Check out the Age Limit for Car Financing

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18 November 2021
Check out the Age Limit for Car Financing

There are various ways that can be done to get additional funds. Applying for a car financing guarantee can be an alternative to getting fast funds in a short time.

Having a private car is indeed an advantage in itself. For some vehicle owners, a car can be a profitable investment in the future. The price of a car is relatively reduced over time and the age of the vehicle. However, the car can still be used as collateral for a loan. However, not all car BPKB can be used as collateral. One of the determining factors in the loan application process is the age of the vehicle that you will guarantee.

What are the requirements for applying for a loan in the form of car financing? What is the age limit of the vehicle that can be used as loan collateral?

Vehicle Age Requirements For Car Financing

Generally, the limit for a car BPKB guarantee is a car produced in 2011 and above or 10 years. This requirement is applied by almost all finance companies. In addition to age, the condition of the vehicle is also assessed whether the car is eligible to be used as loan collateral.

Vehicles that are 10 years old generally still have a high selling value. That is why the age requirement applies. Consumers who pledge their vehicles can get a disbursement of funds of around 60-80% of the value of the guaranteed assets.

Other Terms for Car BPKB Guarantee Loans

In addition to the age of the vehicle being guaranteed, there are document requirements that must also be completed to apply for financing with a car BPKB guarantee. So, you as a consumer can be assessed for credibility in applying for a loan.

Generally, the required documents are:

  • KTP and KK
  • NPWP / Tax Return
  • Last 3 Months Account
  • Employee Salary Slip / Income Certificate
  • Guarantee Documents (STNK, Tax, BPKB, Invoice)
  • Domicile Data (Electricity PEL ID / Last Electricity Account / Last PBB / SHM / AJB / PK)


In addition, several financial institutions also stipulate the age, profession, and minimum income requirements for prospective customers.

For example, at BFI Finance, prospective borrowers must be aged 21-60 years. And have a profession as an employee or entrepreneur for at least one year with a fixed income. Make sure that you as a potential customer have met the applicable documents and requirements.

Those are all things you should know before applying for car financing. Looking for a trusted car BPKB loan? Come on, guarantee your car's BPKB at BFI Finance! Get disbursement of funds with an easy, safe, and of course low-interest process.

#AlwaysAdaJalan for your financial needs with BFI Finance.

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