BPKB Motor Pawn Terms and Important Things to Consider

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28 September 2022
BPKB Motor Pawn Terms and Important Things to Consider

Applying for a loan with a BPKB Motor mortgage is a fairly common way to get fast funds in a short time.

Especially if you apply for a loan with BPKB Motor pawning conditions to a finance company. Because the interest is low and the process takes a shorter time than other financial institutions.

In fact, some finance companies provide online loan application services. Of course, this will make it easier for you to apply for a loan.

So, so that the loan funds you get can be maximized and you can make the best use of them, let's look at the BPKB Motor mortgage terms and other important things you need to know in this article.


Conditions for Pawning BPKB Motor

Generally, every finance company has a motorcycle BPKB pawn requirement that is not much different. The documents that are used as requirements include:

1. Guarantee Documents (BPKB Vehicle, SHM/SHGB, IMB, AJB, Latest PBB)

2. Applicant's ID card

3. Family Card (KK)

4. Marriage/Divorce/Death/Prenuptial Agreement

5. Taxpayer Identification Number/Tax Notification Certificate

6. Account Transaction History for the Last 3 Months

7. Salary Slip/Income Certificate

In addition, the age of the motor is also one of the other requirements. Generally, the maximum age of the motorbike that can be pawned is 10 years, not in dispute, the motorbike tax is still valid, and in good condition.

Another requirement is the age of the borrower who is usually at least 25 years old and has a steady income and is categorized as being able to pay for the existing installments. Business credibility will also usually be assessed by lenders through the business owner's track record.

Tips for Applying for a Fast BPKB Motorcycle Guaranteed Loan to Process

In applying for a loan, of course, there are conditions for pawning BPKB motorbikes and conditions that must be met by prospective debtors. So that your loan application is processed quickly, do the following tips.

1. Check Your Motorcycle

The first tip regarding BPKB Motor's pawn requirements is to quickly process, which is to check the condition of your vehicle. Make sure that the motorbike you are pawning meets the criteria determined by the finance company of your choice.

Some important things that you must understand regarding the motorbike you want to pawn are the brand, type, year of manufacture, and type of motorbike. Thus, you can estimate the nominal loan amount that you will get.

These things are important to take into account because they will affect the number of loans you can get. In addition, finance companies also set criteria regarding the type and year of motorbikes that can be guaranteed. Generally, a motorbike that can be guaranteed must be a maximum of 10 years old and in prime condition.

2. Determine the Loan Amount

Next, determine the amount of the motorcycle BPKB guarantee loan that you will apply for. You can do a credit simulation so you can choose the right loan product. It can also help you do long-term financial planning. Apply according to your needs and abilities. Don't apply more than you can afford so you don't risk bad credit.

3. Prepare Supporting Documents

After determining the loan nominal, also prepare the necessary documents or conditions for the BPKB Motor pawn so that your loan application process can run smoothly. Generally, the documents and requirements needed are:

  • Borrower's ID card

  • Family card

  • Certificate of marriage/divorce/death/prenuptial agreement

  • Taxpayer identification number (NPWP) or tax return

  • Account for the last 3 months

  • Employee salary slip or income statement

  • Guarantee document (vehicle BPKB in own name or spouse, SHM/SHGB, IMB, AJB, last PBB)

For additional information, be sure to pay attention to the terms and conditions that apply to the finance company of your choice. Do not be careless or complacent to pawn your BPKB Motor to an illegal company such as a loan.

Some preventive steps that you can apply so as not to get caught in the trap of illegal companies:

1. Don't be immediately tempted by the existing lure

2. Avoid offers of interest-free loans, free surveys, and the like

3. Make sure the financing company is supervised by an authorized institution such as the Financial Services Authority (OJK) so that the loan process is guaranteed and your data is protected.

4. Do not apply for more than one loan

A common mistake made by ordinary people is to apply for more than one loan. Instead, avoid this to avoid debt bondage. Especially if you apply for another loan to cover the previous loan installments.

This is best avoided, yes. Because this can make your financial situation worse because of unhealthy debt. Each loan with BPKB motorcycle pawn conditions has different rules, ranging from interest, and fines, to the terms of the guaranteed assets.

5. Check the Financing Company at OJK

Lastly, before you apply for a loan on the condition of a motorcycle BPKB pawn, make sure that the financing company you are aiming for is registered and supervised by the OJK. Because you will get legal protection if something unexpected happens in the transaction process.

You can check the status of the loan company you are aiming for through the official OJK website. In addition, you can also help report illegal loans by contacting OJK 157, WhatsApp 081157157157, or emailing

Benefits of Pawning BPKB Motor

Pawning a vehicle on the condition that the motorcyclist BPKB is pawned has a number of advantages. The advantages that you will get include a fast and safe application process, your vehicle can still be used for daily activities because only the BKPB of the vehicle is detained.

Then, the borrower has the opportunity to get loan funds of up to 70% of the value of the vehicle as long as the motorbike is in good condition and performance. The tenor or maturity period obtained is relatively long, namely 11 to 24 months, and can be adjusted to the choice of the debtor or borrower.

Syarat gadai BPKB Motor

Image Source: Pexels/Anastasia Shuraeva

Tips for Managing BPKB Motor Loan Funds

So that your motorcycle BPKB mortgage loan requirements are not wasted, you can use them as additional funds to manage your business.

Because, with the profits you get from the results of your business, you can pay the loan installments. Thus, loan funds are not wasted for consumptive needs.

Then, how to properly manage the funds from the BPKB motorcycle loan for business? Here are some things you can do.

1. Review the Business Plan

The first thing you should do after receiving loan funds from the BPKB motorbike mortgage is to re-examine your business plan.

This is important to do. Because you can take advantage of loan funds more optimally when you rely on your business plan. You have a clear plan of where loan funds will be allocated and what urgent business needs are to be resolved.

2. Add Stock

As the business grows, the demand also increases. At this time, you must increase the stock of goods to be sold to meet buyer demand.

You can take advantage of loan funds for this. As much as possible, allocate 50% of the loan funds for stock needs. By meeting increasing consumer demand, of course, consumers will feel satisfied and return to shopping at your store.

3. Set aside some funds for online promotion

Online business promotion is now a common and easy way to do it. However, this also requires a number of costs.

Well, you can allocate 30% of the loan funds on the condition that the BPKB motorcycle mortgage is for an online promotion budget. So, you can reach a wider range of buyers.

You can promote on e-commerce platforms, Google, and various social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook ads. Learn in advance, promotional techniques, buyer tendencies, to the character of each platform so that you don't choose the wrong platform for promotion. Thus, the promotion that you do can be more optimal.

Examples of Businesses You Can Choose To Use BPKB Motor Loans

One of the business ideas that you can choose in utilizing a loan from the BPKB motor pawn requirement is a franchise business.

Franchise business or also known as franchise business is a type of business that is mushrooming in Indonesia. This business provides many conveniences and can be done for those of you who are interested in making this business a main or side business.

Generally, companies that open franchises are companies that are well known and guaranteed quality. The way these business works is that partners will get the same trademark, raw materials, and products from the franchisor with a certain contract.

Well, if you are interested in starting this business from the results of the mortgage BPKB motorcycle terms, you can do some of the following tips.

1. Has Unique Characteristics

Having a characteristic or unique selling point means having a unique and different concept from competitors. This is important to do in order to dominate the market and make your business more known to many people.

2. Create Clear Operational Terms and Franchise Agreements

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) have an important role in maintaining quality and service standards between one franchise and another. In addition, the SOPs that must be developed must also be practical and easy to support the growing franchise.

The franchise agreement is also needed so that there is a clear agreement and responsibility between the franchisor and partners. For example, the number of royalties, business activities and locations, and so on.

3. Establish a Management Support Team

In developing a franchise business, management support to partners is also needed. An example is providing training to partners to develop their franchises. In addition, support in the field of production must also be provided such as the supply of raw materials, product marketing, kitchen utensils, and so on.

Sobat BFI, that's information about the Conditions for Pawning BPKB Motors and Important Things to Consider. If you are interested in applying for a fast loan, you can apply for it at BFI Finance. The process is easy, fast, and safe. The loan funds that you apply for can be disbursed immediately.

Applying for a BPKB Motor loan guarantee at BFI Finance has a number of advantages, including disbursement of funds of up to 70% of the value of the vehicle, dead taxes or not being able to change the name of the motorbike, long tenors of up to 18 months.

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