Suitable For You?

After you determine the business scale and loan needed, the next step is to choose the type of loan that is suitable for you. You can choose a type of loan such as motorcycle title loan, car title loan, or a home loan. Each type of loan has different benefits and features. Be sure to understand all of the benefits and requirements of the types of loans to estimate the amount of funding for your business needs.

Complete All Of The Requirements

Last but not least, be sure to meet all the requirements and documents needed to apply for a loan. Ideally, the borrower should be aged between 21 and 65 years old, with a steady income and a good credit reputation. Generally, the required documents are an identity card, financial report, proof of income, and the vehicle’s title needed as the collateral.

Apply for Your Business Loan Now!

By understanding the terms and loan products needed, the chance of getting your loan approval is greater. If you need a business capital loan, you can apply for a small business loan through BFI Finance. We are registered and supervised by OJK and ready to provide the best service for you. 

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