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Domicile Certificate and Easy Ways to Make it

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1 September 2022
Domicile Certificate and Easy Ways to Make it

Having a domicile certificate (SKD) really helps you to expedite administrative affairs in other cities. The domicile certificate functions more or less like an ID card, except that it has a time limit or validity period.

In short, a domicile certificate is a document or legal evidence that is used as a substitute for an ID card.

In general, a domicile certificate is in the form of a single sheet of paper and contains information such as population data, residence information, the purpose for which the domicile letter is made, as well as evidence of ratification in the form of a signature ratified by a local official, namely the lurah or village head.

Because this letter is very important and widely used in various bureaucratic and administrative matters, everyone should understand how to make a domicile certificate so as not to experience problems or confusion.

Then, what do you need to pay attention to when making a domicile certificate? Check out the complete information in the following article.


Functions and Benefits of Domicile Certificate

A domicile certificate has several functions and benefits other than as a substitute for an ID card. The other functions are as follows.

1. For work or service purposes outside the city

2. As a condition for applying for educational scholarships

3. To take care of the child's birth certificate

4. As a condition for taking care of legal documents

5. To take care of marriage documents

6. As a school registration requirement

7. As a requirement for a business establishment permit

8. Temporary documents to replace ID cards

Keep in mind, that the existing SKD has a different format depending on the needs. Therefore, if you want to make an SKD for two different needs, it's a good idea to prepare a duplicate SKD submission document.

Types and Examples of Domicile Certificates

Domicile certificates (SKD) are divided into four types according to need. The four types include individuals, companies, businesses, and introductions. To make it easier for you to understand, let's look at the explanations and examples below.

1. Individual SKD

The first and most common type is the individual domicile certificate. This letter is used for anyone who wants to move or settle in an area outside the original address of the ID card.

An example of the form of the letter is as below.

Surat Keterangan Domisili

Image Source:

2. Company SKD

The second type is a certificate of domicile of the company. This letter is used as a formal document to inform the establishment of a business entity in a certain area or area.

An example of a Company SKD form is as below.

Surat Keterangan Domisili

Image Source: FJB Kaskus

Another example

Surat Keterangan Domisili

Image Source: Contoh Surat

3. Business SKD

Similar to SKDP (Corporate Domicile Certificate), this type of letter also functions as a formal document containing information on a business entity standing in a place or area. The difference between the two is the format of writing a letter in which the SKDP has information on the address of the owner, while for SKDU there is generally no.

An example of the form of a business SKD is as below.

Surat Keterangan Domisili

Image Source:

4. SKD at RT Level (Introduction Letter)

A domicile certificate at the RT level or more commonly known as a cover letter is a letter made before we submit an application for a domicile certificate to the sub-district level. The existence of this letter is very important as the first step to getting a domicile letter.

You can see an example of the form of the letter below.

Surat Keterangan Domisili

Image Source:

Requirements for Making Domicile Letter

The following are some of the requirements that you need to complete before making a domicile certificate. Make sure not to miss any of these, okay?

1. Application letter signed on stamp duty of Rp6,000 (this letter will later be given to the RT/RW to be exchanged for a cover letter)

2. 3X4 passport photo (for the background color and the number needed depends on the policy of each region)

3. Cover letter from the head of the RT and RW from your domicile

4. Original KTP and Family Card (KK) along with their photocopies

5. Power of Attorney if authorized (If Represented by a Third Party and has been affixed with a complete signature with Rp6,000 stamp duty)

6. Copy of NPWP (for business entities only)

Procedure for Making Domicile Certificate

To make a domicile certificate is quite easy. You can follow the steps below.

1. Write a letter of application and then go to the RT and RW houses to get a cover letter.

2. After the cover letter is obtained, you can directly apply for a domicile letter to the local kelurahan officer.

3. The officer will check the completeness of the data and if everything is complete, then the officer will process the domicile certificate which will be signed by the lurah or village head.

4. Domicile letter is ready for you to use

As additional information, if you need more than one domicile letter then you need to attach the existing requirements in duplicate. In addition, the domicile letter has a valid time limit. So, if you need it again you can update it again.

Example of Domicile Letter Writing

Because the domicile certificate is divided into several types, the method of writing is also different. The following is the writing format used for individual type of domicile certificates.

Letter Writing Format


The undersigned is the Head of RT. __ / RW. __ Kelurahan __ Kecamatan __, hereby explain;

Name                         :

Gender                       :

Place and date of birth :

No. KTP/KK                 :

Citizenship                  :

Religion                      :

Origin Address            :


That the name mentioned above is indeed domiciled in our area, renting/boarding a house: Mr/Mrs ______

And this domicile certificate is for ________ purposes

For more details, you can see an example of an individual domicile certificate in this picture.

Surat Keterangan Domisili

Image Source: Scribd

Difference between Domicile Certificate and Guest Certificate

Quoted from Henry S. Siswodiro in his book entitled The Smart Book of Licensing & Documents, what is meant by a guest certificate is a statement that contains information about someone who is boarding or temporarily staying at someone else's house. This letter is important to make so that the person is not considered an illegal resident.

The way to get this type of letter can be by completing the following requirements.

1. Obtain a cover letter from the local RT and RW

2. Certificate of travel or travel letter from the area of ​​origin

3. A guest certificate obtained from the police or a self-reporting certificate (STMD) for foreign nationals (WNA)

4. Only then can you get a guest certificate at the local village office

While the residence domicile certificate is a letter that contains a person's domicile information and the address of a business entity owned by a person.

Domicile certificates can be said to have a more complex level of importance when compared to guest certificates. This is because the domicile certificate is related to licensing, a person's residence information, NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number), SIUP (Trade Business Permit), and other permits.

Sobat BFI, that's information about the domicile certificate starting from the function, requirements, types, and examples. Hopefully it can help you in making a good and correct domicile certificate.

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