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Let's Getting Know Hustle Culture and How To Deal With It

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9 August 2022
Let's Getting Know Hustle Culture and How To Deal With It

According to some people, having a job and being dedicated to working is the standard of one's success and prosperity.

In fact, in a work environment, employees who get jobs and responsibilities must be dedicated and responsible for what is given.

However, that does not mean that you can put work above all else, including sacrificing your social and personal life. This habit is often called the hustle culture.

Then, what is hustle culture? Check out the complete information below.


Understanding Hustle Culture

Hustle culture is a lifestyle of someone who continues to work and only rests for a short time. This is done because those who run the culture feel that doing so will make themselves successful.

People with this culture are often called workaholics or workaholics. In fact, this culture has existed since the 1970s, at which time the development of the industry was accelerating and employees were required to work at a fast pace without any time limits.

In 1990, technology companies also began to dominate the world so that a new standard emerged for young people to overwork.

In Indonesia itself, this hustle culture is often associated with the work culture of employees in technology startups with a very fast-paced work rhythm. Not only a fast work rhythm, working more than the stipulated working hours is also often experienced by the workers.

Hustle Culture Characteristics

The characteristics of this work culture include the following. The first is always thinking about work and not having time to relax and rest. Next is to always feel guilty when you are relaxing, taking time off, or even when you are resting.

The characteristics of people or companies that have this culture can also be seen from unrealistic targets that cause employees or themselves to become tired at work and burnout. Finally, people with a hustle culture are rarely satisfied with the work they get.

Hustle Culture

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Causes of Hustle Culture

The first cause that causes the development of this hustle culture is the toxic positivity of co-workers or superiors.

Toxic positivity is a condition in which a person will demand himself or others to tolerate negative emotions and always think positively even in stressful conditions.

People who instill the principle of toxic positivity in their lives will convince or say things like "Everyone feels tired, but that doesn't mean you give up easily" "If you keep complaining, when will you be successful?" and "If others can, you should be able to" without knowing the circumstances and abilities of yourself or others. It is these words that make a person feel uncomfortable to rest and continue to be dedicated to working.

Furthermore, increasingly sophisticated technology where communication media does not always have to be face-to-face but can be done by meeting or meeting, calling, and sending messages. This supports the hustle culture that can be done outside the set working hours.

In addition, it is undeniable that most people will assume that the busier a person is, the greater the chance of getting a high job position, better income, and success.

Those are some of the reasons why the workaholic culture is increasingly widespread and continues to emerge in the world of work, not only in startup companies but also in other corporations.

Hustle Culture Impact

There are some bad effects for people who run a hustle culture. The following is an explanation based on the research conducted.

According to research by the Mental Health Foundation, around 14.7% of workers in the UK experience mental health problems due to work stress.

Another study said that Japan showed the number of workers with mental and health problems was 3 times higher than the average country in the world.

Reporting to the Journal of Occupation Medicine, people with long working hours will experience depression and sleep disturbances.

Hustle culture can also have a negative impact on social life because they do not have time for social life or personal life.

When Does Hustle Culture Attack Employees? 

Workaholic culture usually occurs when entering young adulthood to adulthood. Young adults often get demands to move forward from those around them, this is what causes young adults to begin to wonder about the purpose of life and the meaning of success in life. As a result, they will work outside working hours in order to get a better job and income.

It turns out that not only young adults, but college students also often experience it. For example, students who want to enter the next level of education or college will run courses outside of school hours to get into their dream school.

Likewise, with students, students who are active tend to be seen or ogled by the company compared to students who do not have the skills and experience. This is what causes students to take part in several activities and explore abilities and skills outside the field of education in order to get a better future.

Dealing with Hustle Culture 

To address this workaholic culture, there are several things that can be done, namely not to compare yourself with others. Everyone has their own time to achieve success, it can be in a short time or a long time.

Everyone's success cannot be compared because the process and the factors that support it are different. Make sure you keep growing and better from day to day and better than the previous person without comparing yourself to others.

The next, looking for a hobby outside of work. You can relax and please your heart and feelings by pursuing a hobby or activity other than work. If you don't have other activities besides work, then you will get used to working in your spare time.

You also have to understand your limits and capacities. If you feel physically and mentally tired from work, you can rest for a while and find entertainment for a while. Avoid procrastinating so that you avoid work that never ends and needs to be completed on holidays or free time.

To prevent and avoid a workaholic culture, several companies have implemented activities other than work such as gathering together, sports together, gatherings, and outings to achieve work-life balance. In addition, several organizations in a company also apply rules not to disturb other co-workers outside the specified working hours.

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That's information about the workaholic culture or hustle culture starting from the understanding, causes, impacts, and how to deal with it in the style of BFI Finance. Hopefully, this article is useful. You can see more information about finance, lifestyle, and loans at BFI Blog. Updates every Monday-Friday.

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