Tips for Safely Applying for a Home Certificate Guaranteed Credit

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27 July 2022
Tips for Safely Applying for a Home Certificate Guaranteed Credit

A home certificate guarantee loan can be a solution for BFI friends who need funds or business capital in large enough amounts. Applying for a loan with a house certificate does have a larger disbursement of funds compared to other guarantees such as BPKB Cars or Motorcycles. However, to be able to enjoy these benefits, of course, there are several requirements that must be met, such as in terms of the profile of the house and prospective debtors. What are the safety tips for applying for a home certificate guarantee loan and have a higher potential for approval? Check out the reviews in the following article, yes!


4 Safe Tips for Applying for a Home Certificate Guaranteed Credit

1. Pay Attention to the Location of the House

Generally, for finance companies and other financial institutions in assessing the creditworthiness of a home certificate guarantee, there are several requirements for the location of the house that must be met, such as:

  • The house is still actively inhabited by prospective debtors
  • Located in clusters, complexes, or settlements
  • Not in a narrow alley or road area that can only be passed by 1 car
  • Not close to public facilities, Sutet tower, or cemeteries
  • The status of the house is not in the process of being sold to a third party
  • Certified SHM/SGB on behalf of yourself, family, and spouse.
  • Especially for submissions through BFI Finance, currently, we only serve submissions in certain areas such as in Jabodetabek, Sidoarjo, and Surabaya.

If all of the above requirements are met, it is very likely that your application for a home certificate guarantee loan can be accepted. Of course, by not forgetting other factors that must be met.

2. Pay Close Attention to the Requirements Required

In addition to the specific requirements of the house profile that you guarantee, also pay attention to some other necessary administrative and non-administrative requirements such as:

  • The age of the prospective debtor is 21 to 60 years old
  • Indonesian citizens
  • Employees with permanent employee status for at least 2 years and/or self-employed who have had a business running for at least 2 years.
  • This type of business and profession does not violate the legal provisions in Indonesia.

In addition, make sure your Debt Service Ratio (DSR) or the ratio of your debt to income is still within the recommended limits. Don't let your debt ratio be greater than your income to avoid having your credit application rejected.

3. Loan Application According to Needs

A mortgage guarantee loan has the highest financing value among loans with other guarantees, such as a car BPKB guarantee or a motorcycle BPKB guarantee. Applying for a loan with your home certificate through BFI Finance can be financed starting from IDR 70,000,000 with a minimum tenor of 1 year. With the amount of disbursement of these funds, you are expected to be more careful and wise in determining the number of funds needed to apply for a loan. Of course, the loan application must be aligned with your ability to pay the installments. Don't let your financing application be burdensome and potentially bad credit.

4. Apply Through a Trusted Financial Institution

The last safety tip is to make sure your financing application is through a finance company or financial institution that is trusted and has received official permission from the OJK, such as BFI Finance. This one tip needs to be paid attention to avoid unwanted things such as the loss of your collateral assets or being used for cases of embezzlement of funds. BFI Finance is a finance company registered and supervised by the OJK and has helped thousands of customers in meeting their needs through financing credit applications. Currently, BFI Finance has 228 branches and 118 outlets spread throughout Indonesia. So, you don't need to hesitate to apply for all types of financing according to your needs through BFI Finance.


Those are the four safe tips in applying for a home certificate guarantee loan. Hopefully, BFI friends will get a clearer picture of the requirements for applying for financing through a house certificate. And the good news, the “Promo Juli Kejutan Berkali-kali” is still running until July 31, 2022! BFI friends still have the opportunity to get cashback of up to Rp. 1,500,000 for every loan application through the website with a house certificate guaranteed! Complete your personal data via the following link. Don't hesitate to visit the nearest BFI Finance branch or outlet from your location or contact our customer service to ask questions about the products we offer. Other information and conditions related to loan applications through BFI Finance can be accessed at the link below.


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#SelaluAdaJalan with BFI Finance. Stay safe and healthy!


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