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Not to be Missed, This is the Most Instagramable Photo Spot in Surabaya!

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2 May 2023
Not to be Missed, This is the Most Instagramable Photo Spot in Surabaya!

Visiting Surabaya is not quite right if you don't take a moment to visit some of the most Instagrammable Surabaya photo spots below.

As we know, social media is one of the platforms with the most active users, especially Instagram where many people deliberately share certain moments that happened in their lives.


Surabaya's Most Instagrammable Photo Spots That Must Be Visited

Go to Surabaya? Don't forget to visit some of the following interesting places!

1. Alun-Alun Surabaya (Surabaya Square)

spot foto surabaya

Image Source: @surabayainfo on Instagram

The first Surabaya photo spot is Surabaya Square. Located in the heart of Surabaya, this square was inaugurated for the first time to coincide with the 75th Indonesian Independence Day, on August 17, 2020, to be precise.

Formerly this place was known as the youth hall which has now officially become the Surabaya square. Apart from being new, this building has a contemporary design and is perfect for a photo spot. There are several interesting spots here, such as a skateboarding arena and a basement section for an art gallery.

Located on Jl. Governor Suryo No. 15, Embong Kaliasin, Kec. Genteng, City of Surabaya, East Java, entry to this place is free of charge or FREE.

2. Jalan Gula

The next photo spot is Jalan Gula! Jalan Gula is an alley surrounded by old buildings that have not been lived in for a long time. No doubt, the vintage or classic feel in this area is very attached.

Coupled with the many old buildings whose building paint has peeled off and reveals the framework of the building in the form of bricks, it adds to the feel of the old days.

Jalan Gula is well known as one of the mandatory photo spots in Surabaya. You can find several bicycles for rent to go around the narrow alleys in this place.

Located on Jl. Gula, Bongkaran Village, Pabean Cantikan District, Surabaya City, East Java, about 200 meters from the Red Bridge. Visiting this place is free of charge. The costs that may be incurred are vehicle parking.

3. Kenjeran Park

Kenjeran Park is one of the family tourist attractions in the city of Surabaya. Inside there are many choices of rides for children and adults, such as koda races, go-karts, waterparks, and many more.

One of the most famous Surabaya photo spots in this place is the Chinese Temple, Tian Ti Pagoda, and Suroboyo Park. Not only that but this place is also surrounded by shady trees with dense leaves.

To be able to visit this park, you can come to Jl. Ria Beach, Kenjeran, Sukolilo Baru, Surabaya City, East Java. Open every day from 10.00 WIB - 18.00 WIB with admission prices starting from IDR 15,000 per person. Existing ticket prices may change at any time depending on the latest prices currently in effect.

4. De Javasche Bank

spot foto di surabaya

Image Source:

One of the iconic buildings of the former Dutch heritage that is still well preserved to this day is De Javasche Bank. This building has become one of the cultural heritage of the City of Surabaya since 1910.

Now, this classic and vintage building is used as a historical museum which has several great Instagrammable colonial-style photo spots.

You can visit De Javasche Bank at the address Jl. Garuda No.1, Krembangan Sel, Kec. Krembangan, Surabaya City, East Java 60175.

5. Wonorejo Mangrove Forest

The city of Surabaya actually has a good ecotourism to be used as a place of recreation and education called the Wonorejo mangrove forest. In this place, there are two interesting places that you can visit, such as the jogging track area and the mangrove forest.

To be able to see the mangrove forest directly, you can cross by boat at a cost of around IDR 25,000 for adults and IDR 15,000 for children. The Wonorejo mangrove forest is open every day from 08.00 - 15.00 WIB. This ecotourism is located on Jl. Raya Wonorejo Number 1, Rungkut District, Surabaya City.

6. Surabaya North Quay

Interested in seeing the sunset with a view of a magnificent and luxurious cruise ship? Don't forget to visit the next Surabaya photo spot called Surabaya North Quay!

This place is a pier where international cruise ships dock which is managed by PT Pelindo II (Persero). In this place, you can see the beautiful sunset with views of the open sea. Meanwhile, at night, you can see how stunning the ship's lights glow at night.

Not only enjoying the sea view, you can also relax while enjoying a variety of delicious dishes found on the 3rd-floor food court. There, you can relax while enjoying the gentle breeze.

To be able to visit this destination you can visit North Perak, Cantian Customs, Surabaya City, East Java every Tuesday – Sunday. Meanwhile, the entrance fee is adjusted to the current price.

7. Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument

The next Surabaya photo spot is Monjaya or an extension of the Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument. This one monument is located in the Indonesian Navy (AL) Headquarters area with a monument reaching 60 meters high.

Besides being a good photo spot, if you're lucky you can see warships belonging to the Indonesian Navy. In addition, you will also be spoiled with beautiful views from the offshore which is located on the pier.

For those of you who are interested in visiting the location, you can visit Armada Timur Ujung, Kec. Semampir, City of Surabaya, East Java.

8. Statue of Surabaya

This Surabaya photo spot would be an obligation that you shouldn't miss! It's not completely going to Surabaya if you don't stop by this Surabaya icon.

Taking a photo at this monument can be one of the authentic proofs that you have visited Surabaya. You can visit it during the day or at night when the lights around it turn on and add to the beauty of your photo background.

The Surabaya statue is located on Jl. Raya Diponegoro, No. 1-B, Wonokromo, Surabaya City. You are not charged a penny when visiting this place.

9. Muhammad Cheng Ho Mosque

Cultural acculturation occurs in various regions in Indonesia. One of them is the Muhammad Cheng Ho Mosque which has a Chinese-style design with a touch of East and Central Java designs.

Its unique shape makes this place of worship for Muslims one of the photo spots that you don't want to miss. You can visit this place which is located on Jl. Gading, Ketabang, Kec. Tile, Surabaya.

10. Tunjungan Street

Inaugurated in 2021, Jalan Tunjungan is now more familiarly known as Tunjungan Romansa, in which there are many buildings from the Dutch colonial era and it is the old city area in Surabaya. In the evening you can find various culinary specialties from Surabaya and outside Surabaya from UMKM around this road.

To come to this Surabaya photo spot, you are not charged a penny except for vehicle parking. Jalan Tunjungan has the address at Jl. Tunjungan, Kec. Roof tiles, Surabaya City, East Java.

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