Types of Entrepreneurs Based on Personality and Type of Business, Which Are You?

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28 October 2022
Types of Entrepreneurs Based on Personality and Type of Business, Which Are You?

When you decide to enter the world of entrepreneurship, of course, you will meet all kinds of people. With different abilities, they run their business in various ways. Apart from that, here are 4 types of entrepreneurs that you may unknowingly often meet in the field of work. Well, if you intend to jump into the world of entrepreneurship, there's nothing wrong with knowing which type you belong to. By knowing which type of entrepreneur you are, you can better strategize to maintain your business by working according to your personality.


Definition of Entrepreneur

According to the KBBI, an entrepreneur is a person who does business (trade, industry, and so on); people who do business in the field of commerce; merchant, or businessman.

Meanwhile, according to management science experts, Robbin & Coulter, the definition of an entrepreneur is a group or individual who can make an opportunity or opportunity an advantage for all parties involved in it.

Being an entrepreneur is synonymous with the character of hard work, discipline, and responsibility. Because being an entrepreneur is required to learn through an up-and-down process. In this increasingly competitive era, an entrepreneur must also be able to adapt and have high innovation in order to compete well.

Types of Entrepreneurs Based on Personality Type

Identify 4 types or characteristics of entrepreneurs based on the following personality types, which one best represents you?

1. Innovator

Do you like creating something new? For example, a new food recipe or a different business concept from the one that existed before. If so, you are an innovator type of entrepreneur. Innovators type entrepreneurs tend to prioritize innovation and new breakthroughs to be applied to their business. An example is the contemporary culinary business.

Generating new ideas is certainly good for the development of your business. However, keep in mind that you should still focus on what has already been done rather than constantly focusing on creating something new.

2. Impersonator

The copycat entrepreneur type runs his business by imitating a successful business concept, then correcting the mistakes that exist from the concept. After imitating the existing concept, they make better products and can compete in the market.

If you are this type of entrepreneur, it is recommended that you imitate successful business concepts from more developed areas so that they can be applied in your area.

3. Specialist

If you have expertise in a particular field, then you are a specialist type of entrepreneur. Generally, someone with a special skill is loyal to one type of business for a long time. With this, they can focus on developing their business in the long term. An example would be someone with design, banking, technology, and other expertise.

4. Visionary

If you always have plans for the next few months for your business, then you are a visionary type. Entrepreneurs with this type tend to have strategies that have been adapted to their vision for the future, both for the short and long term. Including a backup plan to anticipate failure.

Type of Entrepreneur by Type of Business

Apart from being differentiated into types of personality, entrepreneurs are also differentiated based on the type of business. Here's more:

1. Big Entrepreneur

The type of entrepreneur based on the first type of business is the type of large entrepreneur. Large entrepreneurs are generally individuals or groups who have businesses that are well-known to the public and have been established for a long time. In addition, large entrepreneurs usually already have employees who help to manage the business. A big entrepreneur does not have to monitor work operations every day.

2. Small Business Entrepreneur

This type of entrepreneur is also included in the type of micro and small businesses. Examples of this type of business are home industry businesses, handicrafts, mini markets, street vendors, and others. This type of small business is also distinguished by the number of employees. Usually consists of less than 10 people or even still manage independently.

3. Online Entrepreneur

An online entrepreneur is a type of entrepreneur who sells goods or services through online media. Along with the development of an increasingly digital era, it can be said that almost all types of businesses can be traded online. However, this advantage makes irresponsible individuals commit various digital crimes.

The way online entrepreneurs sell their goods or services can be in various ways, namely:

1. Website

2. Social Media

3. E-commerce (such as Tokopedia, Lazada, etc.)

4. Entrepreneur Influencer

Meanwhile, influencers are types of entrepreneurs who sell services to market other people's products or services. Influencers generally have a loyal audience or followers. So, through influencers, brand owners believe they will be able to increase brand awareness and even sell their products or services. Influencers will usually market their products or services using social media, websites (blogging), youtube (video), or podcasts (audio).

5. Investors

The last type of entrepreneur that is differentiated based on the type of business is an investor. An investor initially belongs to small and large business entrepreneurs. An investor usually already has income from his business activities that is more than adequate. From this income, then an investor will invest in other companies that are considered to have bright business prospects.

Examples of Successful Entrepreneurs in Indonesia That Can Be Inspiration

Here are examples of successful Indonesian entrepreneurs who can be an inspiration for those of you who want to be entrepreneurs. Check out his inspirational story below.

1. Nadiem Makarim

Who doesn't know this inspirational figure? Nadiem Makarim is one of the founders of the first online transportation company in Indonesia, Gojek. Nadiem graduated from Harvard University with an MBA (Master of Business Administration). The story of becoming the founder of a start-up who is currently a decacorn, of course, must go through a long process. Start by becoming a consultant at McKinsey, Co-Founder at Zalora Indonesia, and Chief Innovation Officer at Kartuku.

The idea of ​​establishing Go-Jek began when Nadiem felt the need for a fast transportation system to support his high mobility. Starting from 20 Gojek drivers at its inception, until now Gojek already has hundreds of thousands of loyal drivers spread throughout Indonesia.

Currently, Nadiem serves as Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.

2. Susi Pudjiastuti

The next inspirational entrepreneur profile is the former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia for the 2014 – 2019 period, Mrs. Susi Pudjiastuti. Before she served as Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti was a reliable businessman in the field of fisheries and aviation.

His business journey began in 1983 when he became a fish collector in Pangandaran. With a capital of Rp 750,000 which was the result of the sale of his personal jewelry, he used it as the initial capital for the fish collector business. The beginning of the business must have experienced an uncomfortable phase, such as he had to sell fish around the beach using a bicycle. However, thanks to his hard work and unyielding nature, he succeeded in establishing a fish processing factory in 1996 named PT. ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Products.

Successfully running a business in the fisheries sector, Susi Pudjiastuti has developed a business in another industry, namely the aviation industry. In 2004, he obtained a loan from Bank Mandiri amounting to USD 4.7 million or Rp. 47 billion which he then used to build an airplane runway and buy a Cessna Grand Caravan worth Rp. 20 billion. Initially, the aviation business focused on transporting catches from the sea between regions in Indonesia and outside Indonesia as an export commodity. Over time, the aviation business developed into a commercial aviation business that serves flights to certain regions in Indonesia. None other than the aviation business that we know is called Susi Air.

3. William Tanuwidjaja

Moving on to the profile of the next inspirational entrepreneur who is the founder of one of the largest e-commerce in Indonesia, William Tanuwidjaja. He was born and grew up in an ordinary family, but that did not make this man born in Medan 41 years ago discouraged from studying and working. One day, he had the idea to establish one of the largest online buying and selling platforms in Indonesia, Tokopedia.

The idea of ​​establishing Tokopedia came from the moment when he became a moderator on the Kafegaul online forum which has a buying and selling feature. At that time, he wanted to establish a platform that connects buyers and sellers from all over Indonesia online. With his IT education background, he is equipped and confident to realize his dream.

Thanks to his persistence and intelligence, together with Gojek, Tokopedia is now one of the start-ups with decacorn status or start-ups with a valuation of US$ 10 billion.


That's an understanding of the types of entrepreneurs and some examples of successful entrepreneurs that can be an inspiration for all BFI friends who want to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Well, if you need additional funds for business capital, you can apply through BFI Finance, OK! Enough with a vehicle BPKB guarantee or a House Certificate, you have the opportunity to get a loan with a low-interest rate and fast approval.

Knowing the type of entrepreneur is an important step in developing a business plan that fits your performance. So, which type of entrepreneur are you?

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