Smart Ways in Applying for Motorcycle Title Loan

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19 March 2020
Smart Ways in Applying for Motorcycle Title Loan

When you face an urgent need that requires fast liquid funds, applying for a loan is an alternative solution that can be taken. BPKB motorbike guarantee loans are an alternative that is often chosen as a financial solution and needs are increasing.

What's more, now many financial or fintech institutions offer convenience with online loan services. So that prospective borrowers can get the funds needed in a matter of days, even hours.

So, before you apply for a loan with a motorbike BPKB guarantee, first understand the following tips so that you can be more careful in applying for a loan.


1. The reason why BPKB Motor is often used as collateral for loans

1.1 Amount of Loan Services With the increasing demand for secured loans

there are also more and more loan service providers. For example, you've received loan advertisements via SMS or pop-up ads on the internet, right? With the lure of convenience and low interest, many people do not hesitate to guarantee their vehicles to these financial institutions for solutions to their pressing financial problems. Even though you may be tempted by the convenience and features offered, you should always cross-check the security of the financial institution you are aiming for to avoid unwanted things.


1.2 Fast Process One of the reasons

why BPKB motorbikes are often chosen is because the procedures and processes are faster than other loan products. In just a matter of days, even hours, the funds can be immediately disbursed. Suitable for those who need some funds in a short time.


1.3 Amount of Loan

Obtained The large number of motorbike owners in Indonesia makes it easy for people to apply for loans with the valuable assets they have. Even though the value of the assets is not as big as the collateral for the car BPKB or house certificates, the value of the loan obtained is also quite large. Generally, the loan funds obtained can be worth 60 to 70% of the value of the vehicle.


2. Tips for submitting a loan with BPKB Motor Guarantee

2.1 Applying for Loans Only for Urgent Needs

If you decide to apply for a loan, you must remember that you are responsible for repaying the loan until it is paid off. To avoid the risk of bad credit, make sure that you have set aside a certain amount of funds to pay installments per month. Therefore, also make sure that you apply for a loan only for truly crucial needs or for something that is productive.


2.2. Timely In Paying As mentioned in the first point

 if you apply for a loan, then you must also be responsible for paying off the loan. Try to always pay on time. That way, you can avoid fines so that your expenses don't get bigger. In addition, your credit score is maintained and you avoid being blacklisted by BI checking.


2.3 Choosing a Trusted Financial Institution Lastly

Make sure that you check the credibility of the financial institution you are going to. A trusted financial institution must be registered and supervised by OJK. So, if something undesirable happens during the transaction process, there are sanctions and laws that apply. Applying for a loan with a motorbike BPKB guarantee is fine if you are able to be responsible for managing loan funds and paying them. Hopefully the article above can help you be wiser in applying for a loan.

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